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  1. Charger Salmons

    Apart from the BBC the one other news organisation which has managed to trash its reputation for impartiality and straight reporting is CNN.
    Watching its coverage this evening in advance of Trump’s big rally in Tulsa it has featured wall-to-wall experts denouncing Orange Man Bad for spreading C-19 by not cancelling the event.
    Yet watching CNN’s saccharine coverage of countless BLM rallies and demonstrations in recent weeks that subject has never been raised once.
    Nigel Farage, as ever, is bang on.
    The MSM is on its way out.


        1. Vanessanelle

          There’s a thought

          The Trump2020 campaign can blame the Travel Ban for the poor turn out last night

          Fair play Charage
          They’ll be giving you a medal
          For services

          1. Charger Salmons

            Not sure it matters at this stage.
            Without Coronavirus Trump would have won easily in November thanks to the American economy surging ahead before the outbreak.
            But his handling of the pandemic with some of the more bizarre pronouncements from the White House plus the inevtiable damage to the economy from C-19 has sealed his fate.
            The worrying thing is the alternative.
            Biden is clearly being kept under wraps with the onset of early dementia an open secret.
            The choice of VP will be crucial.

          2. Nigel

            A surging economy and a focused campaign of racially targeted voter supression. Since he’s still got the latter going for him, I wouldn’t write him off yet!

          3. Vanessanelle

            Agreed Nigel

            Did you hear my BS.tv story about Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate (r)
            And the postal ballots?
            Here’s the gist anyway

            One of the reasons I think there is going to be a split in the GOP btw

            And Charage, that’s what we in the GAA call
            getting the excuses in early

            Mind you lads
            Trump2020 must be really :::ked if Charage is trying to put distance between himself and them

          4. Johnny

            Its Harris,and she will do 4 years as veep then two terms as POTUS,but given old joes mental and physical state it will really be 12 years of Kamala,with the senate and house, easily looking at 2 maybe 3 supremes court nominees:)

          5. Rosette of Sirius

            Apparently it was the TikTok and K-pop kids that tanked it. Which is hilarious if true.

          6. Charger Salmons

            You’re confusing discussing the merits of a presidency for support for that candidate.
            It’s a common mistake among the social media generation for whom everything must be conventiently labelled pro or anti.
            And the sign of a closed and intolerant mind that won’t consider differing opinions.
            Trump has had considerable success with the economy and avoided any large-scale foreign military action, something which not all of his near predecessors managed.
            On the downside his managerial limitations are obvious to see and, apart from the initial closing down of borders, he has handled C-19 badly, although much of the blame for America’s inadequacies in dealing with the pandemic lie with individual states rather than federal government.
            Worryingly the alternative is a 78-year-old white man with signs of early onset dementia and his own murky financial and personal history.
            A tough choice for Americans.I don’t envy them.

          7. Nigel

            Fake-objective Salmon is my favourite. Trump coasted on a rising economy he inherited from Obama, claimed credit for it, and then blamed Obama for, er, everything bad that happened. None of this is endearing behaiour to anyone but his shrinking base. Hence all the voter suppression and attempts to get foreign powers to open investigations on his political rivals and incredibly ironic campaign to question Biden’s mental faculties.

          8. Vanessanelle

            Ah here Charage

            It’s how these people sell themselves
            They’re Easy Spread Politicians

            Its no coincidence campaigns on either side of the Atlantic boil down to a tag line for a t-shirt
            And a chant that doesn’t require scripts for their supporters

            Make America Great Again

            Drain the Swamp

            Get Brexit Done

            So when those memes expire
            The lack of substance can’t answer or fill the void created by a world wondering what’s next – let’s have ya
            More and more leaders keep their message manager/ image consultant as their closest adviser

            So when the novelty new car smell evaporates
            Like racing back into the shops here last week
            The voter who buys into the catchy hype is lstill eft with a cheap pair of Penny’s tights
            Only good for one go

            So with no policies or accomplishments to stand on when they go back to make their next round of pitches to the voters
            Of course they’re going to face scepticism and criticism

            Trump especially as he can’t blame the Dems/ Obama / Hillary for the last Administration
            This time he has to account for himself

