Thanks Greenshirts


Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan (right) and Catherine Martin, deputy leader


Watch live here

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53 thoughts on “Thanks Greenshirts

  1. Luci

    The Irish Green Party has done more damage to the Environmental Movement than the oil industry.

    1. Formerly known as

      If they wait till they have 50% of the vote, they will never have any influence.

    2. SOQ

      Absolutely- he’s like a Cork home schooled Church of Ireland minister’s son- children guaranteed jobs in Irish Water=- all 16 of them

  2. goldenbrown


    Every time Trump tweets, money will go to swing state organizers working to ensure he doesn’t get reelected…
    1.You pledge a small donation for every Trump tweet.
    2.Trump keeps tweeting… and tweeting… and tweeting…
    3.Donations go to Defeat by Tweet, and then we send 100% of your $’s to the organizations in the Justice Fund. Organizers use these funds to ensure their communities turn out to vote.
    4.We tweet receipts back to Trump, showing that his toxic tweets are coming back to bite him.
    5.He keeps tweeting. We keep donating.

  3. bisted

    …whatever way you try to reconcile it to yourselves you know you were elected part of the movement for change…shame on you…

  4. GiggidyGoo

    And a clear distinction now exists as to who is the opposition. A great day. The next election will be interesting as FF and FG will find it difficult to extract themselves from each other, and the Greens will be more or less extracted from the Dail.
    The question is now how long will the FFGR mash last.

  5. Smith

    It’s a joke, and worse, totally disrespectful to the electorate who voted Sinn Fein.

    The greens spouting on about being part of a vote for change & they basically ensure that nothing changes at all.

    1. Otis Blue

      Many people did indeed vote for change. But there’s little consensus as to what this change would actually look like.

      GE 2020 saw FG and FF greatly diminished, compelling them to work as equals in a coalition with the support of a third party. This and the ending the charade of civil war politics, represents a pretty seismic change in my view.

      1. Smith

        Are you serious? Not really much different to the confidence/supply relationship.

        FF get a token Taoieach, FG keep the big cabinet positions & the greens jump into bed with them.

        Interesting if COVID-19 never occurred, would we have got the same result? Very doubtful.

        And it is disrespectful, both to SF and voters, with such a massive 1st preference majority, that FF & FG would not even talk to them.

        1. ReproBertie

          SF have nominated Paddy Holohan as Mayor of South Dublin. The same Paddy Holohan they suspended for his comments about underage girls. You’ll forgive me if I don’t lose sleep over any disrespect to SF.

          1. Smith

            Yeah, FF bailing out the banks at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable members of society, FGs endless austerity measures & homelessness & housing crisis all pale in significance to silly comments made by a SF Councillor. He was also suspended from party for this. More notably, SF not aware of his nomination for mayor.

          2. ReproBertie

            Did I say that? Spare us the whataboutery. SF suspended him and then nominated him for Mayor. That happened today. That’s SF today. Enjoy opposition.

          3. ReproBertie

            What was inaccurate about my comment that would be corrected by reading a paper, hun?

            I suppose you could call Paddy Holohan’s tweet thanking his SF comrades for the nomination partisan, I’ll give you that.

          4. Smith

            Nominations are a matter for council groups. The SF party were not aware of nomination.

            But c’mon this is all small fry & I think you know that, sweetie

          5. ReproBertie

            Paddy Holohan thanked his SF comrades for the nomination. Was he lying?

            Easy to dismiss as small fry when it’s indefensible. If it was a FF or FG councillor I’m sure you’d be as forgiving, sweetie.

          6. ReproBertie

            A story from 7 years ago? Wow! FG bringing a racist back is no more acceptable than what SF have done with Holohan but it shows that a vote for SF is a vote for more of the same.

            Darren Scully lost his seat in 2019 btw.

          7. GiggidyGoo

            Just making the point, Bertie. That old saying ‘Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander’

          8. ReproBertie

            A 5 year old story this time abut a guy who committed a crime 4 years after he stood down as a FF councillor. Yes, that’s exactly the same as SF nominating a homophobe who believes underage girls sleep with men to trap them with false rape allegations for Lord Mayor.

            So what point are you “just making” then? From what I can see it’s that SF are no better than the others. A vote for change indeed.

