Birds And Music


The votes are in.

Last week, with a chirpy €25 Golden Discs voucher to give away, I asked you to name your favourite song involving birds.

You answered in your winged tens.

But there could be only winner

Third Place:

Anthem by Leonard Cohen.

Will writes:

So, yes, people calling for Leonard’s Bird on a Wire. A wonderful choice but… Doesn’t Leonard Cohen’s Anthem beat it…?


Blackbird by Emma Stevens

Ciaran Adamson writes:

I came across this cover version of the Beatles Blackbird about a year ago by some First Nations/ Native American students in the same vein as Coláiste Lurgan does cover versions in Irish. In one year it has had millions of views, got the thumbs up from Paul McCartney and has created an upsurge of interest in their native Mi’kmaq language which was on the brink of extinction… fair play to them!


A Song About Birds by The Van Vuuren Bros

Cu Chulainn writes:

Feck off with your maudlin bird poo.. to the Rhine with Kraftwerk.. this week there is only one winner…

Nick says: Thanks all.

Last week: Win Nick’s Voucher

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2 thoughts on “Birds And Music

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I truly enjoyed last weekend. It even spilled over into the beginning of the week. Some great songs there! Hard to choose, but well done, Cu Chullainn!

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