Rose of Tralee host Daithi O’Sé at last year’s festival launch

This morning.

“Taking into account Government guidelines, the safety of our communities, and the ability to deliver a wonderful Festival; we have decided to postpone our 2020 Festival until August 2021.

“Our immediate priority is to support the health and civic authorities in doing whatever we can to keep each other safe and well, and ultimately to protect lives.”

Anthony O’Gara, Executive Chair, Rose of Tralee International

Rose of Tralee organisers cancel 2020 festival (RTÉ)


8 thoughts on “Pruned

  1. Tony

    But if they “postpone’ the 2020 Festival to August 2021, will they have to hold the 2021 Festival right after the postponed 2020 Festival or postpone the 2021 Festival to 2022?

      1. Tony

        I care, Dave.

        And so do my colleagues in the ‘Don’t Say Postponed When You Mean Canceled’ Society.

  2. Paulus

    Expanding on your “Pruned” headline:

    To this crisis we’re becoming attuned.
    We’ve adapted, shut down and cocooned.
    But despite this complacence,
    just don’t try our patience;
    It’s time O’Sé and the contest was pruned.

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