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  1. Charger Salmons

    Congratulations on Ireland securing a temporary seat on the UN Security Council.
    But I wonder which causes this country will choose to pursue ? Palestinian rights ? Probably.
    Perhaps Ireland could have a word with Hamas on the recent rocket attack on Israel, or using building materials to construct bunkers and tunnels instead homes, schools and hospitals.
    But I wonder if there’ll be anything on behalf of Hong Kongers or the million Muslim men held in concentration camps in western China.
    Or would that be too bad for business ? Ireland has been strangely quiet about this.

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        It is of course but there’s all that lovely lucrative arms trade to be protected so they’ll stay schtum. How many Palestinian children has British made weapons killed I wonder?

        1. scottser

          or indeed how many yemeni civilians are killed each year by the tans’ unlawful supply of weapons to the saudis?
          Hypocrisy Quotient 9

    1. goldenbrown

      UN? we won a seat to attend a talking shop, big yaaay. hardly a surprise as they even got a free U2 gig thrown in. it’s as much of a game changer as getting past the semi-finals of the Eurovision :) :) so meh. who cares one way or the other?

      I would have thought your best of British engineering failed Covid-19 tracing app would be a far more relevant subjectmatter for discussion in your household


      1. Charger Salmons

        ICI 6/10
        A good attempt to address the original post but then failed to resist temptation to slide into a rant about the UK’s Covid app.
        Less golden brown and more deep embarrassing red.
        A valiant effort let down by using The Guardian as a source.
        And no mention of Ireland’s Covid-19 app which was due online in April.
        More work needed by this poster.

        1. goldenbrown

          I love how you believe you’re the judge of me lol

          what else do you do to entertain yourself? (I think I can guess ;) )

          a genuinely weird 10/10 from me

        2. scottser

          says the guy who avoids debate by pointing out spelling or grammar mistakes.
          HQ hitting a 7 there.

    2. Johnny

      -everything you ever wanted know about Ireland and the UN Security Council but are just too…..
      -the job application here keys word are-


      Prestige,bragging rights,a seat at the table.,.,.


      Now about that app. what happened Dads Army not up for it, if you ask nicely maybe one the many American high tech companies headquartered in Ireland can help, oh looks like you already did:)

      1. Charger Salmons

        ICI 10/10
        The fact that Apple and Google have their European headquarters in Ireland somehow makes this app, developed in Silicon Valley, an Irish venture which gives this country bragging rights over the UK scores full points on today’s index.
        A veritable collector’s item on the ICI.
        This could even be the first entry in the special Looney Tunes category I’m currently developing for an online forum headquarted in Ireland.

        1. Johnny

          ..still im looking forward to the customer service part-all right love:)

          -whats that sound oh just another U turn….

          1. Johnny

            -I admire always did certain elements of English life-mostly the county and the tailoring.
            -like I’ve said before its in Ireland’s best interest to have a strong, vibrant healthy thriving neighbor,instead what we have now…..
            -its not fun having the best house on the street and the whole hood is going downhill,can you guys get it together soon, please:)

    3. Harry Robertson

      Maybe the 193 nations could first discuss the veto powers of the permanent 5 members. Then we might see some proper work done at the UN.

      UK and the other 4 are happy to use their power of veto when it suits them.

  2. SOQ

    Swing Low Swing Chariot to be banned so.

    Pretty sure there will come a point where the public’s perception flips from appeasing BLM demands to an outright assault on England’s History. Nationalism was already on the rise and the longer this continues, the faster nationalism will crystallize into a new political party,

    I do wonder what it is all meant to achieve. Is the removal of statues and songs really going to improve the lot of black people? I wouldn’t be surprised if the monthly figures show a rise in racists attacked in which case- what has really been achieved?

    Can someone point me to a few people who are articulating what BLM demands actually are please?

    1. Charger Salmons

      ICI 9/10
      Not a mention of the UN Security Council, the subject of the original post, but a rant on the England rugby anthem and BLM.
      That’s the great thing about this new index.The usual suspects fighting hard to top it and missing the point altogether.

    2. Junkface

      This is all going to strengthen the hard right if it continues this way. They are making a huge mistake with this Puritan revisionism.

        1. Nigel

          The upshot being BLM are not demanding this, just as they didn’t demand an episode of Fawlty Towers be taken off the air or the Churchill statue be covered up, but everyone wants to get mad about those things rather than address structural reforms of racist institutions.

          1. SOQ

            No they didn’t want Churchill covered up- they just wanted to deface him more and probably pull him down?

          2. Nigel

            They did deface him, far from the first time it’s happened, and it was easily removed. Nobody called for it to be pulled down. Is it really BLM who are strengthening the hard-right or is it ignorant knee-jerk hysterics like yoursef?

          3. SOQ

            Ah come on Nigel- last weekend there was a far right counter protest but it wasn’t just far right despite what the media say. There was a lot of ex army men and if the ex were there you can be certain what the severing think too.

            All I am saying is that this anger needs to channeled with proper leadership- I can’t name one BLM UK spokesman or woman- can you?

