Dublin city centre.

July 1, 1990.

High-waisted revellers await the return of the Republic of Ireland football team following their participation in the Italia 90 World Cup.

Recognise anyone, anyone?

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All pics by Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews

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14 thoughts on “Rare Olé Times

  1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

    I think I recognise the lads in the fifth photo from… the first photo :)

  2. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

    And the girl with the long hair in the sixth photo is every girl I dated from 1985-1991 inclusive

    1. Gabby

      Yer only chance now, if ye have a bit of money and charm, is to date some oul wans with wigs.

  3. Charger Salmons

    They welcomed them home just for participating ?
    Imagine the outpuring of joy if they manage to qualify for the first time in 20 years.
    Mind you,Slovakia.No pushover, my Slovakian gardener and handyman tells me.

  4. paul

    doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, you have to tuck it into your jeans. Mammy is watching.

  5. Slightly Bemused

    I remember that day well. I was going home (to Kildare) from Donegal with a few friends (one of whom danced on a table after the final match, and he was not the pretty one!). Car across to Dundalk and train back to Dublin. We could hear the crowd over the noise of the train locomotive even in Connolly Station.
    Busaras was closed, so we walked to the city centre. When the lads arrived, we were at the north end of the centre of O’Connell bridge, three of us wearing massive coats and backpacks. As the bus passed and the crowd moved to Dame Street, we were there, me holding on to the lamppost, my friends holding on in a train to me, hoping not to get swept away.
    I think I may have seen the lady in the orange pants, but that could just be wishful thinking :-)
    I eventually got to a phone, and called my Dad, asking if he could come to meet me, and I would walk out to meet him. I think he must have had an extra cuppa, because I was halfway from Lucan to Celbridge when he met me.
    Good times!

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