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Last night.

The Convention Centre, Dublin.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheal Martin speaks to the press (pic 2) following a parliamentary party meeting to discuss the programme for government with coalition critics Eamon Ó Cúiv, Grandson of Eamon De Valera, (above and top right ) and John McGuinness (top left) looking on.

Seemed to go well.


Mr Ó Cuiv said he seriously fears for the future of Fianna Fáil if the party goes into government with Fine Gael.

While he said he will support leader Micheál Martin in a vote for taoiseach, he said he fears the proposed coalition will result in the demise of his party.

He said the commentary about a re-alignment in Irish politics is false and talk of the “big split” being over is wrong saying: “I reckon the way we are going there will again be two big parties in the future but one of them will not be Fianna Fáil’.

He said there was a choice for the party as to whether it would “go with Fine Gael or go with Sinn Féin or put a national government in place” [post-Covid] and the party has decided to go with Fine Gael.

Ó Cúiv urges rejection of Fianna Fáil-Fine Gael-Green coalition (Independent)

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“As a result of my decision I will, therefore, not be making any further pronouncements in the media on the referendum nor taking part in any further media debate as per the instruction of the leadership of the party.”

Right so. Starting now?

He expressed concern about the direction being taken by the EU. While the euro had “conceptual merits”, the decision to join what he described as a “badly designed and poorly constructed” monetary union had cost Ireland dearly.

How about now?

Mr Ó Cuív claimed larger member states had moved into a position where they could dictate policy, “and that a nation’s influence in the European Union is now in direct proportion to the size of its economy”.

Oh forget it.

Ó Cuív opts to stay in FF in spite of treaty views (Irish Times)

(Photocall Ireland)

FORMER FIANNA Fáil deputy leader Éamon O Cuív has accused the party leadership of attempting to force him out of the party.

An infuriated Mr O Cuív told The Irish Times last night that a letter he received from Fianna Fáil whip, Seán Ó Fearghail had left him with a stark choice.

The Galway West TD and former government minister said he had a “monumental decision” to make by today about whether to remain in the party.

No Treaty. The grandfather would be proud.

Ó Cuív Accuses FF Leadership Of Trying To Force Him Out (Maire O’Halloran and Stephen Collins, Irish Times)