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  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    That Guardian pic with Cummins in the background is a great one. I am sure morale in the British Civil Service will rise now.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Ireland finally gets a government after waiting 140 days.
      And you’re simpering about morale in the British civil service ?
      Get off your knees you silly
      9/10 on the Digital Inferiority Complex Klaxon.

      1. Joe F

        Still waiting for my answer CS. Or are you just like Boris, ignore and don’t answer when you don’t have an answer. I think it’s called spin old boy.

      2. Rob_G

        Yes – taking 140 days to form a government is ridiculous – sure the Brits could have formed a government, had that government collapse due to internal party squabbling, and then formed another government within the same timeframe.

        1. Mig Eater

          The UK? How about a real country: Italy would have changed government every other week. Love to see the bill for state pensions there…

      3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        @Charage, “Simpering” – I have quit Netflix, I watch the latest from Blighty for entertainment. The plot twists are incredible, as in unbelievable. Keep on trollin’. The People’s Republic of Cork wants their clown back.

      4. scottser

        so any time someone posts a comment critcial of scum tory policy you’re just going to hide behind your ‘klaxon’ and not debate the point.
        your ridiculousness knows no bounds. you’re a bit like ron at this stage.

      5. Charger Salmons

        I’m thinking of installing a new Herd Immunity add-on to the WINKY-WOOometer whereby all the usual suspects herd together like cows on their way to the milking parlour when someone posts a comment about the UK whilst ignoring what’s happening in Ireland.
        The funny thing is the same coterie of dunderheads still don’t get the point about the Digital Inferiority Complex Klaxon which is why I enjoy sounding it so often.
        Keep up the sterling effort lads.

        1. realPolithicks

          Your “Digital Inferiority Complex Klaxon” isn’t going to become a thing no matter how many times you push it.

  2. Ringsend Incinerator

    “Corona Belly”?

    In other news – is Mickey Martin beginning to look like CJ or what?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      You know, there was a particular angle in one of the video news reports that actually did throw up a semblance of CJ.

  3. Charger Salmons

    Jeez, another one wittering on like some old biddy about Dominic Cummings.
    And,ooh look, he’s standing next to a big fan.
    And be still my beating heart he’s only wearing a T-shirt AT WORK !
    Ooh and sweat pants.Whatever next ? How very dare he ?
    It’s pathetic.
    Michael Collins would be turning in his grave if he knew this was what the rebellious Irish had come to.

      1. Mig Eater

        The SEO of a name like Cummings…. God, I haven’t been in Google long-enough for them to fund my PhD on that one, but give it a another three months…

    1. Rob_G

      I hope that it will last at least 3 or 4, to see us out the other side of the worst of the COVID after-effects, and maybe even Brexit (though that could be wishful thinking).

        1. bisted

          …agree with you…I don’t know why the little englanders have maintained this charade for so long…no deal is they closest to what they voted for…twice…

        2. Charger Salmons

          One thing is clear – the days of Ireland having any influence on the outcome are long gone.
          As I warned you all at the time Barnier and Druncker used you to their own advantage and then tossed you aside .
          Post-Covid 19 it’s in no one’s interest in the EU to play their silly little games any more. The grown-ups are in the room now.

          1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            @Charage, That’s right the 27 countries of the EU, mostly made up of small countries, is going to sacrifice Ireland for the disloyal UK. That will send the right message to Putin. The EU is getting ready for the breakup of the UK. Are you? Keep on trollin’.

          2. bisted

            ‘…the days of N Ireland (ie DUP) having any influence on the outcome are long gone’…there, fixed that for you Charger…

          3. Charger Salmons

            For once you’re right.
            With a stonking 80-seat majority Boris can pretty much do whatever he likes over Brexit.
            The EU know that too which is why last December’s election was such a game-changer.
            Little Leo must be thinking wistfully about that walk in the park on The Wirral.
            ” I could have been a contender kid ”
            Now he’s just one of The Three Stooges.
            I’d say Leo is Larry with Mehole as Moe and Swampy as Curly.

          4. Nigel

            Nobody’s thinking wistfully about the Tory government, except maybe disaster capitalists.

          5. scottser

            i genuinely hope the tans leave with as hard a brexit as possible. nothing smarts like hubris and they are too far gone to listen to sense.

