With Eyes Wide Open


From top: Neasa Hourigan, Roderick O’Gorman, Ossian Smyth, Catherine Martin (left) and Eamon Ryan

This afternoon.

Dublin city centre

Green Party members arrive to the broadcast of a Special Convention on the Programme for Government.

Martin urges members to ‘bring certainty to a precarious political situation’ (RTÉ)



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15 thoughts on “With Eyes Wide Open

  1. Joe

    Will they choose to be Fine Gael Fail on bikes? The Green party will get their answer to the question of whether selling out their principles once again is a good idea at the next election when the voters who gave them a transfer won’t make the same mistake again.

  2. Vanessanelle

    Just heard that the three Green TDs that abstained in the PP vote the other night
    are actually now going to speak AGAINST the motion
    and Vote NO

    Francie Duffy, Neasa Hourigan, and my new TD here in DSC, Pa Costello

  3. bisted

    …no Dan Boyle today…must have got a sniff that the greens may be able to appoint the bag carrier for whatever FG grandee gets the UN Security Council gig…after adding the Palestinians to their list of betrayals…

  4. goldenbrown

    “In it’s assertion that budgets will be balanced and deficits reduced; while taxes
    remain unchanged; this is a programme for austerity”

    talk about stating the obvious

    well at least some of them can see the wood for the trees

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Yes, fair play Robin Cafolla – a party that actually sticks to it’s principles is a rare thing in this country and could expect to be rewarded for that in the next GE, a pity Ryan and Martin do not agree, maybe they need to go?

  5. Vanessanelle

    Its a cover up

    the whole thing is

    FF and FG don’t want anyone but them knowing whats under the bonnet in Finance, Environment/ Housing and Health
    just watch

    And I have it on good authority that the eFFers have Environment and the suite of Juniors that come with it.

    1. millie von strumpet

      Surely this is bribery of some sort? I can’t see how this is possibly above board.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Shadowy figures in N.I. pulling strings oooooooooohhhh.

    In Northern Ireland, the Green Party has two Assembly members, Clare Bailey (South Belfast) and its leader in Northern Ireland Rachel Woods, who represents the North Down constituency.
    The pair and the party’s deputy leader, Malachi O’Hara, who is a member of Belfast City Council, are not at this stage, making public whether they intend to support the deal.

  7. Johnnythree

    I’m aghast at Eamon Ryans trousers. Where the actual did he get them. Like an extra from circle of friends. Homespun no doubt.

  8. Joe Small

    Bizarre to hear people complain that the Greens have compromised their principles to get into Government. Of course they have – they have just twelve seats. How do people think that coalition governments are formed?

  9. GiggidyGoo

    Martin conceded there were losses in seeking animal welfare protections, over housing, concerns around the land development agency and funding for the arts.
    Neasa Hourigan, the party’s firebrand TD who negotiated the deal but is not supporting it, revealed they had unsuccessfully pursued a wealth tax, an end to co-living and a stop to facilitating speculation in the property sector.
    The party had also tried to get rent controls, a tightening of evictions and a rent register in the coalition talks.
    The Greens had also tried to propose a flight tax, poverty proofing of budgets, public banking, insurance reforms and other taxes targeting the wealthier, added Ms
    There were also losses in foreign affairs and trade.
    TD Ossian Smyth that there is no guarantee of stopping future incineration, that the M20 from Cork to Limerick may not go ahead in the next five years and even that he and the party sought decriminalisation of cannabis during the negotiations.

    Some negotiators aren’t they?

  10. The Dude

    Third shot down – Dude on the bike on South William Street is going the wrong way, tut-tut…

    BTW the Greenies would be mad not to go into government – an election now or in the next months would not be fought on environmental issues.

    Last time around, there were major controversies such as Shell Corrib gas, Tara / M3, and military use of Shannon – yet they got nothing. Indeed, Eamon Ryan signed off on Corrib. This time they have already got the proposed Shannon gas facility cancelled.

    The real question is, what if anything will they do for Dublin, which has been let decay in recent years – and where their vote is based. The ghastly road-widening plans under BusConnects will lead to major controversy if the scheme proceeds as planned, with thousands of trees to be axed .. Or will Eamon Ryan be too busy getting popular with RTÉ by introducing an internet tax?

    *watches with interest*

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