Terminal 2 Flights On Time




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21 thoughts on “Terminal 2 Flights On Time

    1. Covid V

      Ah lads, with all yere fussing about getting the right numbers n’all

      Terminal 3

      Linda as a solo
      Song written by Johnny Logan
      2nd place – bate by Diggy Loo Denmark

      And no chips

      1984 btw

        1. Covid V

          The Champions never made it to the Eurovision
          Although they were about Dublin 4 / Montrose & the RDS in 1984 alright

          Up for Match like

          Where we sported n’ players meet da’ greeennnn leafy shaaaade hon’ da Banks of my own lovely Leeeeee
          Was the track

          In fairness Gina does a lovely ‘Banks alright

          1. Covid V


            Red frock, white belt and stilettos

            Gina – real name Mary (Hurley) is actually very small, petite like, and very good looking

            Very successful in the UK Irish Clubs circuit for years
            Still living in Cork, Ballycotton, last I heard anyway

            Grafters – no airs and graces or notions

          2. Paulus

            …also no originality, no inventiveness, no pushing the boundaries; just a three-chord-trick genre trotted out again and again by very modest muscians on auto-pilot.
            It ye were discussing the political or cultural equivelant…ye’d shred them.
            And, to save you the trouble, “Ah get over yourself, ’tis only a bitta craic…like”

          3. V

            They were a gigging showband

            Not The Emotional Fish or any other dub hyped supergroup

            And never let on they were either

          4. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            “Not The Emotional Fish or any other dub hyped supergroup” is one of unintentionally funniest things I think I’ve ever read.
            I’m honestly can’t stop reading it and breaking me hole laughing.

          5. SOQ

            @ Paulus

            There was a dancehall club in Dundalk called The Downtown and it was a real dancehall meaning no bar. On the night it was closing, Chips were booked but when they arrived, half the stage had been dismantled and the lighting system was gone so all they had as backlight was one single bulb hanging from the ceiling.

            At that time, teddy boys were regarded as the undesirables in the town but there wasn’t even security anymore so the hall was full of them. After a couple of standard numbers Chips got a feel for the crowd and threw the showband rule book out the window- and let rip.

            They played Rock ‘n Roll jive classics all night- for 3 hours. How in God’s name they knew so many is still a mystery to me- this was obviously where their real passion lay. I was only a kid but to this day, it was one of the best gigs of my life- me- who has seen The Smiths five times in one year.

            My point is that there was a lot of very talented people on the showband scene but the format was very rigid and they had to stick to it. It wasn’t an easy life by any means as they were always on the road- most stuck in the back of a van along with the equipment.

            I wonder how many of our ‘stars’ would put up with such working conditions nowadays.

  1. Cian

    If Belfast’s airports actually mattered enough to have flights (at all, I believe at this stage) Allister would be defending them to the hilt.

  2. dylad

    This must be very hard for the ‘patriots’ who hate seasonal fruitpickers coming in but also hate unionists…

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