A Plan Comes Together


Excerpts From the Programme for Government published this afternoon

‘Red On Green’ writes:

Surprised to see Eamon Ryan has no issue with the National Broadband Plan, according to the draft programme for government. Green members must see this is a very questionable deal at best, not least because it once again rewards Denis O’Brien with a state contract….

Programme for Government

Previoulsy: The Plan: Save Denis

National Broadband Plan


16 thoughts on “A Plan Comes Together

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Pleased to see that MetroLink is not to be shelved under the new program for gov.
      (likely, Musk will have an actual transport link to the stars before NTA deliver *that* project)

  1. Rob_G

    The Greens are not especially popular among rural voters, so I’m sure that they are only too delighted to throw themselves behind the NBP (which, while I must admit not being in favour of it myself initially, seems like better and better value for money, given the whole COVID thing).

    You have to realise that outside Broadsheet and certain corners of Twitter, most voters are merely ambivalent to D’OB (if he is given any consideration at all in the first place).

  2. ReproBertie

    These crazy transparent digs at the Green membership from all parts in an attempt to derail the government before it begins are getting more obscure.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      I have it from the horses mouth, so to say, that a lot of newbies joined the greens in the last year and that they are not one bit impressed about where this is heading. Eamon Ryan has a mountain to climb. (He might even meet Michilin on the way down).
      (The ‘horse’ is actually a family member who joined them during the year – I have provided accommodation for him in my stable)
      Plus the younger people are well educated in matters DOB.

  3. bs

    ah the greens, once he gets some more motor tax and carbon tax rises in, with no increase in rural public transport for people who need cars…

    1. ReproBertie

      From the PfG linked above:
      ● Develop and implement a sustainable rural mobility plan. This will introduce a public transport service standard under which all settlements over a certain size in terms of population, combined with employment or education places, will have a service connecting them to the national public transport system. Local Link will play a key role in this development. This service standard will be informed by the Connected Ireland research being carried out by the NTA.
      ● Within 12 months conduct a review of the operation and funding of the Local Link service with a view to protecting their existing services and exploring the opportunity to significantly increase their impact on the communities they serve.
      ● Prioritise public transport projects that enhance regional and rural connectivity, in line with the National Planning Framework, for additional funding in the lifetime of a reviewed and extended National Development Plan

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Repro – would you have a look at what you’ve written. There’s not one item in there that has been costed, or that has any plan in place.
        In other words – it’s all aspirational.
        ‘Develop a plan’ ?
        ‘Conduct a review’ ?
        Prioritise ?

        No figures.

        A Load of b….ollogy – and that is what Ryan is agreeing to?

        1. ReproBertie

          I didn’t write that. I quoted the PfG, as agreed by the negotiators and party leaders, where it pertains to rural public transport. The simple reality is that all PfGs are aspirational and are beholden to economic realities.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            We agree on something anyway.
            It’s 130 days into this, and I would have expected some meat to be on the bones of items in the PfG. There isn’t. It’s just a thrown together list that someone can waffle about. None of it is reality, apart from the push to fill DOBs pockets once again with mine and yours money. A matter of urgency actually, given his woes.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            (i know it wasn’t your words, but you have them in your post – just drawing your attention to them)

      2. scottser

        And who’s going to get the contract at hugely inflated cost?

  4. george

    Does anybody actually think it makes sense for the Greens to request the scrapping of the national broadband plan at this point or to refuse to go into government because the others won’t scrap it? A bonkers suggestion. The NBP supports a number of green objectives including reducing commuting, using green tech in farming, and reducing the reliance on cattle for rural employment.

  5. Joe

    The un-costed, joke aspirational PFG is pure Green hog wash to rope the incredibly gullible Green party membership into giving their blessing to their chief hypocrite Eamon Ryan to allow the Green Party to restore corrupt business as usual for FFG. The PFG would be laughable if it was not so dangerous to the environment and ordinary decent tax payers pockets. I do hope the Green Party membership realise they are being screwed over by FFG and have an ounce of moral fibre in them to reject it.

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