Meanwhile, In Ballsbridge


This afternoon.

American Embassy, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Protesters showingsupport for the Black Lives Matter movement, following the death of George Floyd  during a police arrest in Minneapolis. Similar protests are taking place around the country (see below) and across the world.

Sasko Lazarov/Rollingnews


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138 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Ballsbridge

  1. SOQ

    They can wear masks all they want and social distance all they want- however unlikely- but one fact remains.

    The rest of the country have been adhering to the rules and guidance at great personal cost while somehow this event, in another country, is of more importance.

    In normal times this would of course be a righteous cause but anyone following the comments on certain very moderate sites and Facebook pages will know that right now- it is a complete own goal.

    Which is sad because some POC do have problems here but their opponents have now been handed an excuse to paint them all as demanding of special status.

    As I said- an own goal.

    1. bisted

      …you really are such a hypocrite…cannot understand how Broadsheet gave you a platform to boast you were having a dinner party in the midst of the rest of us trying to do what we thought was the right thing…

      1. SOQ

        ABSOLUTELY- so am I left wing or right wing?

        Baked extra cream colcannon with fresh fried tuna.

        Lovely dry white from Lidl which is no nonsense labeled as ‘dry white’

        Then we all had sex together- I think.

          1. SOQ

            The more you say about others, the more you say about yourself darling- I was the only gay?

          2. fluffybiscuits

            Bisted that was one of the most vicious and enjoyable comebacks Ive seen in ages!

            Sorry SDQ you got owned!!

      2. fluffybiscuits

        I do but its a tongue in cheek reference. Id not take much issue fella


    2. rotide

      You’re spot on here SOQ

      Having mass demonstrations during a pandemic for any cause is counter productive

      1. bisted

        …it’s yourself lowtide…I’d forgotten about you…just like I’d forgotten what it was like to be savaged by a dead sheep…then two of you turn up together!

  2. Muchacho Gordo-Delgado

    Pics 7 & 11, Mattie McGrath caught up in this on his way to a fancy dress party, dressed as a Garda

  3. Lilly

    I heard two millenials dissecting their ‘white privilege’ the other day as if they were living in the Bronx.

    1. Ringsend Incinerator

      2020 the oldest millennial is 39 years old, and the youngest will turn 24 this year.

      1. Nigel

        Did either of them look like a bear? Because I am basically a big hairy bear rjght now.

    2. millie von strumpet

      So people in their mid 20s to 40s? These are the same people then who voted for marriage equality in huge numbers, and who voted to repeal the eigth.

      I’d say there’s nothing wrong with being conscious of how racism in Ireland affects us all. I would never be so arrogant to assume that people of different ethnicity to me (a white Irish woman) have it as easy I do, or don’t experience some form of discrimination. It may sound extremely pretentious, listening to that kind of thing, but there are a generation of young people of various ethnicities and backgrounds who are growing up in Ireland today, and surely it’s no bad thing for a dialogue and an awareness of these issues to be opened up, to avoid the kind of issues that even now are presenting themselves.

        1. SOQ

          Of course its an issue but now? RIGHT NOW? Does tone deaf mean anything at all?

          We have been under house arrest for what seems like years- not even allowed to bury loved ones or visit our sick- and all of a sudden that no longer matters because of some weird incident half way around the world- why is that?

          Please- tell me what has changed.

      1. Lilly

        True Millie; I heard Loah on Instagram and accept everything she and others say, but the two (25 yo) live in a place so rural, I can’t imagine they get too many opportunities to exercise this white privilege that weighs them down.

  4. Ringsend Incinerator

    Sisters and Brothers; bring da noize! #MoreBlacksMoreDogsMoreIrish

    Ah the days when fear of not getting a J-1 was a deterrent. Today you’re afraid you will.

    1. italia'90

      “Spread out in a bunch…. and if there’s any pan{dem}ic,

      I’ll organise it!”

      Charlie Boyd
      Dublin Sport Hotel

  5. diddy

    Sillies. a young black girl was complaining about systemic racism in Ireland. A country which presumably granted her parents asylum, that housed them and privided excellent education all the way to degree level. I doubt her parents are so ungrateful

    1. scottser

      True, but there are still a lot of intolerant and racist bottomholes out there. Poor choose of words to sure

    2. Nigel

      I love how black people are told to shut up and be grateful. I mean, no, I don’t love it at all. All the things the Irish state provides for its citizens, and nobody tells them to shut up and be grateful when they criticise it.

