Pane Of Loss


Some of Harry Clarke’s windows in Bewley’s Grafton Street, Dublin

Artist Dr Robert Bohan writes:

With the closure of Bewleys on Grafton Street it’s vital that the Harry Clarke Windows are confiscated by the state before they are damaged or sold abroad.

Given government monies handed over the decades, its mad they don’t belong to the National Gallery as part of our heritage…

Harry Clarke?

Bewley’s Grafton St set to close with 110 job losses (RTÉ)

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19 thoughts on “Pane Of Loss

  1. alickdouglas

    The big one is Jim Fitzpatrick, not Harry Clarke.

    Are the state going to confiscate that too? Clarke was paid 345 pounds (and 15 pence) in 1928 for them. I assume someone actually owns them now then, no?

      1. Jake38


        You should join the floods of refugees straining to get asylum there!

        Oh, hang on…..

        1. bisted

          …wasn’t it Garrett the Good who nationalised Bewleys when it was threatened with closure…a few blueshirts may have fainted at that news…

          1. Rob_G

            I always knew that there was bit of blueshirt in you, bisted – everyone loves Garrett.

  2. d

    i cant see the glasses/windows being that interesting by themselves. nice cafe setting. But stick them in a gallery and they wont be noticed. ever been to the musuem in collins barracks. sections of antique artifacts that no-one ever bothers to look at.

    Bewleys was an institution. but times have changed. and hasnt bewleys closed down “permanently” many times in the past. Waiting for some developer who wants to open it as a cafe again.

    1. Petato

      I think that you need to speak a little more objectively here. Harry Clarke is one of the most important artists to come out of Ireland. With nothing more than a single pane from an iconic window on public display in the Hugh lane it is of great importance that these works remain available for people young and old to view. Bewley’s is still an institution and one of Grafton Street’s finest offerings. Would be great to see Ireland back some of its own heritage and not flush it down the toilet to have it replaced with more hipster nonsense.

      Far from flat whites Ireland was reared, time the people acknowledge that.

      1. Papi

        Dead right, Harry Clarke was a genius. They should be donated to the state.

        And I look at the Collins Barracks’ exhibits, thank you very much.

        1. Papi

          He has a St.Brigid in the Honan chapel that has a decidedly not-religious aspect, ahem.

          1. Papi

            I’d love to get my hands on the illustrated Poe volume. It’s stupid o’clock money though.

      2. Rob_G

        I presume the building is listed or otherwise protected in some way – I doubt that they are going to take a swingball to the windows, whatever business takes over the building

        @Petato – nice speech – did you actually go to Bewley’s on a regular basis and support the business? If not, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on, as it were.

        1. Petato

          Having grown up in the countryside I used to visit it religiously on the 8th of December with family throughout childhood. Through university I went as much as I could with my Nan who lived in Dublin. Now living abroad I go every time I’m back and recommend it to every tourist I know going to Ireland.

          I’ve done my bit.

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