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  1. Kate

    I’ve said it before on BS– keep faith in Scotland Yard locating little Madeleine. Police officers cry too.

    1. Hicksonian

      Maybe they found another hair, this time in the journalist’s 2nd home in Durham.

    2. Ringsend Incinerator

      Good that the FT published the picture of that obviously guilty Jerry paedo, Lindberg. He even looks like one.

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        You have a keen eye for optics. No Specsavers for you. Let’s raise our glasses!

  2. f_lawless

    This aerial view of the protest in London’s Hyde park is something to behold. Looks a bit like Glastonbury festival. God knows what all those UK citizens who’ve been faithfully complying with the lockdown measures up til now must think watching that footage. Very damaging to the credibility of the authorities I would imagine. British lockdown descending into farce.

    1. SOQ


      It is also very damaging to the credibility of those organising such protests. Not many ‘Protect The NHS’ slogans there eh? The irony of holding ‘I can’t breath’ placards while spreading that thing. After all the sacrifices people have made and the economic hardship they have endured, no matter how worthy the cause, right now, it is an extremely selfish thing to do.

      If the London numbers spike again then the whole thing could backfire very easily- they might need those Nightingale hospitals yet.

        1. SOQ

          No I am saying that the lock down was just a minor inconvenience and this is an extremely community spirited protest right now- better?

  3. SOQ

    WHO set to resume hydroxychloroquine trial in battle against COVID-19

    The World Health Organization will resume its trial of hydroxychloroquine for potential use against the coronavirus, its chief said on Wednesday, after those running the study briefly stopped giving it to new patients over health concerns.


    If The Guardian had not broke that story, would WHO still be sitting on this?

      1. SOQ

        Yes and no- they have admitted that they did not adequately protect the elderly- which was a common mistake across near all countries.

        The problem is that lock down and an economic crash will cause other deaths too, especially medically preventable- so the true picture as to who was right and who was wrong may not be known for a number of years.

        What I do like about their approach however is that they are very upfront in stating that they made mistakes which is more than others are doing.

        1. SOQ

          I find Japan’s results interesting as they also never lock downed. I expect is partly to do with their experience of SARS 1 but also from link below:-

          In terms of Japan’s low death rate…

          Japan has a generally good healthcare system

          The country took cluster tracing and containment very seriously from a much earlier stage than western nations

          Japan had already-strong norms of hygiene and health


      2. f_lawless

        A wave of these near identical articles have appeared in recent days all trying to cast Sweden’s non-lockdown approach as a failure in policy. I think it should be viewed in the context that the ‘lockdown model’ itself has taken a bit of a PR bashing in recent times.:

        For example:
        – a couple of major studies concluding that lockdown measures (as separate to social distancing) have had little effect on the evolution of the virus in the various countries across Europe that were studied

        – the director of Norway’s public health agency recently stated that according to their analysis, the lockdown there is deemed to have been ineffective and if a second wave occurs, the same approach should not be taken

        – Norwegian Prime Minister recently admitted that the decision to impose a lockdown was made out of fear and on reflection, may have been misguided

        – recently leaked emails show that the Danish government imposed lockdown measures against the advice from the Danish Health authority

        – recently leaked report from the German interior ministry which concluded that the German response has been completely overblown

        Aside from that, the Swedish economy actually grew in the first quarter, albeit modestly, by 0.1%. But it’s in stark contrast to the record 3.8% contraction of the euro zone economy as a whole.

        And so in this context, any sign of weakness from Sweden is pounced on and exaggerated by certain corporate media outlets in order to try and salvage the reputation of the lockdown approach.

        At least this BBC article quoted Sweden’s state epidemiologist in saying “we basically still think that is the right strategy for Sweden”‘. Others didn’t bother.

        US journalist Kim Iversen, gives a pretty good summary here:

        As she says, they’re effectively engaging in “gaslighting”.

        1. :-Joe

          +100% – Very interesting, thanks.

          Regardless of how much truth / lies are involved in this story.. The war of information and ideaology rages on at all levels and all sides like never before.

          The demand and need for proper respectable media outlets, publishers, editors, journalists, reporters, whistleblowers and trustworthy, reliable sources for the mainstream has never been higher. In my mind and lifetime anyway…

          Be skeptical, patient and double-check/corroborate everything you read or hear before assuming it can be believed…

          The amount of flip-flop in public opinion from junk media news reports is crazy .these days.


  4. :-Joe

    More corporate media slander on,what is now a weekly staple on the pat awkward & creepy kenny show…

    Against Paul Murphy again… this time for suggesting Ireland should stand up and ask the ambassador of ‘murica to either have the state address the issues properly or else leave the country until they do so and how it will send a message of solidarity to the majority of the people… etc. etc. – listen back for the details.