          9. Vanessanelle

            They were not silly comments
            And that video in full
            Revealed a lot more about both Paddy and his guest

            But that’s not my point
            Sinn Fein at any level in their organisation
            Or at any level their member is elected to serve
            Shouldn’t tolerate it
            It totally betrays their aim to be seen as a party of responsibility, equality, Democracy and of Government.
            And above all Accountability.
            They can hardly be seen to be challenging others from opposition with this going on in their own house.

            And I can say that of all registered PPs

            Furthermore as a public representative with both a Constituency mandate and a Political Party obligation -particularly towards his colleagues and comrades in the Party,
            Paddy should actually be seen to be calling it out, stopping it, and not encouraging it or giving it a platform

            The entire SDCC SF grouping need to be suspended.

            Clearly they all have a lot of learning and adjusting to do to properly represent their Constitutents
            And their party

            I could forgive Mary Lou not knowing their SDCC reps had this in mind – but that’s at a push, as I can’t get my head around them proceeding with his nomination without running it past Party HQ in the first place.

            But I simply cannot come to terms with Sinn Fein re-admitting Paddy Holohan back into the party.

            Clearly – well in some Constituencies anyway, they have a problem adjusting to a new Political era.

          10. Johnny

            …nice FFG to support this

            (word is the Irish govt funded this billionaire who like grab women by their…wage bill)

            “The Trump Organization is seeking U.K. and Irish bailout money to help cover wages for bartenders, bagpipers and other employees furloughed from its European golf properties because of the coronavirus lockdown.”


            Paddy is very immature and from a extremely impoverished background,he’s x MMF fighter who said some stupid things and apologized,the underage comments were in relation to his two sons, not excusing anything but context is important,his mum was a Madeline Laundry survivor,his story is actually quite inspirational but agreed he needs grow up.

          11. Vanessanelle

            I don’t think anyone isn’t impressed with what Paddy made of himself from the start he was born into

            But he is no longer just an inspiration to his community, family, or a former successful athlete

            He is a leader and an elected Public Representative who signed up to a party whip

            So we are all entitled to expect more and better from Councillor Paddy Holohan

            How the :ú:: are we supposed to hold all the other public representatives, at any level,
            Candidates at any level
            And members of the Political Parties – of all shapes and sizes, colours and strains
            To account
            If this participant in our Democracy is given the benefit of the blind eye – the ara’ t’was only ….
            Shur’ isn’t that what Denis has been exploiting and taking advantage of throughout his business career

            Paddy’s early home life and childhood is exactly why he should be expected to be a leading voice against discrimination and inequality, and those predisposed views about a citizen’s upbringing, schooling and family resources that his community have to break through just to get a fair go at life.

            And IMO it’s an insult that it should be used as an excuse for his behaviour.

            And he let his Community
            And his party down

          12. Johnny

            Repro so I take it you support FFQ using Irish state funds to support Trump,but are outraged simply outraged that a small time councilor was put forward without senior leadership support or approval,how much you think FF gave Trump and when can we expect a statement from the FF on this…..

          13. Johnny

            V-i have no time for Paddy,but it pales in comparison to FF using state funds support Trumps wage bill-we expressly prohibited it here,FF supported and paid it-thats the word but try getting confirmation or a statement from them…but yeah lets talk about Paddy from Tallaght….but quietly and secretly pay Trump’s wage bill…who likes grab women by their…

          14. ReproBertie

            “I take it you support FFQ using Irish state funds to support Trump”
            Sure Johnny. You go ahead and invent positions I never stated just to have a go at me about them. Maybe try dealing with what I actually say.

            I don’t support FF, FG or SF.

            I’m not outraged at SF supporting Holohan at all. I’m not even surprised.

          15. Johnny

            -where did you get that from Repo-Eoin is on front page IT.
            “On Saturday morning, Mr Ó Broin, the party’s housing spokesman, said he was “not happy” Mr Holohan’s name was put forward.
            “ It was the wrong decision of councillors to nominate him,” the Dublin Mid West TD said. “The judgement of councillors was very very poor. It wasn’t the right choice.”

