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An anamorphic sculpture by Austrian artist Thomas Medicus featuring a cube composed of 144 glass strips painted in acrylic with four scenes which reveal themselves with each 90 turn.

The piece was inspired by a 1974 paper by American philosopher Thomas Nagel entitled ‘What Is It Like  To Be A Bat?

tldr: we can never really know.


Oversized sculptures of mould-covered fruit – their encroaching fungal growth simulated with translucent precious and semi-precious stones (like malachite, opal and smoky quartz) pinned to painted foam forms by artist Kathleen Ryan.

More of her work here.


Delicate sculptures made from dandelion seeds by Tokyo-based artist euglena.

Nobody sneeze.


A vast bird sculpture sprawls on a mountaintop at the 65 acre environmental tourist destination of Jatayu Earth’s Centre at Kerala in India. The centre is a collaboration between the Tourism Department of Kerala and film director Rajiv Anchal. The bird is the stuff of legend.To wit:

Based on the epic story of Ramayana, Jatayu is a noble bird of divine origin who lost his wing and fell while fighting to protect a young woman named Sitha. The bird as recreated in concrete at the  Center is 200 feet long, 150 feet wide, and 70 feet tall, with stylized feathers and enormous curled claws.


The art of ‘book sculptor’ Emma Taylor, who tells new stories with old books rescued from charity and second hand shops.

Using only glue, scissors and the pages of the books she carves, Taylor also themes her sculptures in keeping with the subject matter of the books they’re made from, ie. a garden scene emerging from ‘An Introduction to Botany’ and Italian houses hewn from ‘The Story of Venice’.