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The animal-human sculptural hybrids of Italian artist Alessandro Gallo – stoneware and mixed media figures caricaturing the diversity of human experience – each one between 30cm and 60cm tall.

We’re all in there somewhere.

You think you’re the hare but you’re probably the thorny devil.


Tiny, biologically accurate sculptures of birds and animals by Hungarian biologist and miniaturist Fanni Sandor.

Each can take up to two weeks to create, forgoing moulds for embossing and pin-ended  tools (the robin’s nest alone took three days.)

But you don’t care about that. Because you only hear the sound of her name.


This afternoon.

Who Made the World by Cliodhna Cussen (Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh’s mother) at The Herbert Park Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.


Or ‘spot on”?

YOU decide.

These are sandcastles.

The brutalist sedimentary architecture of artist and sandcastle maestro Calvin Seibert, conjured from nothing more than sand and water, smoothed and levelled by knife, trowel and hand. Sez he:

I always start at the top and work down, taking great care to keep the horizontals level. I pretty much make things up as I go along, allowing surprises and engineering difficulties to shape the castles.


An anamorphic sculpture by Austrian artist Thomas Medicus featuring a cube composed of 144 glass strips painted in acrylic with four scenes which reveal themselves with each 90 turn.

The piece was inspired by a 1974 paper by American philosopher Thomas Nagel entitled ‘What Is It Like  To Be A Bat?

tldr: we can never really know.


Oversized sculptures of mould-covered fruit – their encroaching fungal growth simulated with translucent precious and semi-precious stones (like malachite, opal and smoky quartz) pinned to painted foam forms by artist Kathleen Ryan.

More of her work here.