            And so will Boris
            If he sticks it out

          9. Charger Salmons

            Get Brexit Done seemed a pretty good campaign slogan to me, especially as it delivered an 80-seat majority.
            And Brexit was done.
            Some meme….
            And the Tories remains five points in front of Labour who have 162 fewer seats than them in the Commons.
            Meanwhile it has taken the Irish 130 days to form a coalition government that effectively leaves this country without any proper opposition for another four years to allow the politicians you gripe about daily to do just about whatever they want to you.
            Winners are grinners baby.
            But the really big grin caused by some great lolz is those posters on here who spent years predicting Brexit would never happen, Magic Grandpa would win power and Boris would never get in.
            And still continually complain the English don’t understand the Irish.
            Top bantz..
            Keep up the good work suckers.

          10. Charger Salmons

            Only another four and a half years to wait.
            ‘ A week is a long time in politics ‘ – Harold Wilson.

    1. Praetorian.

      @Bodger…twitter just handed that obnoxious gowl KTHopkins a lifetime ban….any chance you’ll step up and remove this other gowl… ^^ …Salmon….

        1. Praetorian.

          Night duty…what differance does it make what time it was.
          Dosen’t stop you being a prat.

    2. Nigel

      Orange Man Good At Drinking Water With One Hand And Keeping Covid Cases Low By Not Testing.

        1. Nigel

          ‘Hold a glass of water and don’t kill off thousands of your own citizens.’ Sums it up, really.

    3. scottser

      Charger concerned with media impartiality, yet does nothing but qoute the telegraph, daily mail, right wing hate porn sites and the twitter feeds from window lickers and liars, then dresses it up as being well read and open minded. The hypocrisy quotient hits the magic 10 today. Take bow mouth breather, you’ve earned it.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Today’s feet-stamping tantrum right on cue.
        You’re nothing if not predictable.
        ICI 8/10

        1. scottser

          Just an observation charger. The HQ is nothing but fair and impartial but if you want to appeal your score, by all means try..

      2. realPolithicks

        Why does everyone continue to engage with this obnoxious clown, let him post his vile racist trollery but ignore it. He’s like trump he feeds off the attention, let him die in the trash where he belongs.

        1. Charger Salmons

          ‘ Why does everyone continue to engage with this obnoxious clown ‘ ?
          He asks,engagingly.

    4. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

      You link to Breitbart. Such a troll! That is the worst website I have visited. Trump gets worse every day. I watched his rally. Summary: if we don’t test for the virus, the numbers will look good. I wouldn’t let him run the kitty in the tuck shop.

      1. Charger Salmons

        So what website would you prefer to be linked to ? One you know is going to give you the answer before you ask the question ?
        You’ll learn nothing that way.
        Exercise the grey matter occasionally old sport.

        1. Nigel

          It’s been a while since I had a look at Breitbart, do they still have the Black Crime feature?

        2. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

          I know I’ll learn nothing from Breitbart.

          I read widely.

          Also, if 43% gives you an 80 seat majority, your democracy is malfunctioning and needs fixing. I don’t see Bozo or Farage talking about that.

          Bravo to V for ‘ Charage’.

  2. Shayna

    A tad surreal the whole Ascot Races – it seems that every day was, “Ladies Day”. From home, lots of women posted on social media what they were wearing whilst watching the racing. I haven’t investigated further than a mere ponder about the RDS Horse Show – will it be happening, with/out an audience/crowds, if at all, and what shall the “Ladies” of Ireland be wearing during the four days?

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Never heard of Ireland Thinks polling company. Had a look at their site. irelandthinks.ie and their ‘latest polls’ https://www.irelandthinks.ie/blog

    Nothing up there since 2018.

