This afternoon.

Who Made the World by Cliodhna Cussen (Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh’s mother) at The Herbert Park Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.


Or ‘spot on”?

YOU decide.

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16 thoughts on “Herberts

  1. Cú Chulainn

    Someone thought of that. Someone else paid them. Someone made it. Someone even thought that was a good idea, and even after seeing it had it installed..

  2. Marbe

    3 men on their backs acting the maggot, tossing an ill formed lobster pot in the air. How does one get into this line of work? Art – how are you?

  3. Paulus

    The ball yoke is like a large version of our cat’s toy…and we have to bend over backwards to please him…so it’s beginning to speak to me.

  4. SOQ

    How is Monaghan Mushrooms doing these days?

    Zero employees infected is it?

    The biggest employer of food harvesting in Ireland and yet not a word- they must have great social distance and quality separated accommodation.

    1. SOQ

      Sure aren’t the Monaghan Guards just great at checking our 2 KM nor 5 KM which is about the end field of most farms. Knock airport is busy flying Catholics I suppose- can’t figure how else they would be arriving to live in 30 year old caravans in Monaghan and Cavan- to pick Mushrooms.

      People are dying but sure that is just old old eh you spring chick Heather Humphreys? I have a family member in Cavan general now- I hold you responsible.

      1. SOQ

        And every one of The Wilsons should be forced to work and live side by side with their employees- the most exploitative outfit on this Island.

  5. Type0Negative

    There is a bit of a whack of Chinese ghost city off that fountain.
    You know, those cities they throw up to keep people busy that just end up standing empty. I imagine they’d have similar third-rate vaguely-communist-looking public sculpture that looks like it was sourced from Alibaba.

  6. Triona Ryan

    Spot on. Who made the world? A dynamic, vital force
    Certainly not 4 bored looking men on their backs. Give me a break.

  7. Rob_G

    The only piece of Irish public artwork I recall eeing and thinking: ” hey, that’s awesome”, is the giant ball with all the road markings in Kildare

  8. Steph Pinker

    Maybe the men are pointing North, East, West, South, which could also be interpreted as men creating/ supporting the world [NEWS]? Maybe the sculptor would’ve been better off creating four cocks on a weather-vane, at least they won’t stop when the water’s turned off and still be blowing in the wind…

  9. Gabby

    Charles Atlas: I was a 97-pound weakling. The sculptor shoulda tried the biodynamic method.

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