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  1. GiggidyGoo

    Blueprint for Mental Health – no costings or no staffing requirement indication.
    Thanks Blueshirts !

    Just another normal day at the office.

  2. Vanessanelle

    Deepest and most sincerest condolences Emma
    You’ve lost your biggest love, and so young,
    Nothing will ever take that pain away

    RIP Amy English
    and your fellow passenger
    Deepest condolences to his family

  3. Johnny

    NYT on England.
    England’s ‘World Beating’ System to Track the Virus Is Anything But

    “It’s a total shambles,” said Ben Bradshaw, an opposition Labour lawmaker, who has spoken to government officials about contact tracing.

    “Everyone has accepted all the way through this crisis that the countries that have dealt with it best have always had effective track and trace systems in place, and that any country wishing to emerge from lockdown and live with this virus for the foreseeable future will need an effective track and trace system,” he said. “Yet, the history of this in Britain is a catalog of disasters.”


    1. Charger Salmons

      ICI 7/10.
      The New York Times ?
      *** sniggers ***
      Ben Bradshaw ? He’s not even on Starmer’s front bench.
      ***fnarr fnarr ***

      1. Johnny

        ….any sign that over hyped smartphone app?

        “The troubled rollout bears the hallmarks of Britain’s disastrous efforts to respond to the coronavirus: haphazard data, an emphasis on political theater and a heavy dependence on the private sector. With deaths nearing 50,000, Britain sits alongside the United States and Brazil among the countries suffering the greatest blows from the coronavirus.”

        Without effective contract tracing The WHO is recommending NOT reopening!

          1. Johnny

            Oh Ireland will be just fine,sound fundamentals,one the many yank companies which has its EU headquarters in Dublin employing thousands in high paying tech jobs will roll one out or do a JV with the Irish govt-who you got working on it:)

            Google has been beta testing one here in SF-their EU headquarters are in….

            Meanwhile Dads Army in England will bootstrap something by year end,not this year mind you…

  4. Johnny

    Various studies and investigations in NY/NJ have found that care/nursing homes with no inspections prior to accepting COVID patients,no ongoing inspections and no visitors, led to disastrous outcomes for patients, thats a nice way of saying horrific deaths and substandard care.

    The Irish health ‘model’ of no inspections no visitors to keep an eye on staff and patients resulted in this…

    “A director of nursing at one care home who was out sick with Covid-19 symptoms, copied the Taoiseach on an email sent to regulator Hiqa, Nursing Homes Ireland and the HSE seeking urgent help and said that Covid-19 outbreaks in nursing homes were “becoming a humanitarian crisis”.

    “Staff are working long hours and will reach burnout very soon if help is not forthcoming,” the director of nursing said, complaining that the home was “getting little help from all the agencies including Hiqa, NHI and the HSE”.

    “Our elderly residents deserve better.”


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