Behold: the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 – or rather, a highly customised version of same by Italian fabricators GDesign.

Stretched, reinforced and tricked out with mag wheels and knobbly tyres, the iconic 1930s bike (still in production today) has been exquisitely decorated with custom-etched velocity stacks, a bespoke tank, upgraded instrumentation and a host of brass plates, badges and panels.

A work of custom art in black and gold, but only for looking at.


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12 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Matt Pilates

    Had one of those. Rubbish. Very poor handling around the estates of Finglas with that Deliveroo backpack onboard. Bought a Honda 50 second hand from a Trinity student after it was robbed. Haven’t looked back.

      1. Matt Pilates

        Nuthin – swapped a fried rice leftover from a Mao delivery with Trinners boy for it. Students.

        1. Brother Barnabas


          you said you “bought it” in first comment

          are you telling fibs?

          I’m good at this so be careful

          1. The Old Boy

            There hasn’t been a cross-examination like this since Edward Carson QC dismantled Oscar Wilde in his suit against Queensbury.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            was I in too soon with the accusation ?

            giddy excitement got the better of me, and now he’s scarpered

          3. Matt Pilates

            Fair cop Inspector. I had dhrink thaaken when I posted first.

            I admit there was some economy with the truth about this transaction. I have instructed my SC via the court appointed solicitor to clarify that in fact it was fried rice AND a spice bag. Definitely swapped. No receipt or proof of transaction; but I can assure you that fair exchange is no robbery.

          4. The Old Boy

            If you had given him a little more rope, you would hardly have needed to make the accusation at all. Don’t make the accusation until you have ensured that his denial will seem risible.

            You allowed your witness the opportunity to see your aim too early and to modify his evidence accordingly.

  2. Niallo

    The 500 enfield india was a disaster, tooling was all worn out even back in the 90’s the 350 was a better bet, and even then its 1930’s technology

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