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Boyz On Top – Poster Boyz

Ageing boyband Boyz On Top – Dylan, Deco, Charlie and Tom –  are reuniting with a re-release their minor 2014 hit.

Mikey  and Sam writes:

We have created a fictional boyband, inspired by the “greats” called Boyz on Top.

We’ve just launched their debut track ‘Poster Boyz’; It probably doesn’t fit your Decent Irish Music category, if it does we’ve failed, but hopefully it’s relevant.

We’re trying to make web-series (see link below) about their failed attempt at a reunion, and would love to get them some exposure.

Boyz On Top (Kickstarter)

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Ahead of this week’s visit of snake oil salesman motivational guru Tony Robbins’ to Dublin, artist David Tully (he of the inspired Bray Head Cross Hoop) writes:

This is about Tony the fictional character from The Shining (1980) resurrected as Tony Robbins. Parodying the rise of new age (psuedo-science empowerment psychologies) religions.

Make of it what you will.

David’s Blogspot

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The @50NerdsofGrey twitter account – 50 Shades Of Grey, only sexier.


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