We Are Not So Different You And I


This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2.

Fianna Fáil’s Eamon O’Cuiv (above left) and Sinn Féin’s David Cullinane TD (above centre) with unidentified gent (since identified – see comments).

Plotting or merely sharing a joke?

We may never know.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

9 thoughts on “We Are Not So Different You And I

  1. Niblock

    That’s Stephen O’Brien, the Political Editor with the UK Times…..so we probably WILL get to know…..

          1. Rob_G

            B’fhéidir go bhfuil an ceart agat, ach níor chuala mé an Ghaeilge á labhairt aige ríomh :) and this is not normally the type of thing that TDs like to hide away.

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