Notice To Quit


Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government, Eoghan Murphy TD, talk to the media while they visit the HSE Dublin Covid 19 response hub last April

This morning.

Should a FF/FG/Green coalition take office…

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy is not expected to be a senior or junior minister in a new coalition government between Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party….

…Fine Gael is expected to take the Department of Justice while Fianna Fáil will take the Department of Housing. Fine Gael will also take Finance and Foreign Affairs and it is also expected it will take the Department of Jobs.

The Department of Children will become the Department of Children, Disability and Equality and a new Department of Climate, Energy, Transport and Natural Resources will be created

The latter is expected to go to Green Party leader Eamon Ryan. A junior ministry responsible for roads is expected to be allocated to either Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael….


Cabinet carve-up: Jobs in new government handed out but no ministry for Varadkar ally Eoghan Murphy (Irish Times)

Photocall Ireland

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28 thoughts on “Notice To Quit

  1. frank

    why is Eamon Ryan getting such an important role in the environment when he made the gigantic error last time incentivising diesel.
    surely anything he says should have a serious health warning

    1. ReproBertie

      Why is the leader of the Green Party getting the role of Minister for Climate, Energy, Transport and Natural Resources? I can only imagine they drew the ministries out of a hat.

    2. Vanessanelle

      In fairness
      Eamonn is the only one of the Greens Parlimentary Party that has any Government and Ministerial experience

      Although I think that expanded brief they’ve him pencilled in for makes no sense
      Other than to suck up to his own ego and let hubris run it ,,,,,, into a shambles

      eFFers are defiantly getting housing
      And my bet is that Harris is staying in Health

      Wonder if any of the No to Coalition Green TDs will accept a Junior

      1. Gerry

        I thought the word was FF is going to get health, and Harris will be assigned a different dept?

    3. Nigel

      It’s always amazing to me that the lesson from the diesel scandal is that the Greens were were to blame, and not that the motor industry will literally rig the game so they can poison you to make more money.

  2. george

    Hard to trust anyone who makes predictions about a department that doesn’t exist. What is the “Department of Jobs”?

    1. Vanessanelle

      Currently the Dept of Business, Enterprise & Innovation
      Currently Heather Humphreys’ gig (John Halligan and Pat Breen bring up the Jnr rearguard)
      Having taken over from Leo himself, and Francie Fitz before him

      In the 2011 term of Governement it was the Dept of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation with Richard Burton and MM O’C

      1. axelf

        Actually the “jobs” in DJEI, formerly DETE ,now DBEI left in 2017 IIRC and went to social protection i.e DEASP with the E standing for employment

        1. Cian

          There is a huge hidden cost to the efficiency of the civil service each time this happens.
          The people working in the ‘Jobs’ section moved department when their section was moved.
          Their whole IT (specifically if they have any IT systems that are specifically for them) would have moved from one to another. They often would be forced to physically move buildings – to be with their new colleagues.

          There is similar disruption whenever a new Minister is appointed. They will generally (understandably) want to push their agenda and will kill-off the previous Minister’s pet projects and create their own pet projects.
          This isn’t such a bad thing if it is every 4-5 years (new blood, new direction), but when it happens more frequently it can seriously impair a department’s productivity as well as having a negative impact staff moral.

      2. george

        I am aware of every government department and who the minister is. My question was rhetorical because there is no Department of Jobs.

  3. Cian

    FF has 38 TDs (or 45%); FG has 35 TDs (41%); Greens have 12 TDs (14%) for a total of 85.

    There is a Constitutional maximum of 15 seats in cabinet. Based on TDs you would expect FF: 7 ministers, FG: 6 ministers; Green: 2 ministers.

    I’m including Taoiseach and Tánaiste as ministers.

    1. Vanessanelle

      Based on that I’m giving a shout out to Catherine Martin for either Ed or Children (or whatever they’re going to rebrand Zappone’s disaster as)

      1. edalicious


        They’re a good fit for her and also probably something the big two would be happy to steer away from.

    2. Vanessanelle

      C’mere Cian
      Have you seen stuff out and about suggesting Jim O’Callaghan is getting shafted

      There appears to be a solid block now around Michéal preventing Jim getting a word in, or any of his crew
      And that block includes prominent Blueshirts

      Anything to say?

  4. bisted

    …the massed ranks of opinion have been wrong before…there may be enough people of principle to reject this betrayal…

    1. goldenbrown

      don’t think so unfortunately, you can smell the swagger off them (and a number of very pleased media sorts who had done the cheerleading for it) over the last 12 hours…it’s a done deal, I would bet my life savings on it

      how long do you think it will last?

        1. goldenbrown

          Spring 2021 is a good call though I had it a bit longer around the winter ’21 myself…the only question for me is how long it takes for the horror of the economic catastrophe to emerge…something will split sooner or later possibly more likely FF imo

          who’s your new leaders?
          Coveney (FG), McGrath (FF), Martin (G) McDonald (SF)

          overall I can only see SF profiting in all of this, my prediction is that they will have gotten what they wanted in the end – a more polarised electorate – and will attempt to capitalise on it. rough ride ahead/

          1. Vanessanelle

            Yep. That’s a good summation
            But I wouldn’t write off Labour

            They have an opportunity now to rebuild
            And there is still a healthy vote out there for anyone who is just a few ticks to the left of centre
            And isn’t Sinn Féin

            I suspect the Soc Dems aren’t going to have a pleasant Dáil term tbh – I’m sensing a defection or three, even a split

      1. Cian

        I’d give it 3½ years – until early 2024;The last few years have shown that FF and FG can work together. Everyone said in 2016 the FG+independents (with implicit FF support) would fall apart within a year. It didn’t.

        1. goldenbrown

          perhaps but now there’s an economic horror story just around the bend and it won’t matter how nice they all are to each other.

          my crystal ball can’t see prudent Paschal borrowing shedloads nor the EU handing us any free money so WE will get squeezed and there will be some very unpopular “difficult choices” being made, Brexit shenanigans, major youth unemployment, housing, a Covid caused health time-bomb and a fair bit of Covid match analysis and a tired beaten up population that won’t take kindly to any of it. we’re all lulled into some kind of summer hols mode at the moment but winter’s coming. SF will hack away now at all of that. this Govt will have to tread very carefully and play a blinder else I see street protests a lot of anger and a danger of a disgruntled uprising. seriously.

  5. Gabby

    For the backlands of rural Ireland a Minister for Pothole Eradication & Post Office Resustication would be proof that someone in the Big Smoke really cares.

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