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  1. class wario

    Remember: A vote for FG/FF is a vote for insurmountable barriers to housing, healthcare and prosperity.

  2. Clampers Outside

    I had a good chuckle when Mary Lou made her announcement on social media last night that “the people’s” choice was not being met.

    I guess, I hadn’t realised that 25% of the vote was enough to count as all of “the people”.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Chuckle ar la?

      Did she say that?

      I think she said that it wasn’t the ‘change that people voted for’. The level of support that SF got in the election tells its own story. Double-quotas on first count etc. Taoiseach and potential Half-Taoiseach didn’t get elected until 5th and 6th counts.

      But anyway – if someone voted for FF they weren’t voting for them having relations with FG, and vice-versa. So your point is moot.

      1. newsjustin

        It’s a side issue, but the fact that SF judged it so badly wrong with their number of candidates, their vote management, doesn’t fill me with confidence about their ability to manage anything else.

    2. scottser

      that’s our unique irish democracy for ya clamps – all the losers can get together and form a government.

  3. Vanessanelle

    economic ……….. eh … downfall of the last few weeks

    First – downfall is soapy lathered up speak for Armageddon for 25% of the working population. And I’m being overly prudent with 25% since we won’t know the true and full measure of the impact for at least two years

    Secondly, coming up on 20 weeks and still climbing does not deserve to be classed as a few weeks

    I don’t care how thick this TD is
    Or his capacity for facts, or for interpenetrating the impact, or indeed policy – of any kind or topic
    I care that he is being allowed broadcast his complete ignorance without there being some form of disclaimer

    It’s up to his Constitutents to deal with everything else

    Feicin’ raging
    Incidentally for the Fine Gael enthusiasts here
    According to Leo’s own doctrine, about 30k and up being considered as Middle Class income

    Making Affordable for a single home buyer around 110 ish k plus deposit and savings

    And I am qualified to speak on this
    Affordable should be the established Industrial Wage X 4 + .5 of a 2nd income

    But if all parties in the new Dáil were actually serious about an environment for affordable Housing
    And affordable residential tenanted accommodation
    The answer is Cooperative Housing Schemes

    But shur’ none of them want that
    Sinn Féin are no different there

    1. Cian

      Well said.

      FWIW a 25year €110K mortgage has repayment of about €500 month.

      Image what could happen to the country if all the money that is currently lost on crazy rent/mortgages was freed up?

  4. SOQ

    Pierce is right of course- €350k is not affordable. We have already seen what can be done with the CoVid-19 payments so- where there is a will there is a way.

    One thing I have wondered is- will this financial shock throw the housing market into a price fall? If so will that then affect the amount of new houses to be built?

    1. Col

      If prices come down, there will be fewer units built (for consumer sale anyway), which will reduce supply and keep prices high. Also, a lot of people will hold on on downsizing or selling probate properties if prices drop.
      The housing market is a mess in this country.

    2. goldenbrown

      nope because the incoming administration will do whatever it takes (that might be nothing actually) to maintain the status quo. FFG is the party of status quo, by definition that’s the whole rationale of a Conservative government. high prices keep their customers the property circus and banks happy (for a good indicator you just have to look at how their stock prices TANKED the day after election 2020 but over the last couple of days especially as news of the status quo being successfully maintained becomes clarified they have SOARED)

      the poorer rabble who can’t gain access to housing are just noise, so it has effectively proven on this occasion as SF missed a major opportunity in their candidate management, the only reason this stalemate exists

      if you can take your mind off the nice weather for a minute consider the fact that as a country we are now in a far farrrrr worse place than we were in February. plus Brexit.

      there’s very rough water ahead and I’m very confident I will be voting again before end 2021

    1. Vanessanelle

      And from a Constituency (DubSC) that didn’t return either a FF or an FG candidate

      (SF, PbP, Green 1st time outer amd whatever Joan Collins is these days btw)

      That’s Senator Catherine Ardagh there on his shoulder btw

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