Set Phasers To Fun


Kirk Squad.

Irish Trekkin’

Creator Séamus Hanly writes:

Kirk Squad is an Irish web-series parody of Star Trek that re-uses footage from Star Trek: The Animated Series. ‘The Delegate’ (above) is the first episode to be released in two years and features performances by Irish comedian Alison Spittleand American b-movie legend Lloyd Kaufman, among others.

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4 thoughts on “Set Phasers To Fun

  1. Clampers Outside

    What queefer madness is this?!
    Halt moderator!
    None shall pass wind! None shall delete or edit for this is a Kaufman reference, but of course the joke is explained some I’m losing….

    High time I’m hit the Cidonas….

    Have a great Bank Holiday y’all :)

  2. Basque frog

    Brilliant Star Trek parody. Veeery funny : D
    -Properly weird aliens.
    -Great comic timing (and fair play to the editor, some speed!)
    -Fab performanes all around.
    -Genious idea to focus on workplace dynamics.
    -Fantastic writing.
    +extra bonus to see the girls in action
    +really sweet to get kirk to do f-all

    My dilithium chrystals are tingling

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