          4. Nigel

            The thing I get from this is you thnk members of the British army can’t be far-right? Who the heck other than the far right would want to be associated with an anti-anti-racist protest?

    3. Janet, dreams of spidercrab

      Another way to dilute the actual message. [slaps forehead].

      A song written by a slave singing about freedom, first sung for English rugby in honour of a brown man, popularised by singing it for another – surely to be encouraged for people to sing it and learn about its roots?

        1. Charger Salmons

          What could be more racist than singing a song written by a freed slave about the success of the operation to free them?

          English rugby fans should just hold 80 minutes of silence, like they do in Ireland when the rugby world cup is on ….

          Wahaay !

  3. Murtles

    We’re paying €800,000 over the next 2 years to be on the security council? To do what though, sit and listen to the big boys? It’s like buying the most expensive tickets to Disneyworld and then say your afraid of rollercoasters.

    1. Clampers Outside

      More like paying for the ticket and then told you’re not tall enough to ride :)

    2. bisted

      …despite all the platitudes, the only function appears to be making up the numbers as another zionist stooge…the Occupied Territory Bill passed all its stages in the Dail and Seannad but was stopped by FG…it’s implementation was part of the manifestos of the FFers and greens but was dropped from the programme for government…so much for democracy…

    3. goldenbrown

      €800k will cover the Canapés and Ferrero Rocher

      to that you’ll need to add another couple of €€Mil for the various promo wining and dining it took to join this fine diplomatic club, the Brownstone on Upper West Side with various staff including housekeeper, driver, the black luxobarge, personal business assistants, Louis Copeland, 1st class travel, unvouched expenses…oh yeah and the basic wage of course :) for whatever learned FG/DOB crony gets the phat gig

      1. Johnny

        …we already own brownstone on the upper east side-cmon lads I enjoy a good dinner party, you don’t seriously begrudge me that….

      2. Johnny

        You have decide who you want Ireland to be, whats your vision, mine is we have a seat at every top table, this is a top table.

        1. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

          I find the whole concept of top tables on the world stage vile, humans and their outdated willy waving BS

          1. Johnny

            Janet the whole thing is actually quite hideous and yes the people are awful,all very fake, the false bonhomie,oh hi how are you…great see you,very LA.

            However,its what we have now,I believe Ireland has to steal the UK’s old saying a once in a generation opportunity to punch above its weight on a global stage.

            We should size it and yes hopefully do some good.

            Or we can stand outside looking in, the top table meets and will continue to,should we have a seat…-im my opinion yes-the UK is imploding, fill the space left by them.

          2. Vanessanelle

            Every organisation
            no matter its structure or legal identity
            or size or activity
            or purpose

            has to have strategic leadership and governance

            otherwise it will eat itself
            and eventually cease to exist

            Or stray so far away from its original reason to exist, it becomes unrecognisable

  4. Johnny

    Dylan’s new album dropped last night and has been receiving rave reviews, its really good.

    LA Times Review/NYT is similar and it got the full New Yorker.

    “False Prophet” and “Goodbye Jimmy Reed” are gloriously scuzzy roadhouse stomps; “My Own Version of You” and “Crossing the Rubicon” creep along on grooves you can smell. And though Dylan spends most of the album moaning and croaking in a mock-villainous mode, a couple of cuts are almost staggeringly pretty, not least “I’ve Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You,” which couldn’t come closer to embodying the scene he sets at the top of the song: “I’m sitting on my terrace, lost in the stars / Listening to the sounds of the sad guitars.”


    Dylans noble prize writing is just wow….a modern American masterpiece.

    All through the summers into January
    I’ve been visiting morgues and monasteries
    Looking for the necessary body parts
    Limbs and livers and brains and hearts

    False Prophet here-a dirty smokey violent song, America right now.


  5. Charger Salmons

    Okay, this might just qualify as a reverse ferret on the ICI on my part but it seems Big Phil Hogan is not the only loathsome politician who went on to gorge his snout in the EU trough who is going for the WTO top job.
    Labour slimeball Peter Mandleson is also pitching for Director-General’s job.

  6. Nigel

    Ian Holm has died.
    As has Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
    In better news, Malala just graduated from Oxford.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Speaking of which Chariots of Fire, in which Ian Holm appeared, is the reason why Swing Low, Sweet Chariot became the unofficial English rugby anthem.
      Martin Offiah became a firm favourite with England’s rugby league fans for his speedy exploits on the wing earning him the nickame Chariots Offiah.
      Hence Swing Low,Sweet Chariot started to be sung at games.
      This followed him when he made his switch to rugby union.
      Great news about Malala as well.Wonderful story of achievement.

    1. SOQ

      Can’t find the link right now but a study from Oxford uni has also been discredited because they did not use it in conjunction with Zinc- the whole thing stinks to the high heavens.

    1. SOQ

      1.3 million followers? Streisand goes mainstream.

      Pretty sure that was the plan all along.

      1. SOQ

        1.1 million sorry. The woman grew her base during the lock down- nothing to do with her politics- just some very inspirational tweets.

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