What Have You Done?


Last night.

The Convention Centre, Dublin.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheal Martin speaks to the press (pic 2) following a parliamentary party meeting to discuss the programme for government with coalition critics Eamon Ó Cúiv, Grandson of Eamon De Valera, (above and top right ) and John McGuinness (top left) looking on.

Seemed to go well.


Mr Ó Cuiv said he seriously fears for the future of Fianna Fáil if the party goes into government with Fine Gael.

While he said he will support leader Micheál Martin in a vote for taoiseach, he said he fears the proposed coalition will result in the demise of his party.

He said the commentary about a re-alignment in Irish politics is false and talk of the “big split” being over is wrong saying: “I reckon the way we are going there will again be two big parties in the future but one of them will not be Fianna Fáil’.

He said there was a choice for the party as to whether it would “go with Fine Gael or go with Sinn Féin or put a national government in place” [post-Covid] and the party has decided to go with Fine Gael.

Ó Cúiv urges rejection of Fianna Fáil-Fine Gael-Green coalition (Independent)

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7 thoughts on “What Have You Done?

  1. Vanessanelle

    O’Cuiv and McGuinness will be very quick to take the soup if a Ministry is put in front of them – total gowls, and catty has-beings; One an old crank who thinks Ireland was at its best in 1940
    The other is a blow-hard with unreliable followers and a set up run by family, making their livelihood the fortunes of a back bench TD

    So you can expect them to be rowdy discontents in the outer reaches of the Dáil chamber’s backbenches, looking at the back of the heads of the new Government,
    which whatever way they spread it, will still include Leo, and the Two Simons, and Paschal.

    Their former VOTE NOer Anne Rabbitte will be swanning around with her own driver soon enough, and will be too busy for them
    The pair of them will be greener than the Greens, especially Anne Marie Martin if she gets both a Ministry (I’m thinking Ed btw) and her party Leadership

    The pair of them will have to do something to make the next few years – while they look on at new younger TDs are being groomed for the Ministerial careers they always felt they were entitled to

    They’ll be in Sinn Féin by Christmas
    Definitely one of them anyway
    the other might chance his arm as an Indo – he’s that fulla himself he’d prefer that than a party led by a Younger Woman

    McGuinness is a wind bag, and still can’t come to terms he hasn’t been Minister for Ag, Minster for Health, Minister For Finance, Minister for Ed, Minister for Justice, or that Micheal Clifford didn’t write a book about him.

    And Dev Og still thinks he should be in the Áras,

  2. Truth in the News

    Fianna Fail are dead and gone and Martin has supped the soup….what was the
    Civil War about

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