14 thoughts on “Friday’s Papers

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Over 900 new cases, and the #concannonbot spin is that the virus is being suppressed.

    What’s the difference between a satsuma and a mattayogee?

  2. Charlie

    Good morning everybody. I hope you all have a very happy, positive and healthy weekend. Turn off the radio, the telly and enjoy life without endless Covid speculation and the relentless whinging of boring political commentators. Life’s too short.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Whatever you say Simon, seeing as you have just double-checked here to see if there was anything going on yourself. ROFL

      1. Charlie

        Awww Bless ..the angry shinners have arrived. Lots of fresh air comrades. Use that 2k wisely x

  3. SOQ

    Coronavirus: Hospital cuts COVID-19 death rates with ‘black boxes’ for sleep disorder

    Clinicians say there has been less need for the more intrusive ventilators and they have had a far quicker patient recovery rate.

    Medics fighting COVID-19 in a hospital in Cheshire seem to have cut mortality rates and improved the chances of a quick recovery from the virus by adapting breathing machines normally used for a sleeping disorder.


  4. :-Joe

    Irish politics and the equally shyte mainstream media apparatus summed up in one headline…

    “Huge climate concessions to lure in Greens” – Irish (non-)Independent.

    I wish the climate crisis was a hoax and both journalism and democracy were functioning correctly, healthy and strong for the good of the people and a better society.

    Anyone fundamentally SISOABDB enough to go into government with F-f/g deserves everything they most definitely are inevitably guaranteed to receive in return for their hubris.

    Unfortunately or hilariously depending on your outlook, there is always one. One individual or group collective mindset who thinks that this time they can be any different to the last and all the others before them. Foolish, wishful, dillusional thinking….

    F-f/g – The super massive, antI(what)matter(s), black-hole-(dead)sun at the end of the fake rainbow of psychadelic facism.



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