      1. diddy

        Nigeria is not in the EU. those who came here , came mainly as economic migrants. and they have been looked after, by the Irish tax payers. yes I do expect some gratitude.

        1. Nigel

          Who says they aren’t grateful? Why should gratitude mean they can’t speak up if they’re discriminated against or treated badly because of their skin colour? They get the same rights as the rest of us, and that includes the right to speak up and criticise.

          1. diddy

            discrimination by whom? where is there systemic discrimination in Ireland? and don’t say well, somebody said something mean to me so Ireland is rascist

          2. Nigel

            Well I’m white so what would I know about it? To learn about it I’d have to listen to the people who actually experience it instead of telling them to shut up and be grateful.

          3. Clampers Outside

            You don’t need to hear a personal experience to analyse a system for systemic injustices.

  6. The Dude

    Great cause.

    Wrong time and action.

    A crowd of an overwhelming majority of white people gather in a way that tarnishes an issue which is essential to black people.

    A coordinated protest of groups of four keeping a 24 hour vigil at the embassy would have been just as effective, but that would have taken effort and thought.

    Virtue Signaling: 1. Progress Achieved on Making Better Change: 0.


    1. scottser

      Maybe if the cops murdered the guy at a more convenient time, it might suit you better? Phase 3 maybe?

      1. The Dude

        Bit of an association fallacy going on there – aka 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

        You might be better served by engaging with the points.

        Did today’s event do anything to achieve a better effect that another initiative – such as a rolling 24 vigil – could not have done?

        Or was a substantial issue discredited by an unnecessary crowd gathering during a pandemic?

        1. scottser

          Or maybe we’re at a critical time in American history and the momentum created by these protests is fast becoming an actual revolution? Tutting over social distancing is really missing the point.

          1. Cian

            Scottser I think you are missing the point.
            Regardless of whether we are at a BLM critical point or not, we are in a pandemic.

            The Dudes question about a 24 hour vigil is valid. And you ignored it.

          2. SOQ

            This sudden awareness of racism. I mean it has been going on for as long as we have been alive. Why now- at this point?

          3. Rob_G

            @ scottser – the revolution won’t be any use to anyone who has died from COVID 19. And as someone pointed out on another thread, POC are more likely to die from COVID – so, black people would bear the brunt if the disease flares up again.

  7. Clampers Outside

    A protester at the BLMrally in the UK threw a brick at a police horse, the horse bolted and the female copper fell.

    I can hear the cries now…. “that was just one protester”

    But the protesting crowd cheered and applauded… That’s more like a mob mentality than a protest.

    Wtf… And that’s in the UK.


    On a other note, some ignorant, and I do mean completely ignorant in the true sense of the word, BLM protester defaced the Cenotaph in the UK today…. on D-day.

    How dumb is that… >_<

    – – –

    One can hate racism and still see these behaviours of protesters for what they are, thuggish and ignorant vandalism.

    1. scottser

      You call it thuggish and ignorant, i call it having a pop at colonialism.
      Tomayto tomahto

      1. Clampers Outside

        A pop at colonialism… Oh god, you drinking kool aid now too Scottser. Next you’ll be telling me you’re reading Robin DiAngelo and thinking it’s intelligible.

        1. scottser

          Clamps, I can see you at the revolution with a clipboard and a checklist ensuring everything complies with regulation and best practice. You could even issue a certificate of authenticity.. ;P

          1. Clampers Outside

            Haha… I abhor violence is all. And I don’t see any revolution happening without it.

            If you read BLMs own demands you’ll see they want to disband the police…. All I can think of is some multiple of the mayhem in Montreal, 1969 when the cops went on strike there to show what an absence of police will do, never mind a full on revolution…..

        2. mal

          in fairness montréal had had long-term civic unrest and rioting before that particular incident, and it was then known as Canada’s murder capital. The police strike did exacerbate those issue and it is a warning to tread carefully here since lives are at stake.

          anyway, which chapter of BLM is demanding for the police to be abolished for good? there are various demands for abolishing current police departments and recreating them from the ground up (you could call it “repeal and replace”) and there are demands to reduce police funding, because crime has been on the downturn for the past 30 years but police keep getting more money and more equipment.

          there have been some people and maybe some BLM chapters calling for the police to stop being an institution forever, and that might be an overreaction but it comes from the fact the the cops are a blunt instrument that can’t be the only solution to crime, and that they have a lot of power without very much to counterbalance it.

