‘I Contend The Alternative Could Be Way Better’


Green Party former General Election and EU Parliament candidate Saoirse McHugh


This afternoon.

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22 thoughts on “‘I Contend The Alternative Could Be Way Better’

  1. Jonner

    if the promises and lies are not good enough, imagine how bad the actual result will feel

  2. goldenbrown

    I have no interest fighting for a world where those with safe homes and communities cycle past tent cities on their way to work

    now that’s someone I could vote for

    I do hope she sticks around after they eventually however bludgeon this vote through for the shot at the trough nomnomnommm

    1. bisted

      …I hope she sticks around too…but not with this dreadful shower who treat the environment as a flag of convenience…a vote for green is a vote for FFG…

      1. goldenbrown

        +1 Bisted

        I can easily imagine the giddyness, chortling and sniggering going on behind their backs as I write

        If and when this does pass I reckon this iteration of well-meaning but naïve Greens will effectively have tattooed themselves forever and all for a bit of fast glory. see the Labour Party.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Yes Bisted +1 – at last, a Politician that stands for something. I had my doubts about her when she stood for the GP initially, but she instills trust in herself.

  3. Ger

    A sincere young person staring into the awfulness of the Irish political class.

    The Greens will be political compost when FF/FG are done with them.

  4. Zaccone

    Shes in the wrong party. The Green party (as the name hints at) has environmentalism as its primary goal, above all else. Prioritizing actually getting into government so that they can influence climate change now, rather than _possibly_ influencing it in 5 years (if they get into government then) is entirely fair/makes perfect sense.

    If Green parties all over the globe all decide to wait 5 years to go into governments the planet is going to be in even more trouble than it already is. The enemy of the good is the perfect, and all that.

    Her stance/membership of the Greens looks increasingly odd given her views are better represented by multiple Irish political parties that currently exist. If she wants to be in a party that places social justice above environmentalism she’d be far, far better off in the SocDems or PBP.

    1. Rob_G

      I agree. I can’t see how an opposition to carbon taxes can be squared with Green party membership, nevermind any sort of a front-bench role.

      1. Ghost of Yep

        Did she oppose them? Or is just unwilling to see that as a total victory while allow FG/FF go again with their already sterling record in the things she is highlighting?

        FG/FF can have nuanced views and approaches but if a Green. Just climate. PBP. Trot. Labour. Fupp knows at this point.

        We need to get past this view that certain parties do certain things.

  5. Johnny

    I think she is absolutely fantastic,such a breath fresh air in Irish politics, hopefully she will inspire other like minded people to get involved,well said Saoirse.
    Going ‘rogue’ may help the greens get a better deal…..hopefully thats the plan, I so hope there is a plan!

    1. goldenbrown

      there’s no plan Johnny, just hope mixed with some trough lust imo

      when you see phrases like “but the alternative is way worse” you can see where it’s going. that’s not any kind of position to hold going into an arrangement like this. they’re not even close to being equals here, nothing more than the green coloured paint in the bucket for FFG who will pursue the status quo in a business as usual manner. the enthusiastic ones are either easily blinded by shiny things or as someone else mentioned on here actually merely “FG on Bikes”. just watch.

      I only hope the members know what they are actually voting on (wasn’t there prior evidence of a prior but incorrect text being circulated?) maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised, there’s a few factions within their membership apparently, let’s see

      1. Johnny

        Its a nice pleasant surprise that at least today is has not been framed as two times rejected by the electrocate Saoirse…
        I think you are correct,I really am cheering for them, no idea whats best, my own instinct is not burn the house down, maybe I’d also fail this purity test.

  6. Nigel

    The alternative COULD be way better if ANY of the larger parties gave the slightest good goddamn about fairly urgent environmental issues. But they don’t, and until they do, this is it. Maybe five years pushing through a few measures while FF and FG sneer behind theiir hands, then get scapegoated by a tribalistic electorate.

  7. Joe Small

    “the alternative could be way better”. Anything could be almost anything. Its a meaningless comment. Like many lefties, ideological purity and doing absolutely nothing is more important to her that political compromise and getting something useful done. If she’s waiting for a Green overall majority to implement her utopia, she’ll be waiting. A talker rather than a doer.

      1. Dav

        Respectfully, perhaps you could enlighten us as to what the point is then? I find myself largely agreeing with Joe and you saying he’s missing the point without elaborating only middies things

        1. Ghost of Yep

          “Like many lefties, ideological purity and doing absolutely nothing is more important to her that political compromise”

          Read what she has written. Her standpoint is going AGAINST what he is accusing her. She isn’t asking for more Green policies to be implemented.

          The waiting for a Green majority to implement a utopia gives the impression she wants people to live in tents where she is clearly more interesting in getting people out of them.

          Her worries regarding mental health policy is well founded. The new plan seems a lot like the old plan which for the majority of people who needed it didn’t deliver.

          You get what I am saying? From what I got from Joe he was giving the impression she was holding out for more for the Greens and “Green” policies. I don’t believe that to be the case.

          1. Dav

            Not to speak on his behalf, but i imagine Joe’s talking more about what she isn’t doing than that what she is. Mental health may well be a valid point, but she didn’t really commit to that issue, merely using it as an example to oppose this PFG. The fact is she could have cited anything because it seems (certainly to me at least; most likely Joe too) she finds it easier to stand against something than to stand for something. You may well argue I’m missing the point re mental health as cited above, but did she really draw a line in the sand there or simply cite an offhand example? That the issue, really, imo is she’s letting her idealism get in the way of any pragmatism she may have, which was Joe’s point too re many leftie liberals. I could yet be proven wrong, but experience and her outspokeness tells me otherwise

  8. Vanessanelle

    Its unique
    and kinda wonderful
    to see such passion and decency in a Politician
    Ok a Politician in waiting, I’ve every confidence she’ll have her day

    But it’s very hard to ignore the opportunity 12 Constituencies now have with access to Government and a Minister(s)
    We have one of those new TDs here in DSC, and I won’t be voting for him again if he ignores the potential this has for our Constituency

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