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In fairness.

Previously: Aidan Fitzmaurice on Broadsheet

This changes everything.

A mighty wind.


Twitter ordered to disclose information over parody account (RTÉ)



Comedians Against Covid – Pass It On

David Keeling writes:

A cheesy retro comedy power-ballad video to show support for frontline workers from Irish comedians, including Kevin McGahern, Tara Flynn, Jen Hatton, Joe Rooney and more.

All done in aid of St Vincent’s Foundation.

In fairness,

Pass It On (Comedians Against Covid)

Kirk Squad.

Irish Trekkin’

Creator Séamus Hanly writes:

Kirk Squad is an Irish web-series parody of Star Trek that re-uses footage from Star Trek: The Animated Series. ‘The Delegate’ (above) is the first episode to be released in two years and features performances by Irish comedian Alison Spittleand American b-movie legend Lloyd Kaufman, among others.

Enlightenment Pictures

Boyz On Top – Poster Boyz

Ageing boyband Boyz On Top – Dylan, Deco, Charlie and Tom –  are reuniting with a re-release their minor 2014 hit.

Mikey  and Sam writes:

We have created a fictional boyband, inspired by the “greats” called Boyz on Top.

We’ve just launched their debut track ‘Poster Boyz’; It probably doesn’t fit your Decent Irish Music category, if it does we’ve failed, but hopefully it’s relevant.

We’re trying to make web-series (see link below) about their failed attempt at a reunion, and would love to get them some exposure.

Boyz On Top (Kickstarter)