    2. Nigel

      Is that the incident where the poice said protestors knocked the rider off the horse, but actually they ran into a traffic light?

      1. Clampers Outside

        You’re justifying a mob now.

        Do you know why the horse ran into a traffic light? Because it was spooked by the bricks being thrown you silly.

        Really showing your despicable colours there Nigel.

        1. Nigel

          Excuse me? I’m just noting how the official story differed from the video of the incident. Were there actually bricks? A brick? A balloon? You really should learn the difference beteen ‘justifying a mob’ and being skeptical of official police statements.

          1. Clampers Outside

            “…. but actually…” means you are treating what came before as false, and then offering an alternative narrative to suit your argument.

            But actually me eye. There is video evidence of various objects being thrown at police including ramming bicycles into horses.

            You are defending this behaviour by making up alternative es to what can be seen in video.

          2. Clampers Outside

            And the protesters DID knock the police woman off the horse by spooking the horse.

          3. Nigel

            ‘Ramming bicycles’ holy moley was London burning from the raging mob riot of ramming bicycles? Were the bicyles on fire? Were the police on horses jousting with the ramming bicycles? I’d pay good money to see that.

          4. Clampers Outside

            Your mockery of ramming a bicycle into a police horse just shows you’ve gone full sjw willing to justify anything the mob does. Pathetic.

          5. Clampers Outside

            I look forward to your explanation as to why this is not “ramming” Nigel.

          6. Cian

            BLM protesters pulling down a statue of a slave trader Edward Coulston.

            While I generally don’t agree with the wanton destruction of property. I find it difficult to feel bad about them knocking down a statue of a slave trader.

          7. Clampers Outside

            True Cian.
            The point is still about the mob, that some on here say is not a mob.

      2. Clampers Outside

        Here’s more of it.

        The irony here is the protesters, after firing bottles and other objects at horse back police and the horse then bolting, the police form a line to confront them. The protesters, no, the mob, then form a line on their knees with hands up acting as if they were peaceably protesting… Bullpoo, it’s all there on camera that they were not. They were acting like a mob, and rioting and only went on the knee with hands up to look like they were being victimised… Poo ’em, these protesters give legitimate protest a bad name.

        1. Nigel

          Oh no, the protestors have lost Clampers, just as he was about to mount a crusade against racism and police brutality.

          1. Nigel

            Just that you were always looking for an excuse to favour the entrenched power structures over people trying to make a change, as you do with pretty much every issue of people vs money and power.

          2. Clampers Outside

            That’s just waffle, and pure bullpoo.

            Ra ism is wrong, rioting is wrong, what’s not to understand ya silly.

          3. italia'90

            Probably your finest Freudian slip there Megan

            That is 4d level serious shizzle :)

        2. Nigel

          Also, if they were rioting, why didn’t they, y’know, riot? Mobs don’t just switch it off and on like that. ‘Acting’ as if they were peacebly protesting is, in fact, peacebly protesting, and suggests that any missiles thrown were by isolated bad actors, (or by people who didn’t want to get trampled by a horse,) and that the majority of peaceful protestors managed to reassert control over things and prevent further trouble. A few missiles does not a riot make. But one incident can be blown completely out of proportion to invalidate an entire movement, and you lap it up like the good little puppy you are.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Mobs don’t switch it on and off like that…. But they did.
            They cheered when the officer came off the horse, the mob cheered, and on seeing the police coming, some of them turned to act like they were peaceful… it is all to see in the video.

          2. Nigel

            They reacted to a person having a big public accident. They could just as easily have been sympathetically wincing loudly as cheering. It’s simply not enough to condemn them as a ‘mob,’ unless you’re determined to interpret it that way. Subsequent lack of violence disproves the assertion that they were a rioting mob and shows that was an isolated incident being massively exploited to delgitimise the protests.

          3. Clampers Outside




            “sympathetically wincing loudly”

            … is the *funniest and dumbest claptrap I’ve ever heard from you.
            You are really reaching now to justify what happened.

            Please, I’m loving* this hilariously deluded explanation of the situation, and I can’t wait for more!

