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  1. GiggidyGoo

    Liam Woods tells us that we face a trolley crisis this winter if there is a second wave of Coronavirus. So what was his excuse last winter? And the winters before?

    In other news, Eoghan Murphy moves to dispel Emer Higgins’ worries about housing by re-classifying the homeless, thus reducing the figures.

    1. Frank

      if we allowed children back to school and the young and healthy to go about their business and get the bloody virus there would be no ‘deadly winter surge’. proper hygiene with care home workers might also help.
      utter nonsense.

        1. frank

          because if we don’t allow the healthy herd to get immunity over the summer they will get the virus and spread it in flu season. ipso fatso

          1. goldenbrown

            so you’re the 1st person on the planet to fully understand this pathogen? and it’s just another flu something something herd immunity?

            omg quick drop everything and call the WHO, this guy frank knows how Sars-CoV-2 works!

          2. frank

            I didn’t say “it’s just another flu”.
            I said it would be better to let the healthy get it now, develop herd immunity to the novel virus rather than release everyone unexposed with the school kids at the start of flu season.

            You are allowed to have independent thought you know and furthermore, you are allowed express those thoughts.

          3. Cian

            Nigel, it is unlikely that a vaccine will be available (for all) in the next 10 months. If we are going into winter 2020 without a vaccine the more people with nature immunity the better.

          4. Nigel

            Agreed, but going full on ‘herd-immunity with no vaccine’ is going to come with a body count. With half-assed measures breaking down in the US and the UK it may be a moot point anyway.

          5. frank

            SARS was nearly 20 years ago and there still is no vaccine. Why do you think a vaccine will be found for this now?
            Also if the elderly and medically compromised continue to exercise extreme caution in the next 3-4 months while the healthy go about creating a community immunity (catchy) where do you think all these deaths will come from?

          6. Nigel

            I mean, that’s fine if we’re going to continue to completely reorganise our society in such a way as to reduce the transmission of viral diseases while minimising the exclusion of those at risk. It’s pobably what e should be doing anyway.

  2. Kate

    Well done to retired (a pity) detective inspector Marry for calling for cold cases units in every county. Tosh Lavery, retired sergeant has been vocal for years on same issue and Barry Cummings is a really decent man and very supportive & kind to families of missing persons. It’s a must.

    1. Nigel

      A better summation would be that only massive racist police brutality stands between the hordes and your Gucci bags.

      1. Johnny


        -the peaceful protests are growing last night we peacefully marched all over Brooklyn,chanting and signing their names,there was a large gathering of African drummers and drumming before, it was truly an amazing and incredibly peaceful, beautiful moving night in Brooklyn.

        -Breonna Taylor

        -Laquan McDonald

        -Eric Garner

        -Michael Brown

        -Sandra Bland

        -Tamir Rice

        -Walter Scott

        -Alton Streling

        -Amadou Diallo

        -Philando Castile

        -Botham Jean

        the list goes on and on….

        but about those handbags-huh

        1. SOQ

          Oh come Johnny- its not an either or? Some people had well intended peaceful rallies with police acting the maggot- while others just went shopping. I think both happened, don’t you?

          What time was that protest at btw?

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