7 thoughts on “Murder Most Foul

  1. SOQ

    And not one single word about how many people are sitting worried sick because their treatments have been cancelled. Not one word about how many empty hospital beds there are in NI right now.

    I cringe when I see all the ‘We Support NHS’ placards up north- NOBODY shouted stop to this nonsense- an entire health system ground to a halt for something with a fatality ratio which was and is no worse than a bad flu.

    A friend with diagnosed lung cancer in NI- treatment on hold INDEFINITELY- another who cannot leave hospital because no physiotherapist available (?)- the only place I would bang a pan is over their friggen lazy heads. Get back to work.

    1. f_lawless

      Good point. It was a disastrous misallocation of resources made in a panicked atmosphere when level-headed, evidence-based decision-making was what was needed most. One indicator was the ridiculous number of tiktok dancing nurse videos that started appearing as those who were left idle found a way to fill their time.

      1. SOQ

        So why wasn’t this reported to and vocalised by their revered Unions?

        People are now dying because of these chancers- and they want another round of applause? On your bike.

  2. Liam McLaughlin

    Houl on a minute lads. The poem makes it abundantly clear that NHS Staff dont want applause. They want pay and decent working conditions. The vast majority are deeply sceptical of the medias attempts to turn them into heros. Heros get sacrificed. The ones who dont care eliminate the ones who
    do care. And when they are neutralised by the ultimate censorship , you then paint them as Martyrs who sacrificed themselves. If you cant see that as a central theme in the poem then you need to read it again. The poem is a bit more complex than it immediately appears.

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