There’s Nothing For You Here


This afternoon.

More as they cancel it.

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  1. George

    Papa Lazarou really blackface? The character is a strange circus owner and is clearly supposed to be wearing facepaint and there is no makeup on the hands or neck. It is not a portrayal of a black person.

    edit: the actor who played the part says the same thing. It was supposed to be a creepier version of clown make up.

  2. gallantman

    This is getting silly.

    I demand Fawlty Towers be removed because of the portrayal of O’Reilly the builder. Oi do Mr Fawlty oi do, oi do!!

    1. The Old Boy

      I think the Major’s anecdote about taking a young lady to an England v India test match usually gets redacted these days.

  3. Gay Fawkes

    Just off hand, The Pink Panther offends French people, Father Ted offends devout Catholics, as does Minty Python, The Royle Family occasionally offends gay people, Little Britain offends every minority…. Let’s just ban TV to prevent all those sensitive souls flinching. I am a liberal leftie but the liberals of today aren’t very liberal. Inciting hate is a crime, offending someone is not.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Don’t forget…

      Tropic Thunder

      White Chicks

      LOL… Sure throw in White Men Can’t Jump as well :)

    2. newsjustin

      Not to speak for anyone else, especially people who’ve had a much worse deal, historically, than me, but it seems to me that things can only offend you if you allow yourself to be offended. Or decide to be offended.

      However, things (like statues and TV shows) can, indeed, be used as a means to keep people oppressed, in “their place”, or try to remind them that “they” lost and “we” won.

      It’s a fine line between the two.

      1. Captain Pants

        The people ‘beiing offended’ (not that they really are) by this stuff, are mostly upper middle class white people.

  4. Nullzero

    Ban everything. The lunatics have taken over the asylum, we’re all massive racists.
    A woke bonfire of the vanities.

    1. Al Jolson

      Calling Nigel, calling Nigel.
      This thread is not complete without some of your fatuous virtue-signalling.

      1. Nullzero

        Ha ha, I didn’t want to invoke him myself. He’s like a SJW Beetlejuice, once you unleash him you’re in trouble.

        1. realPolithicks

          I’d sooner read Nigels comments than the inane bs people like you two offer up.

      2. Nigel

        Since you said my name into the mirror three times, and my hook’s off being cleaned –

        This is Netflix, a private corporation, deciding what to show on their schedules. Nothing was banned. Nothing was censored, and it’s probably being done in lieu of something meaningful like examning hiring and commissioning practices. But OH MY GLOB THE LIBERALS ARE COMIN FOR YER BOX SETS

        1. Nullzero

          We’re just relieved you’re OK Nigel. We got worried when you didn’t turn up immediately.

  5. V'ness

    more outrage
    for the sake of being outraged

    this is a Karen Maria Virus that’s spreading and more virulent that Covid

  6. Friscondo

    I think it’s been made quite clear at this stage that black people find blackface, and any allusions to it deeply offensive. What these shows illustrate is a weird British exceptionalism that when it’s done by “edgy” performers, they get a by because they do not see themselves as racist and they, arrogantly, are the final final arbiters on this because of “artistic licence.” If people can’t see this, then they have some self examination to do. White people don’t get to adjudicate what black people find racist just because of their own personal preferences and misguided assumptions about their own judgement on the issue. There is a lot more of this to come. White people live in their own white world with all the benefits that accrue from that. Sometimes we just don’t see what others do. As for O’Reilly, it was never funny, just lazy writing.

    1. George

      Except that the character in the League of Gentlemen is not supposed to be either a black person or someone dressed as a black person.

    2. Liam

      LoG – Lazarou is clearly meant to be ridiculous and not actually black, nonetheless it’s using the style of a B&W minstrel. I was really surprised they re-included the character when they revived the show a couple of years ago.

      Mighty Boosh: difficult to defend, Fielding’s dressed up as a black guy for laughs.

      Fawlty Towers – the major is meant to be a throwback racist, even Basil is taken aback by what he says, they could just bleep the word itself. More offensive is the abuse of Manuel for being Spanish (dago nitwit etc) which always gets a big laugh from the audience.

      1. sidhe

        julian barrett did too in another episode of the might boosh, if I remember correctly, again for laughs

        your points re faulty towers are bang on the money too

  7. Clampers Outside

    Funny thing is that this type of offence-censorship, or should it be “offencorship” was predicted only a year or two ago.


          1. Boj

            Meh, they were only ok. Are we allowed to say Fat Frogs anymore…that’s a twofer on the offendometer.

    1. george

      Nice try, but the Minstrels haven’t been used for years of course as they are completely inappropriate.

  8. Tirtle

    Why should black comedians that use the n word get away with it

    Let’s just ban comedy for the snow flakes of all colors

    Even better ban mrs browns boys for taking the piss out of transgendered

  9. V'ness

    Whatever happened to
    If you don’t like it -don’t watch it
    If it offends – avoid

    have people forgotten how the remote control works

  10. Junkface

    This is beyond ridiculous now. Bloody Puritans are hysterical. None of these comedies should be banned.

    1. ReproBertie

      None of these comedies have been “banned”. They were removed from online platforms but that’s not the same thing.

      Personally I can understand the blackface issues but the rest seems a huge over-reaction to something nobody is calling for.

  11. Junkface

    They will end up banning Father Ted because of the Euro song episode.

    You’re all sinners! No fun for you! The Puritans have spoken. This will hand power over to Right Wing politicians like Trump and Bolsanaro. There will be a backlash

    1. Nigel

      A corporation taking some shows off their schedule will send you running to Trump and Bolsanaro? Is that all it took? Really?

  12. Matt Pilates

    In fairness, they should have banned both shows well before now on grounds that neither were funny. No loss.

    1. SOQ

      I have a friend who was a black baby- she ended up in north Antrim God love her.

      Also turned out to be a lesbian if life didn’t throw enough curve balls.

      Anyways- lets ban all Micheal Jackson music- he was clearly guilty of blackface.

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