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When in quarantine, improvise!

Dublin-based filmmakers Conor Tobin and Tommy Creagh haven’t let the lockdown stop them from magicking up this video for UK band Tin Pigeons (top).

The video was shot, edited and stars Conor while Tommy directs.

Tommy explains:

“We had to adapt to the reality of what we could do under lockdown. The only way it could possibly work was for Conor, D.O.P, to film himself throughout his daily routine and for us to discuss the rushes over Skype at the end of every day and work them back into an ever evolving treatment.

“The process was slower than usual but from the restrictions, an organic visual style formed. Through trial and error we figured out a way to work around the obstacles in place and tell a compelling story.”

Nick says: A Top Tin hit, surely.

Thanks Emma Fagen

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