Some Class Of A Decision


This afternoon.

Government Buildings, Dublin 2.

Via The Irish Times:

In a briefing to the media following Friday’s Cabinet meeting, Mr Varadkar said secondary schools and primary schools will reopen fully at the start of the school year.


He said it may not be possible for every pupil to attend every school for the whole day every day at the start of school term but the intention was to revert to that as quickly as possible.


Katherine Zappone, the Minister for Children, also confirmed that childcare facilities will reopen with “playpods” for young children, with up to six infants aged under one being allowed in a single playpod….



Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe meanwhile said that the temporary wage subsidy scheme will now apply to people returning to work from maternity leave, and from paternity leave.

Govt intends to reopen primary and secondary schools at end of August (RTÉ)

Taoiseach has confirmed schools will reopen at the end of August (Irish Times)

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Photocall Ireland


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12 thoughts on “Some Class Of A Decision

  1. ReproBertie

    Reopen fully but not for everyone to go at the same time.

    So, not actually reopen fully then?

    If schools can reopen at the end of August then what’s stopping offices?

  2. Ronan

    I love the simplification of money that the left enjoy (Mr Caul). Whether it’s the Apple money, or simply how profit works.

    “Beacon Medical Group was bought by Denis O’Brien for €35 million. If they get €44K a month for 200 beds, State will have paid more than €35 million in four months”

    It was loss making when he bought it, that’s how you buy a business at a low value.

    Private hospitals have been paid to keep beds empty, but staff employed and on standby. Capacity costs money, it’s not straight into the pocket of DOB FFS.

    I’m no fan by any means, but this over simplification of money is exhausting – constantly peddling the myth of some klepto elite giving bags of cash to eachother instead of solving .

    1. Sham Bob

      The Klepto elite is exhausting, certainly. The issue of how redacted got his seed money for all his adventures will never be addressed in this country

  3. Ricky

    The point is is it judged on a class or ability level?
    In other words do not educate who will most probably less chance of achieving results

    A new word blended education just rolls off the tongue

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Well that photo clearly shows no social distancing between the boys in blue.
    What’s the specs. of these pods – ?

    1. Ricky

      They apparently got them from jonnie Rohan hobbit homes
      They actually designed them for bijou living in Dublin

  5. Joe

    Hard to believe that the Green party, (perhaps not hard to believe since they are willingly mis-lead by their swivel eyed loon leader Eamo’ Ryan) would dare to to associate with such blatant tax payer rip-offs by daring to go into government with the FFG parasites!

  6. Dr.Fart

    I’d imagine this will be ANOTHER one Cian and Rob_g will steer clear of. If they do try defend it they’ll go to their defense of choice; good ol’ whataboutery.

    Varadkar said it was “unfair” people were claiming 350 super dole and should go back to working for half that, yet pays 4 times what the UK pay per bed, and i bet they’d didn’t even negotiate. They have an awful record of getting value for money (eg. NCH). He said vehmiently that “no one should profiteer from this crisis” in relation to super dole, while handing greedy DOB ridiculous profits, way overhead.

    DEFEND HIM, CIAN AND ROB_G.. i really wanna see how you’ve been furiously digging up spurious links and rubbish on other people to work a way round this.

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