Can You Help James?


From top: Mary Hutchison and Joe Donohue; James Bentley (right)

This afternoon.

James Bentley writes:

I guess as a form of collecting information and really talking about my family’s roots (Irish Traveller and Romany Gypsy) I made a Twitter thread talking about my nan (Mary Hutchison) and my grandfather (Joe Donohue).

I was just wandering if your readers have any information about the family itself and relations that I haven’t talked about. It’s hard to pick up information as so many of my family members have passed away and many have changed their names to get away from discrimination. Thank you.


Thanks James

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10 thoughts on “Can You Help James?

  1. Lilly

    English writer, Louise Doughty, is a descendant of Romany gypsies. She’s on Twitter @DoughtyLouise. I’d say she had to research her family ancestry to write Fires in the Dark so she might be able to help.

  2. Dr.Fart

    i must admit i have been prejudice about travellers. my outlook was shaped by experiences in the past, but i am far more open minded in my middle age, and am open to learning more and having my prejudice overturned. Even at that, im still a bit “well prove me wrong” on the matter, but i know that can only be ignorant, as I’ve argued against the castigating of entire groups of people before, so I know I must be wrong.

    I suppose I’m trying to say, that I’m looking for help in defeating my prejudice. I don’t hold it for any other group, and i don’t want it. But it’s not as simple as burning it.

        1. millie von strumpet

          We’ve had our disagreements but credit where credit is due. I thought your comment was very thoughtful and insightful. No sarcasm here (for a change) ;)

    1. scottser

      well, aside from teenagers, the unemployed, country people and women you’re doing ok there bud.

      1. Dr.Fart

        i’ve no beef with any of those demographics, apart from teenagers. and theyre hardly a minority. I certainly don’t hold prejudice towards unemployed, country people, or women.

        I think I’m being quite forthright about my prejudice, and I’ve identified it and am seeking help, but I’m just being met with disdain.

  3. Gabby

    I think I may have met one or two people from Ballymagash or Kiltimagh and didn’t hold their origins against them.

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