    A perfectly reasonable suggestion of action and well articulated considering the current situation.

    So, instead of having an open and respectful discussion until the end, like he does with most other guests(i.e. bertie ‘the the the Oirish economy was just resting in my account’ ahern the other day etc. )… kenny quickly acts defenesive, biased, irritated, aggressive etc. etc as usual and goes out of his way to undermine him as an individual. – The personal approach when you don’t like dealing with the argument or the issue.

    Yet again, he goes on trying to connect him to some fantasy 20th century cold-war propaganda red-scare fantasy of communist threat… In having loyalty to russia and not calling them out etc. etc. The whole point of repeating this lunacy is reinforcing the useful lie that communism is exactly the same as socialism and socialists must be communists who support russia..
    – It’s bottom of the barrel contempt for the intelligence of Irish listeners. It’s actively trying to dumb people down on one level but more importantly, keep them from supporting those who are asking questions and challenging the status quo.

    Murphy easily proves him wrong but I’m sure many listeners are now thinking about the propaganda of him being loyal to russia instead of the issue of the ‘murica’s ambassador.- It’s astonishing that some Irish people are so dumb they still swallow this nonsense but it must be important, effective or even essential propaganda or it wouldn’t be so blatently and obviously wrong.

    As soon as Murphy goes off air, as usual kenny introduces a long list of personal attacks supposedly by listeners who just can’t wait to call in and call him all kinds of names and personal attacks with little or no detail or specific points against the argument…

    Straw man arguments, whataboutery by kenny playing the individual threat to the group-think corporate establishment thinking and not the ball.. as per usual…
    – Why bother allowing him on the show if you don’t want to hear what he has to say or can’t resist trying to belittle him as a person?
    – I wonder how many people texted in to say he is right but never get a fair airing by kenny to reach you and the minds of the public?

    Corporate interests supporting the establishment staus quo state F-f/g narrative. Media bias and propaganda at it’s most simplistic and vulgar, live on air… every week now apparently?
    – I’d expect nothing less from kenny the corporate state media mercenary sell-out that he is.


    1. Cú Chulainn

      The Kenny creepy mask has long fallen. However, the Murphy suggestion is just plain naive and doesn’t realise the subtlety of diplomacy. Also, the current ambassador has dementia or Alzheimers, which tells you everything you need to know about how the government of the US of A think of our opinion.

      1. :-Joe

        I think he was trying to be diplomatic about the hypothetical situation but Murphy’s suggestion is far from naive.

        It gives him a much needed and rare platform to raise the more significant idea that there are alternative ways to think and act in this country.

        If, we had some vision, leadership and the determination i.e backbone… to attempt to implement what Irish people really stand for at a political level.

        At this moment in time, he knows as well as you or I, that it would never happen. Even if our invertibrate class of corporate middle-managers in F-f/g and the interests of their(and our) real leadership of the financial elite could see a benefit.

        Presumably it would be down to a coincedental reason or good timing. It would be on a whim if they decided to go along with it in the first place.

        I love how that the so-called “left” get’s represented in the mainstream media and gets it’s fiteen minutes of fame(weekly abuse) just so we know it still exists but it’s useless.
        – Love is an abstract concept and I’m being sarcastic.

        How has kenny’s creepy mask dropped?.. Age, gravity?..


  5. :-Joe

    For people interested in finding a shortcut through the propaganda and lies to the truth of our shared version of reality…

    The Jimmy Dore show. [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjSxXpoWoTI ]
    – The Real Looting Of America CNN Won’t Show You. w/Chris Hedges
    ( Hedges is on a much longer and more detailed interview video on this chanel that’s worth watching too)

    – Chris Hedges is an intellectual mind worth listening to.. I would call him a prime example of what a modern Social Democrat should be. – Also arguably the future successor to Noam Chomsky and that’s saying something.

    – Jimmy Dore is a self-proclaimed “Jag-off Nightclub Comedian” who although he would deny it… As ‘murica’s number one and probably only active political comedian with a live show online.. Jimmy knows how to articulate and facilitate common sense discussion and debate about the real facts in ‘murican politics and economics without a biased agenda supporting one side or the other.. of the same problems.

    People like Bill Maher( probably the best of the mainstream fake liberal media).. is for people still deluded by the DNC democrats being the good guys and nothing else can help solve the problems.
    – I’m not sure what comedian may have a show and also represents the republicans and could be considered funny at the same time?

    Anyway, Jimmy Dore is neither and it’s DIY low-fi internet broadcasting at it’s best and when not occasionally getting angry and ranting at everybody at fault, often winding up both sides of derp politics at the same time… it’s also very informative and mostly just very funny overall.

    I recommend you check out his other videos on most of the important news and current affairs stories and judge for yourself.

    We need more voices like his, telling the truth and exposing the hypocrasy on all sides in the media


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