            (*loving and find funny, the deluded explanations, not the violence. Stating this now before Nigel suggests otherwise. )

          4. SOQ

            Nigel love, take from someone who was reared in the north- when people throw stones and bricks they are intent on doing harm. That is it- end of.

            So instead of trying to defend the indefensible answer this- where did they get the stones and bricks from?

        3. scottser

          Aren’t those crowd control officers on horseback trained to deal with this exact situation? And while horses can be jittery craytures at the best of times are they not also supposed to be well trained for this exact situation?
          Is this a failure of training? Because that officer shouldn’t be allowed such a position unless she’s fully in control of her horse.

          1. Cian

            Nice one scottser! You’ve moved it to victim blaming!

            The officer was at fault because she wasn’t in control of the horse.

    3. GiggidyGoo

      She did more than fall. The horse bolted under a road sign and the policewoman’s head hit it full on, and she fell off the horse over the rear. To cheers.

  8. fluffybiscuits

    Virtue signalling has been bandied about by social media types. Beyond doubt most of those who attended had the best of intentions and bar a couple of few fellow left figure heads most turned out to display their disgust of the treatment of African Americans by the establishment forces of the US. There was a black trans woman murdered too and lest we forget what happened in North Carolina too. Institutional racism is at the centre of a lot of issues pertaining to police brutality. In the US the stats for police brutality represents whites in roughly 50% of the cases but when you consider people of colour make up another huge percentage but are in the lowest percentiles of demographics for American populations , it is evident they are disproportionately targeted. The same goes for prison populations within the US

    Notwitstanding the march itself, the turn out for this was huge but a large proportion ignored social distancing. I am lead to understand from speaking to organisers that United Against Racism, PBP/SWP and the Unions all socially distanced but others (and I may be wrong ) may not have adhered and this means more than likely individuals who attended. Thats fine but natural selection will do its job on them and their family no doubt and punish the lack of common sense…unfortunately.

    I attended the funeral of my best friends dad last Thursday who lost his life to Covid. I am sitting here with the few vodkas on me (I dont even like vodka) watching eh silly rows break out. If you wanted to really show displeasure then I would have said have a socially distanced blockade of all the major roads. Have a few people chain themselves to the American Embassyt. Force Leo to criticise the Trump administration (he brought his fella Matt to meet Mike Pence when he was over to make a point, i would say he would not have an issue). Dipl;omacy, tact and a clever idea are a way of doing things, not a bunch of disenfranchised 20-40 somethings

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Ignorant insensitive march today. Shows a complete lack of empathy or respect for the families that have, are and now will, suffer more. Typical selfish behaviour .. it seems to be part of the human condition. When you think about it, the people marching today are no different to the racists they complain about. They have decided that they know the best answer and they have decided which people are more deserving than others.

  9. The Dude

    Meanwhile outside the GPO, there was also a protest today of individuals who had associated with the failed legal challenge against the Covid restrictions.

    Not to see them get publicity, but it is worth noting the BLM event did not have the monopoly on muppetry.

    Karma happens. How splendid it was to see costs awarded against the applicants in the Covid case – a mendacious, vexatious, and tedious outing if ever there was one.

    Remarkable to think that not so long ago, one of those applicants was held in reasonably high regard that a realistic bid at the presidency seemed plausible.

    Those involved with BLM would do well not to let their movement get further discredited.

  10. GiggidyGoo

    But no protests to highlight the killing, by stealth by the state and its servants, of hundreds of older people during this pandemic. No protests to highlight the deaths that occur at the hands of the State / HSE (you read about them weekly almost, when the HSE has to pay out).
    Irish lives obviously don’t matter.

  11. Kate

    John , a friend of mine some years ago was called as a potential juror in a murder trial. In the witness box he asked to be excused as”I know the murderer”. “Good God,” said the Judge “the man hasn’t been convicted . Excused”. Some light moments & laughter in court.
    Selecting a jury for US police officers is going to be more than difficult , you can’t be a juror with preconceived verdict.

  12. Ringsend Incinerator

    Cavistons Karen’s 5km jogging meetup outraged again I see. Go for a proper run.

    1. italia'90

      Airside Karen was outraged yesterday about the plebs not wearing masks in the queue outside B&Q, 2 metres apart, in the fresh friggin air!

