Scrap Saturday


Gardaí are investigating reports that dozens of teenagers met for a prearranged fight in Co Cork on Saturday night in breach of the Covid-19 regulations.

Videos posted on social media show up to 60 people – all believed to be minors – fighting in groups in a wooded area near Mount Oval Village in Rochestown.

Gardaí are understood to be investigating if the fight was prearranged between pupils attending a Cork city school and a group from east Cork who travelled for the confrontation.

Gardaí investigate reports of fight involving up to 60 youths in Cork (irish Examiner)

Calls for parents to ‘step up’ after Mount Oval mass teenage brawl (Irish Examiner)



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20 thoughts on “Scrap Saturday

      1. Liam

        their Bio is full of spelling mistakes

        also “Joined: May 2020” – I suspect not legit.

  1. turgidson

    Jaysus. It must be very confusing getting into a massive scrap when everybody is dressed the same. Black runners, grey tracksuit bottoms and black jackets. The danger of friendly fire is enormous.

    1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

      “Fup off! Judean People’s Front? We’re the People’s Front of Judea!”

  2. Gokkers

    youth fights, definitely a new phenomenon, never heard nor seen this before the advent of the mobile telegram.

  3. jamesjoist

    Living in the moment of the virus means that for youth there is no more groin grinding slow sets at the sweaty throbbing local hop . No more whirling stomping great craic set dances . No more coming of age raves , all ee’d up and dancing ecstaticly happy the whole night through . It seems the only thing left would be to go with there mammies and grannies to the local line-dancing night where standing 2 mtrs apart would not make a difference , and some middle-aged fella wearing letting-on cowboy boots and hat will be calling the figures . God love them

    1. scottser

      all very well, but us oldies need something to tut at. i haven’t had a good tut in ages and i’m finding myself having to tut at peers of my own age group, which makes me want to tut harder.

  4. george

    The video I saw shows at most 20 people. Where are the videos showing 60 or as some are reporting 70. Load of absolute nonsense.

  5. Tim

    Well maybe the silver lining of covid is these little scum bags might just have to work as the country is skint

  6. Gabby

    Religion is gone. The Christian Brothers are gone. Sweet secular reason is no good. Psychobabblers aren’t being listened to. Parental guidance is falling on deaf ears. Call out the army – the last line of defence. Then conscript the survivors into the army. QED

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