3 thoughts on “Oh No

  1. Johnny

    I follow the Psychedelics industry -some great companies will emerge however its the wild west now with lots fraud,false claims and just drama in the space.

    (no commercial links, thanks – BS)

  2. Johnny

    The great depression in the US resulted in a desperate quest for tax revenue that expidated the lifting of prohibition ,cities and states in the US are now embracing cannabis as a source of tax revenue,similar to alcohol and smokes-why not Ireland ?

    Ireland with the political will could be the EU headquarters for the fast growing ‘botanical’ or botanica medical industry, embracing psychedelics and cannabis cultivation,manufacturing and research.It has it all from boutique and bougie organic faming to big bad ag and a large dirty big pharma base.


    I’m going focus on the medical cannabis side assume the new Irish govt is too immature and ill-informed to legalize recreational weed,will post occasional pieces on psychedelics which has seen a lot of growth in acceptance as a treatment for depression,PTSD, its going to be a green fun industry with no reason why Ireland should not be welcoming what are mostly US/Canada based companies,for now…

    There is quite a bit collaboration and cooperation between the ‘coin industry (Bitcoin),weed and psychedelics(mushrooms) in NY/LA ,with Silicon Valley the pioneer in psychedelics and research-some examples of the many start ups and existing companies-c’mon Ireland lets embrace the future…


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