Jacks On The Green


This morning/afternoon.

Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.

Builders constructing toilets for public use outside the Stephen’s Green Shopping centre as businesses get ready to reopen for phase two on Monday.




21 thoughts on “Jacks On The Green

  1. Meg

    Why is it always bicycle parking that gets removed? All for public toilets but why can’t they move the bicycle parking instead of removing it all together

    1. Dr.Fart

      it hasnt been. cyclists are unreal. without even looking into it, jumping straight in with an imagined grievance.

    1. dav

      2nd floors in shopping centres aren’t open in phase 2 – the toilets are 2nd or 3rd floor

    1. Rob_G

      Yeah Frances – would you prefer it made out of marble with Doric columns at the entrance? Or would you prefer a functional building that can be erected and put into use quickly?

  2. Rosette of Sirius

    Probably staying the obvious here but a: I imagine they’re a temporary measure as b: apparently shops can’t or won’t be able to provide toilets to customers when they reopen. Heard something like that on the radio earlier.

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      Public toilets really should be a permanent fixture. It’s ridiculous that you have to go begging in a pub or a cafe if you need to use the loo while in town. Same goes for public drinking fountains. Bring back our public amenities!

      1. TypeONegative

        I was caught short once suddenly needing a number two on the way to meet a date in town. This was mid-day so wasn’t feeling brave enough to slip into a pub. Eventually I found my way down into the jacks in the basement of Trinity College Arts Block, inside the Nassau Street entrance, barely making it on time. Would recommend this spot to all; there was plenty of bog roll, quiet location with just a few tourists about and it was cleanly maintained.
        It really highlighted to me though how ridiculous it is that there are no public city managed bathrooms in Dublin. Most cities on the continent offer them, even if they’re the turnstiled kind.
        San Francisco, a city that felt like it was at war with its homeless, reminded me of Dublin a lot in regard to public toilets. There were none, I had to plan my poo breaks around the museums I was visiting – the Contemporary Jewish Museum had the best facilities by the way. Very polished and futuristic.

  3. Ringsend Incinerator

    Very convenient. I blame Johnny Ronan. It’s going to be the new Slack Jacks/HQ in EMEA.

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