Crying In Our Cups


This morning.

Grafton Street, Dublin 2.


Earlier: Pane of Loss



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25 thoughts on “Crying In Our Cups

  1. Orla


    They should have done a massive expansion at which point you become anointed with bailout money/tax payer blood.

  2. millie in quarantine

    This is so sad. I used to love going in there after college to sit with a pot of tea. There’s nowhere else in Dublin quite like it.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      +a billion, massive argument over rent decrease led to this apparently, or lack of decrease by what’s his name Ronan group,

      1. Andrew

        I used to love going in there too but that was years and years ago. When they re-opened after the last re-furb it had changed beyond recognition You had wait to be seated, there was a waiter service only and it was incredibly overpriced.I’d say a lot of people who claim to be ‘heartbroken’ over this, haven’t darkened the door of Bewley’s in years.
        This would have happened CV-19 or not. Many businesses in Ireland were unsustainable,even before this crisis.
        The overall point though is that rents in Ireland be they commercial or otherwise are inflated to the extent that it kills the real economy. The renter seeker class will eat itself in the end.

        1. guns and drums and drums and guns harooo

          Agreed, I haven’t gone in in years, since they utterly destroyed it
          Turn it into a Dunnes

        2. Rob_G

          100%, Andrew.

          Clery’s, Bewley’s… Irish people are great caring enough to publicly lament the loss of “institutions”, but not enough to actually go there and spend money to keep them open.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            not an “Irish people” thing at all – its global and universal

            but otherwise spot on

    2. theo kretchmar schuldorf

      Too important to be allowed to go to the wall.
      (But the latest starchy incarnation has been anathema to the casual spirit of a Bewley’s coffee)
      SOLUTION: Corpo or Arts Council take the building’s lease to keep the Bewleys theatre going. That Tennant then tender to cafe operators to run the lower floors as the theatre’s cafe in the preferred style.

    3. goldenbrown

      ah but Millie

      it wasn’t the same at all (presuming you’re thinking about the place pre-multimillion refurb 2015-2017) after it got done up and imo due to it was already another sadly deceased piece of old Dublin

      table service…being interrogated by some uppity Maître D sort if you went 20 feet over the treshold ffs…down in the “Grafton Quarter”

      old Bewleys reflected a lot of what Dublin used to be about pre Ireland 2.0…rich and poor, young and old of all persuasions in each others company enjoying sausage sandwiches and tea at 3am. and proper coffee loooong before most of today’s coffee slurpers were even a twinkle in the eye

      what’s finished up there is only a shell of Bewleys (I won’t miss it particularly…feel very sorry for the workers mind)

    4. A Person

      “I used” to go there. Isn’t that the point. I used to work there, and it was so over-priced – even customers were asking when you gave them the bill -“are you sure”?. As a result I haven’t been there in years. Businesses who can’t attract / retract customers will always be in trouble.

  3. Col

    Is there a chance some company could make a success of it without changing it or losing its character? Always seemed busy. I really loved it. And people should be queueing up to see the Harry Clarke windows!

      1. guns and drums and drums and guns harooo

        McDonalds, the current one in Grafton is too small

      1. V-19

        OPW, Dublin CIty Council, Dublin Tourism, Board Failte – Lottery €s
        Is its only chance
        One thing we do get right here is Museums

        It’ll never succeed as a coffee shop, bakery, restaurant foodie thing
        Grafton Street is already too well served, and its too expensive for this form of activity on the scale of this premises

        I don’t know what the current leaseholders were thinking of in the first place
        even if Johnny Ronan halved the rent they’d still be gone

  4. Matt Pilates

    Loved Bewleys when it didn’t cost a bomb to go in there, and when it still had a ‘real’ sense of Dublin about it.

    I remember going up there on a Sunday morning from Trinity with my best mate after a heavy nights boozing; heads buzzin’ off us, getting the 2 pounds breakfast and coffee and plopping down in the big plush seats with our Weekend FT and then decent UK Independent. Adam Clayton and Naomi Campbell holding hands at a corner table. Tattins (remember that lady) officiating upstairs, Diceman outside… the 80’s….

    By comparison, now, the last couple of iterations of Bewleys have been dismal, part of the theme parkification of Dublin for visitors. Bewleys wasn’t about Dubliners anymore. Only tourists could afford, or wanted, to go there. Finding a Dubliner working there was just as hard…

    Now we have a PR baloney narrative being peddled now that’s its loss is a tragedy and we must retain this faceless, soul less corpse of a so-so coffee shop for Dear Aul’ Dubliners. Let it go…

    Can’t wait for the BS about Bewleys coming up on Tubridy, Duffy and O’Connor on RTE and in his Sindo column this weekend.

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