Times They Lived In


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Late 1960s.

Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2

Another newly-unearthed image by American photojournalist Harrison Forman.

Name those jammers (left to right), anyone?

Pic by Harrison Forman via University of Wisconsin

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7 thoughts on “Times They Lived In

  1. guns and drums and drums and guns harooo

    this series is the best thing on broadsheet for many’s the long day

  2. RanelaghPete

    Aah, the good old days, when ‘pharmacists’ were chemists and the bakers were way ahead of the times with Boland’s Bakery electric vehicle (plug-in).

    1. scottser

      bless. over the counter methamphetamines and an eccles cake for the mother in law..

  3. Paulus

    Mercedes 180
    Ford Prefect/Popular or early Anglia.
    Anglia Van
    Morris Minor
    Morris Minor
    (Who made those electric delivery trucks?)
    Ford Consul or Zodiac (hard to tell difference).
    Ford Cortina Mk 1.

    The CIE delivery/removal van is almost certainly based on the Bedford TK.

      1. Paulus

        Ah sure we all have something eh. Though I suspect for people of my generation it’s just an unstudied recollection of a time when cars had more glamour, individuality, build quality, (if not mechanical reliabiliy) than they do today. A time when you could lift the bonnet and tinker/service/repair. Unlike today where diagnostics have killed all that. I think for most of us, car knowledge was picked up by simple osmosis.

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