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Boyz On Top – Poster Boyz

Ageing boyband Boyz On Top – Dylan, Deco, Charlie and Tom –  are reuniting with a re-release their minor 2014 hit.

Mikey  and Sam writes:

We have created a fictional boyband, inspired by the “greats” called Boyz on Top.

We’ve just launched their debut track ‘Poster Boyz’; It probably doesn’t fit your Decent Irish Music category, if it does we’ve failed, but hopefully it’s relevant.

We’re trying to make web-series (see link below) about their failed attempt at a reunion, and would love to get them some exposure.

Boyz On Top (Kickstarter)

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Ahead of this week’s visit of snake oil salesman motivational guru Tony Robbins’ to Dublin, artist David Tully (he of the inspired Bray Head Cross Hoop) writes:

This is about Tony the fictional character from The Shining (1980) resurrected as Tony Robbins. Parodying the rise of new age (psuedo-science empowerment psychologies) religions.

Make of it what you will.

David’s Blogspot

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Was it for this?

An excerpt from a radio comedy pilot (originally recorded in 2003) on the 1916 Rising written by Karl MacDermott and featuring the voice talents of Conor Lambert, Morgan Jones, Karl MacDermott, Deirdre Monaghan and Colette Proctor. Produced by Daniel Reardon.

(Thanks Karl MacDermott)

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The @50NerdsofGrey twitter account – 50 Shades Of Grey, only sexier.


(H/T: the Tech Dr)

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Meet Hipster Barbie (aka Socality Barbie). She’s on Instagram. She’s, like, totally authentic and super deep.

Hipster Barbie Is So Much Better At Instagram Than You (Wired)