18 thoughts on “‘Plague Levels’

  1. I hate dog crap

    Ennis town is all I have experience of. I am a carer for people with special needs. I have seen people in my care slip and fall on dog crap, regularly walk in it, bring it into the house. As a carer, heading out for a walk can be challenging enough with traffic, social distancing, pedestrians etc…. but trying to negotiate the dog crap is the hardest of all. Insanely frustrating. This is not new in Covid times but has increased from an already dire level. ENNIS COUNTY COUNCIL sort youR POO OUT!

    1. jamesjoist

      I blame the infantile expression Poo , it seems to take the harm out of what it dirty filthy excrement. The word is ubiquitous on tv , radio and in the printed media . I have never heard anyone who were unfortunate enough to tread in it to say ” O dear , I seem to have stepped in some soft dog poo”. They’re more likely to shout ” effing dogsh*t* , it’s all over this poxy town .As well as it being more noticeable than litter on some streets, it also carries some extremely dangerous parasites . I think those elusive dog wardens should carry shotguns to kill off pests who sh*t with abandon throughout the towns and suburbs of Ireland .

      1. I hate dog crap

        I used the spelling s h 1 t. And the powers that be on here changed it to pop. even though I didn’t even use the shhhttt word spelt correctly. FFS!

      1. Paulus

        That’s your NMA* used for this week Bodger.
        (And so early in the week too).

        *Northside Mistake Allowance

  2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Don’t understand the Corpo who put so much effort into maintaining parks and installing expensive play-furniture, only to allow them be used as toilets.

  3. Dr.Fart

    you’ve as much chance as you do getting people to all wear masks. changing collective pscye is very difficult.

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      25,303 cases of C19.
      The entire adult population has been smeared with feces at some point and should get it

  4. thefatlad

    Its normally kept very clean but obviously due to Covid, the parks service hasn’t been in as much.

    This doesn’t excuse it mind. The problem wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for tools not cleaning up after their dogs

  5. Clampers Outside

    As a pram pusher for a little over a year now, I concur….
    Little pups!
    * shakes fist *
    Wash my wheels beeeeeatch!

  6. Joxer

    …or the owners who bag the mess and then throw the bags to hang on bushes and railings…

    1. Vanessanelle

      That drives me crazy as well
      But Dublin City Council could do two things to immediately reduce that straight away
      More bins
      And more emptying

      I can point to a dedicated doggy bin that has numerous signs in its vicinity showing doggie walkers where it is, and the penalties for not picking up and disposing appropriately,
      Yet is only emptied and attended to once a week
      Its like a toxic dump

      I can also point to a park with no bin inside it’s perimeter
      Both in Dublin 12 and surrounded by a substantial residential population

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