      Can someone please break it t them that there will be no vaccine for at least 18 months and more likely 36 months, if at all

      The 2017/18 flu season data was recently updated and the CDC now estimates worldwide deaths to be between 350,000 and 650,000 and rising
      (95,000 in the US according to the CDC)

      Worldwide deaths associated with Covid-19* are estimated currently at 402,000 and rising

      Just for reference, Influenza A virus (H3N2) “Hong Kong Flu” started in 1968 and lasted until 1969-70. The virus responsible for the pandemic is believed to have evolved from the strain of influenza that caused the 1957 pandemic through “antigenic shift” — an abrupt, major change in the virus that results in new surface proteins, creating a virus sub-type that humans have little or no immunity to because the body doesn’t recognise its surface proteins.

      According to the CDC, approximately 1 million people around the world died from this pandemic, and 100,000 of those deaths occurred in the United States.

      *I’ll be down in Wicklow later and will drop in to Killincarrig and ask Simon the Hypocrite for a look at the data he has accumulated for Covid-1 thru 18

      1. Ringsend Incinerator

        Indeed. Like the risk of Obesity will become thing of the past shortly. It’s age and underlying causes that contributed to most deaths. Is there a vaccine for this age thing?

  13. f_lawless

    I think the whole thing is indicative of the age we live in where we increasingly adopt the collective behaviours of a globalised society under the influence of mass media trends. Increased exposure to this globalised society (where US culture predominates) , undermines our own distinctive sense of cultural identity.

    Where are the “Travellers Lives Matter” placards? Surely that should be a prominent feature of any protest seeking to confront endemic racism in Irish society.

    As quickly as these trends spread in the globalised society, so too do they pass as the collective attention moves on to the next piece of viral news. Call me cynical, but I have to wonder whether, in a few months from now, many of those protestors will still be actively campaigning against racism (or even giving much thought to it)

    1. SOQ

      I personally find it really strange the way we were in a lock down of fear because of a virus and then, all of a sudden- in about 48 hours- the entire emphasis changed to an incident in the US which is yet to be proved as having a racist motive.

      And when some people are challenged on this they alternate between it is one of many such incidents and its about general police brutality but nobody can explain why, here in Ireland, it is now all of of a sudden ok to break the law and put themselves, and others, at risk.

      It’s like a switch has been flipped.

      1. Cian

        It is probably a mix of things – but mostly that we are bored.
        Bored of COVID. Bored staying at home. Bored because there is no sport. Bored because we can’t see our mates. Bored because there is nothing to talk about. Bored of social media. The COVID numbers in Ireland are boring too… they are dropping down to such low levels that we want to know why we are still in lockdown.

        Suddenly there is something that isn’t COVID! That is interesting.

        I think a lot of the protesters are bored – and justify going out to the protest because it is a good cause. And can justify the risk (sure COVID is beaten) /reward (support a good cause AND be interesting).

  14. Lilly

    Also these ninnies banging on about white privilege seem to have no idea of its genesis in America with its history of slave trade and oppression that make it all but ridiculous in an Irish context.

    1. V'ness

      Not really
      The Paddys were no saints or innocent bystanders in the Slave Trade
      Or in the management, exploitation and use of slave labour

      1. Lilly

        In Ireland? If we count the Magdalen laundries, for sure. Also mixed race babies were singled out for extra special horrendous treatment.

      2. Clampers Outside

        There is not one single civilisation in the history of humanity that has not practiced slavery at some point in their history.

        It’s what was done to end it that counts, and what is done now to end it where it still exists. This is true today of white, black, Asian, and of any other distinction of race.

        1. SOQ

          They are still doing it in libya- not two hundred years ago but right now- and not a peep from anyone.

  15. NobleLocks

    All lives matter
    Floyd was murdered by a man he worked with
    Yes there is racism, from whites to blacks AND from blacks to whites
    Power held unchecked leads to bad results like police in the US
    The Left has gone completely bonkers and will eat itself (soon I hope)

    I am not guilty of the sins of my ancestors
    Irish people are not endemically racist (see whingy bull in the Irish Times today from “I hate all white men misandrist” Una bull-ally)
    No one has a right to come here and make demands. End direct provision, Bring in Points Based immigration and ensure assimilation not ghettoisation.

    The only time I have ever witnessed racism is when I was spat at and called “a white piece of shit” by a black man when I stopped him from beating up his white girlfriend. And yes I had to grab him and tell him I’d beat the ever living out of him if he laid another finger on her in order to get him to stop. There are two sides to EVERY coin.


