This morning.


Francis Farrell, 91, right, chatting to her daughter Pauline Corrigan at her doorstep in Dublin’s Liberties last month

This morning.

Health officials advised that over-70s should keep cocooning in their homes until August but were overruled by the Cabinet.

The National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) recommended that cocooning advice for older and vulnerable people should remain in place for the next three months. The advice was included in the original version of the roadmap for reopening the country.

However, after a debate at Cabinet, ministers decided to remove the recommendation from the Government’s ‘Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business’.


Cabinet overruled Nphet on advice that over-70s should keep cocooning until August (Irish Independent)

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9 thoughts on “Too Soon?

  1. Steve White

    Harris and Holohan both said the cabinet they took the all it was given at the briefing on Friday.

  2. Formerly known as

    NZ shut down before they had any deaths. They went to Level 4 very quickly. OK, they don’t have part of their country ruled by extremists like Arlene and Boris. That aside, Ireland could have done similar. Ireland has finally got there but far too late. Dr. Michael Ryan of the WHO advised countries to move quickly, rather than waiting for perfect data.

  3. f_lawless


    French doctors have now established that the earliest known case there was as far back as December.

    “The discovery dramatically alters the timeline of the coronavirus, which has been responsible for more than 3.5 million confirmed COVID-19 cases around the world… The man’s admission to the hospital came four days before the first reports of a cluster of unusual pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak.

    ..The earlier date means it is likely the coronavirus had been spreading around the globe for weeks or months before it was identified by Chinese scientists in the cluster of abnormal pneumonia cases in Wuhan.”

    1. SOQ

      I have been saying this for months- the infection rate is way above the estimated asymptomatic 50%.

      The speed in which it made what appeared to be a beeline into nursing homes means it was out there long before the first recorded case.

      Why some apparently healthy people develop symptoms while others do not will be a subject of study for years. Likewise, why less smokers get sick.

  4. Your Home Correspondent

    Royame-Uni doing swell in the Eurovirus I see. Leading position.

    Douze points.

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