          16. Vanessanelle

            But Johnny

            For us to have an impenetrable case and rightful demand
            For transparency, accountability and probity in Politics
            And have a good go at achieving Decency and equal opportunity for our society

            We cannot pick and choose to taste
            or adjust ourselves per case or per context
            Otherwise we’ve left ourselves open to fail
            Or at least be accused of sloppy oversight ourselves

            It might be a sledgehammer when a smack of a rolled up RTÉ Guide was all it called for

            But I won’t be leaving that door open for some of the *Neanderthals down in the National Convention Centre today to exploit.

            or their pals, supporters and online cheerleaders

        2. Otis Blue

          It’s very much different to C&S. The illusion that there’s any substantive difference between FG and FF is definitively shattered. Not before time.

          SF are now firmly established as the opposition, something that I’d imagine they’re perfectly happy about. Certainly, they made little credible effort to form a Government. While it is doubtful that a PfG could have been agreed between SF and FG or FF, I’d agree that it was wrong – and strategically naive – not to have had talks, at least.

          Btw what coalition do you believe that voters wanted?

        3. Gerry

          This is a great situation for SF, consider where their votes come from — FF mostly. Also, they get to be the overwhelmingly dominant opposition party. If the new government does badly, or “events dear boy” occur, then they are the only likely majority in a subsequent election. This situation (ok, it’s not government) solidified the gains made.

          I think FF are in the toughest position

          1. Vanessanelle

            I do too
            Fianna Fail have nowhere left to go or grow
            Michael Martin sacrificed the party’s future for his own ambition
            While there’s loads of local eFFers trying to convince themselves that they’ve got back Housing so it’s worth it – this Fianna Fine Green agreement
            Deep down they know they’ve been suckered by their leadership

            Michael McGrath couldn’t give a :::k as he’s got a good 25 years more than his Constituency colleague left on the clock

            The golden opportunity for this Country and Fianna Fail was to engage with Sinn Féin

            And they all know it
            And as long as Mary Lou keeps her party in order and puts some manners on a few head the balls she inherited
            Sinn Féin are going to make sh1t of this Government

            The Greens under Catherine Martin won’t take any blaggarding from FF FG, who will most likely continue their Confidence & Supply agreement into the new Cabinet,
            So should Catherine pull the plug (which would suit Eamon Ryan anyway)
            We’re into an election

            Where SF will find a better use for their surpluses

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I can’t claim it as my own. What ever we end up calling them, the Fail has to stay cos you know they will.

  6. Truth in the News

    Its great day for those who did not vote for either the Greens, Fianna Fail, FineGael
    and indeed Labour, as it put Fianna Fail and Fine Gael in the political matrimonial bed
    and somewhere in between the sheets are the comely maidens…..the Greens
    lets hope that they are wearing protection, its has taken nearly a hundred years
    to achieve this and that includes a civil war, however it begins the demise of both
    FF and FG the ultimate irony is that they can agree to sit together in Government
    but are unable to amalgamate, but after the next election they will, but it will be too

  7. Joe

    Sad day for the Greens, truly they are exposed as just another hypocritical neo-liberal party who don’t give a flying V about the environment. Fine Fail Gael on bicycles. I suppose I should not have expected anything less from a joke party mis-led by chief lying hypocrite Eamo Ryan.
    There is always an upside, now that the Greens have lowered themselves into the gutter and the butt cheeks of FF and FG have merged Ireland will finally to be able to have a Right and a Left vote in the next election, which can’t come soon enough.

  8. Praetorian.

    Green politicians aren’t career politicians….they’re chanchers with a belief that they can change the world for the better.
    Admirable quality.
    But then Joe Public realises he’s gonna get hammered with environmental taxes,fossil fuel taxes,home heating taxes,agriculture taxes,home retro fit upgrade taxes….Joe says fupp the Greens.
    End of.
    Point in case…Saoirse McHugh….life goes on.
    Unlike the career charlatan scum that is Martin,Varadkar,Kenney,Biffo,Ahearn… it for what they can get.
    Super ministers,super junior ministers….F F S.
    Jobs for the boys.
    But the blind mice who voted these parasites in don’t see that….they think party…the elected sleveen thinks ‘Me’.

  9. Vanessanelle

    Dev Óg
    For all his talk
    And his Constituency Members being a the only Comhairle Dáil to vote No to the Coalition Ballot

    Just said Tá

    So, what was he promised?

    Just shows
    They’re all the f’ning same when it comes down to it

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