    1. ReproBertie

      Remember when the Irish showed how accepting we are of all races by driving a mixed race couple out of the country for appearing in an ad for a supermarket?

      1. Lilly

        No one is denying that some Irish people are racist, but that doesn’t mean we can’t object to wannabe Valley girls and boys trying to super-impose American identity politics on us. We have no shortage of problems of our own if they’d like to log out of Instagram, roll up their sleeves and help.

        1. ReproBertie

          Nothing you say in any way relates to the post I was replying to which seeks to deny the BLM movement its legitimacy and indulge in a load of handwashing whataboutery.

          Racism is a problem in Ireland. Dismissing people highlighting it as “wannabe Valley girls and boys trying to super-impose American identity politics on us” might make you feel better but if you’re not part of the solution.

          1. Lilly

            Urging people to stop conflating our problem with America’s problem and to use language that is authentic, is being part of the solution IMO. But carry on with your handwringing.

          2. ReproBertie

            You think me pointing out racism in Ireland and supporting those who want to highlight it is handwringing?

          3. Lilly

            No, but your unease at the idea of limiting the parameters of racism in Ireland to Ireland is handwringing for sure.

          4. ReproBertie

            Wonderful, except that’s not what I’m doing at all. There are several banners calling for a end to direct provision visible in the photos above. That doesn’t square with your dig at “wannabe Valley girls and boys trying to super-impose American identity politics on us” and shows people doing exactly what you accuse them of not doing, i.e. logging out of Instagram, rolling up their sleeves and helping with our problems at home.

      2. NobleLocks

        I remember that. I find it interesting that there are still some people out there who believe twitter is a fair representation of what reality. When in reality twitter is a cesspit of hate where the difference between insane, beyond redemption radical left and Lynchmob right-wing nut is the human hair. The left have destroyed the center and I do lay that firmly at their feet.

        I do not deny that Racism exists, what I do is question the narrative that “it’s all the fault of white men”. That’s just lazy, hate-fill rhetoric from the fanatical Left. It’s easy to shout and easy to believe. The modern left have gone so far to the Left they are the new Right.

        Religious (islam is cool now!)
        Violent (antifa)
        HATE Free Speech
        Destroy the lives of all those who think differently
        De-platform those who express their different views

        These are the tactics of the modern Left. They are also the tactics of the Nazi’s in the 1930’s. I see no difference.

        1. ReproBertie

          ‘what I do is question the narrative that “it’s all the fault of white men”’

          And from your questioning of this narrative, whose fault is it? I’m guessing the Left’s but enlighten me.

          1. NobleLocks

            I think we are all responsible for the society in which we live.

            It is profound nonsense to state “it’s the white man” is as worthy of debate as stating that men can become women. Both are utter nonsense yet they are constantly repeated by their adhereants.

            And yes it is the hate-filled, so Left they’re Right, Radical Left who are inventing, repeating and supporting these lies. They’re doing the “if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth”, invented by Joseph Gobbels, another one of their Nazi influences.

          2. ReproBertie

            “I think we are all responsible for the society in which we live.”

            and you’ve decided to better than society by posting hate about the Left?

          3. Clampers Outside

            In fairness, he didn’t say anything hateful of the Left, but stated his belief in the tactics of the far-Left.

          4. ReproBertie

            Really Clampers? He didn’t say anything hateful of the Left?

            “The Left has gone completely bonkers and will eat itself (soon I hope)”
            “The left have destroyed the center”
            “These are the tactics of the modern Left. They are also the tactics of the Nazi’s in the 1930’s. I see no difference.”
            “the hate-filled, so Left they’re Right, Radical Left who are inventing, repeating and supporting these lies.”
            “Joseph Gobbels, another one of their Nazi influences.”

            My mistake, nothing but love there.

        2. millie von strumpet

          The absolute fallacy of you stating that you “find it interesting that there are still some people who believe twitter is a fair representation of what [is] reality” is absolutely hilarious, when here you are buying into exactly that, clearly full of righteous belief that there is a narrative that everyone (or ‘the Left’) is buying into; that the white man is to blame, that it truly is as binary and simplistic as that.

          Are you so sure you’re not buying into a narrative yourself?

  16. Sillysocks

    theyve nothing but contempt for most of those who were hibernating or cocooning. me feiners.

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