    “Dr Kevin Cunningham, Managing Director
    Kevin Cunningham is a lecturer in Statistics. He worked for over four years at the British Labour Party as the party’s targeting and analysis manager, commissioning and directly using polls before returning to Ireland. Kevin studied Applied Statistics at Oxford University and completed a PhD in Political Science at Trinity College Dublin under Professor Michael Marsh. He has consulted for the Irish Labour Party, the SDLP in Northern Ireland, the Australian Labour Party and the French presidential election. “

    Is someone buying a poll result?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      ( and……. boasting….. “Our work includes ticket price modelling and horse race predictions. ”)

    1. Charger Salmons

      Cheers Bertie.
      Mine got me a box of Romeo y Juliet Wide Churchills but I’m having fierce problems with my humidor at the moment.
      Even with a couple of Boveda 69% packs in there I still can’t get it cranked up past 63%.
      First world problems I know …

      1. Brother Barnabas

        distinctly recall you revealing a year or so ago that a teenage rugger injury had rendered you impotent, charger

    1. scottser

      And there it is..
      Using people’s deaths to score cheap points on an internet forum.
      Short memory charger
      A gowl indeed.

  4. Johnny

    If you go east from New York you hit the Hamptons,if you go North its the Catskills,nice piece in NYT on its RE market.Its mainly a second home market and has been booming, New Yorkers are buying ‘panic rooms’ outside the city, too early say what impact COVID will have long term, but short term its a boom for the burbs and beyond.

    Most New Yorkers I know have left the city until Sept (Labor Day) ,fleeing to these idilic picturesque locals, with lots biting flies,awful WiFi,bad coffee, no culture and almost no diversity,the future is here and it looks awfully like the suburbs ahhh:)

    “A buying frenzy is roiling the real estate markets in some of New York’s most pastoral regions. And nowhere is the enthusiasm starker than in the Catskills.”

    “Ms. Jones described her typical clients as New Yorkers who are lucky enough to have discovered (or renewed their appreciation of) the ease of working from home and see no point in paying astronomical city prices when they will likely be wary of attending cultural events when the events finally return or rubbing shoulders in bars and restaurants when they reopen. After being confined in tight quarters with their young children, they are eager to be liberated into open, green spaces.”


    One the many arguments put forward in opposition to the development of RTE’s surplus land is a prediction of a return to a form of urban sprawl or low density living,this substantiates that theory but there is too little data for now to establish a pattern.

    1. Vanessanelle

      I beginning to think Johnny Hamptons Inc should host the Broadsheet 10th Anniversary do

      Sign in below if you agree with me lads

      It’ll also give him / his people an idea of the guest list like

      V and my +1

      1. Johnny

        Catskills is nice, now about Dublin,there was a really nice Joe O’Reilly development in D4 he had hit 10% pre sales pre covid,not sure where its at today-live the dream:)

        €800,000 for a one-bed unit and €2.1 million for the highest-priced three-bedroom unit

        The opposition to RTE developing its surplus land ,references NY pricing as indicative of a dysfunctional Dublin RE market, for this quality in this location you would pay 2 or 3 times this price in NY.


        Most the US money that has fueled this has dried up, with Johnny Ronans main US partner defaulting.


  5. Johnny

    Has Dermot Desmond’s letter been viewed as a threat to democracy or just ignored, in my opinion his threat to jam up the planning and development process in the midst of a national housing crisis is kinda scary, given his resources,if the RTE deal goes south it will be hard raise capital for similar development deals, further limiting supply.

    If the govt can find (I have no idea where) the legislation to lock down the entire population and close the economy doing irreparable harm, why can’t they build a few houses ?

    1. Vanessanelle

      The best course of action
      By everyone
      From the local authorities to the Dept of the Environment
      All their respective elected officials
      And hangers on and Spongers

      And all of us

      Is to ignore it

      1. Johnny

        Probably best,if a few old people dying over a virus that has no cure,justifies the Irish govt locking the entire nation down,wrecking the economy,who knows what they would do if they actually paid attention to the environmental and specifically the housing crisis…gosh they may panic and build houses!

        Well if this dev goes upside down,it will chill any future US investment into irish housing…leaving the govt as lender of last resort,further exacerbating a dysfunctional market….probably best ignore it:)

        1. Vanessanelle

          I wonder what IIU have to say about that policy Johnny;
          Evacuating vulnerable patients exposed to Covid 19 to unsuspecting, and unequipped care facilities?

          Like double D is closer to, and has more in common with the residents of Nursing Homes than he has, or is ever likely to have with the future residents of Montrose Towers.

  6. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

    Charger is back in force…and who is missing ? Subtle

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