Common Sense On Wheels



Green Party leader Eamon Ryan

A poem ‘dedicated is to all those in the Irish Green Party who think coalition with Micheál Martin might be just the thing to ward off the global apocalypse’.

Common Sense Climbed Out of the TV the Other Night

And sat beside me on the settee,
its shirt white, its manner mild
as an unsugared cornflake.

Confident as a New York Times Op-Ed
written by God.

Thought provoking in conversation
as a dinner party at which
the main course always tastes
suspiciously like Melvyn Bragg.

I could see from its resumé
it was well thought of by those that matter
like a Hampstead charity shop
in which Joan Bakewell
is now available free of charge.

Though it kept trying
to avoid catching my eye,
when it did, the shiver I got
told me it would be supportive,
when the going got hot,
as a crutch made of butter.

Later, it climbed into my computer
where its tweets against the turning world
looked like they’d been typed in the day room
of a care home for former provosts
of Queen’s College Oxford.

It expressed itself with such authority
I had to test its advice by taking it.
And it turned out to be as sensible
as running through a forest fire
in a grass skirt.

Kevin Higgins



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8 thoughts on “Common Sense On Wheels

      1. f_lawless

        I know he’s the Green Party spokes-person, but no doubt he’ll start back-pedalling as soon as he’s in office. Do we really want a two-tyre society in tandem with years of inflation? On your bike!.

  1. V'ness

    Ah now c’mon
    Joan Bakewell, New York Times, Oxford, Hamstead and Melvyn Bragg

    that’s some dedication to an Irish Political Party alright

    no matter
    lets go to another thread to discuss global Neo Liberalism v the Arts

  2. Nigel

    Obviously the only way to put any brake whatsoever on the freewheeling to apocalypse is to keep sitting on the sidelines making cutting remarks.

  3. Gabby

    No meter, no rhyme, but redeeming ironic metaphors: it’s poetic literachure. Should the Cyclops wear protective headgear?

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