A Little Old Fashioned But That’s All Right


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Guitar hero and former Presidential hopeful Jimmy Smyth and Killarney chanteuse Karrie O’Sullivan with a fresh take on Rod Stewart’s classic  ‘You Wear It Well‘.

Vanessa writes:

Jimmy and Karrie recorded it live in ONE take so this is them listening to it back – they were chuffed. Karrie is in Kerry so the situation isn’t ideal to make another video for a while. However they’ve decided to release it as a single now…

In fairness.

Jimmy Smyth


Musician Niall Breslin, also known as Bressie, has sent over 200 ukuleles to people who are cocooning as part of a unique online learning programme.

Dubbing it the ‘Lockdown Ukulele Rockdown’, Bressie worked with Music Maker in Dublin to source hundreds of ukuleles, with people then going on to sponsor the purchase of more to try to get a ukulele to as many people who wanted them as possible.

Bressie sends over 200 ukuleles to people cocooning (RTÉ)

8 thoughts on “A Little Old Fashioned But That’s All Right

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    “Bressie sends over 200 ukuleles to people cocooning” should be accompanied by that photo of Alan Partridge speaking into a Dictaphone

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        I can wear latex gloves and a mask on the LUAS and nobody bats an eyelid, like I’m going to get an opportunity like this again.

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