Staying In Anocht?


Course you are.

Packie Bonner (top) recalls that penalty shootout for Spórt TG4 ahead of tonight’s World Cup Gold on TG4.

Deirdre Ní Choistín writes:

A gem from the Sports Archives, the second round of the Italia 1990 FIFA World Cup. There was never been a moment in the history of Irish Football like this. The date was the 25th June 1990 and the venue was the Stadio Luigi Farraris in Genoa. The golden age of Irish soccer provides the basis for this archive-based international soccer series. Jack Charltons Irish team included such players as Packie Bonner, Ray Houghton, Mick McCarthy, John Aldridge, David O’Leary, Paul McGrath and Kevin Moran.

World Cup Gold on TG4  at 7:30pm.

14 thoughts on “Staying In Anocht?

  1. Jasper

    I thought the England game was poor, but I must say the Netherlands game last Friday was rather entertaining.

    Looking forward to reliving another 0-0 draw tonight, so glad they chose not to show the Egypt match :-)

  2. Shitferbrains

    He patted the ball down at Schilaccis feet. Don’t know how he lives with himself.

  3. scottser

    30 years ago, god how depressing.
    it’s after 12, i’m off for a drink.
    i’ll check back in for nick’s voucher later on – keep her lit.

  4. Dr.Fart

    wow. 30 years. I was just a young medical student in awe of the world around me. experiencing a few firsts. i watched that match in Mulligans, with a young Anne Doyle. What a princess. There were a few well known faces in there that day, I remeber Aidan Walsh and Dave Fanning being there, wow the memories.

      1. Dr.Fart

        One of my dear pals, he won’t mind me saying now, all this time later, used to get his hands on the colleges ‘laughing gas’ supply. He knew to take the right amount to not arouse suspicion, but also the right amount to take us to the moon! should be legal, it’s completely fine, it’s just pure oxegen, doesnt last long, and feels amazing. all the memories flooding back to me today for some reason. making me feel young again. nostalgia episodes may be something connected to global crisis, people revert to simpler times. interesting.

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