          6. Charger Salmons

            You might want to consider that Ireland should be praying for the best deal the UK can achieve because if Blighty sneezes then Ireland will be in ICU PDQ with a bad dose of the gawks.
            Virtually everything this country exports to Europe goes through the mainland.
            You’re dependant on the UK and I’m getting a bit hatey again. Maybe I should rein it in a bit.

          7. Nigel

            Everyone’s given up on hoping the UK acheive anything, let alone ‘the best,’ with Johnson in charge, including you, which is why you’re so touchy and out of sorts all the time. It’s just not realistic.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Mick Clifford’s descent from journalism to hack continues. Almost subtly contained in his report for the Examiner is his personal (or maybe his paymasters) dislike of SF. While his gospel withers on about Michéal Martin, Varadkar, Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael creating history and it being the greatest thing since sliced bread, his true colours show by the tone of the simple sentence “If Ms Mcdonald, as she has claimed…..”. Yep, the almost disguised hatred of the Times/Examiner laid bare.
    Maybe Mick should refresh his history. He could start at Béal na Bláth, and the mileage expenses won’t be that much.

    1. ReproBertie

      His obvious anti SF bias is clear in the preceding paragraph too where he says “it is Sinn Féin that has emerged from the government formation process as the big winner.”

      Oh, the humanity! Those poor Shinners must be reeling from such blatant hatred.

      1. goldenbrown

        “it is Sinn Féin that has emerged from the government formation process as the big winner.”

        yup, I reckon so

        events dear boy will likely take us back to the polls around 18 months from now, you can be 100% sure SF will work those events to continue to build on their grassroots support and borrowed-votes, the crowing politicos and the establishment would want to stop arranging those deck chairs quickly now and get busy figuring out some new ways to stop that happening.

      2. bisted

        …is there a game of shinner bashing bingo going on…all manner of back-handed endorsements from a collection of hacks, quacks and cranks in the past few days…

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Of course there is. And long may it continue because it’s actually bolstered SF’s support. The Indo run anti-SF articles daily coming up to elections. And the result ? SF becomes the party with most support in the country.

      3. GiggidyGoo

        Well he can’t really dodge that fact Repro. He can’t though hide his (or the Irish Times/Examiner’s) hatred on behalf of the BOGOF parties towards SF.

  5. SOQ

    Interesting results in the French local elections- the two big winners are Greens and National Rally (National Front).

    It”s very difficult to really get a handle on what is going on there as there has been a media blackout on the subject here. Up until the virus outbreak there was protests and riots every weekend but nobody seems to really know why.

    1. Rob_G

      – French people riot and protest all the time, for any reason
      – hardly a ‘media blackout’ – most people in Ireland just aren’t that interested in French (or Dutch or Portuguese) news. Especially at the level of local elections.

      1. Johnny

        Rob lets just say you have peculiar interests,lots people follow politics in France and also the Polish elections, the rise of The Green Party in France and the decline on the NR is a big deal,I reviewed the results on Politico EU last night,maybe if there was more rape and incest it would interest you…..

        1. SOQ

          My understanding is that NR have gained another five councils Johnny? That is according to Euronews this morning btw.

          Poles back to the presidential polls in two weeks?

          1. Johnny

            Hi SOQ and yes the greens exceeded expectations in many ways very similar to Ireland-picking up Strasbourg, Lyon, Bordeaux and Besançon.NR won Perpignan, the biggest city it has conquered since the 1990s, but failed in its goal of winning smaller towns in the North and Southeast-link below.

            And yes run off in Poland.

        2. Rob_G

          Odd thing to bring up Johnny – I’m pretty sure that you’re the one constantly making excuses for the rapists and and sex offenders in the republican movement.

          1. Johnny

            ..should I add racist – grow up FFS Rob its 2020 people have other interest besides the Ra and INLA !
            the French…oh yeah those ‘French people riot and protest all the time, for any reason”-lovely thanks Rob.

          2. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

            they riot and protest because unlike the Irish they don’t bend over and take every injustice with a soft moan

          3. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

            an I’m not anti Irish but I think a little less compliance and a little more roar would benifit us all, too much gets swept under the carpet

          4. Rob_G

            @ janet – there were buses burned in Marseille two years’ ago when they suffered the terrible injustice of having won the world cup; literally any development, positive or negative, is used as an excuse for a riot.

          5. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

            Rob you misunderstand the context of that, Marseille has a badly integrated North African community, combined with poverty , well the gangs in the banlieues there are for lack of better way to put it at constant war with the state, to use this as an example of the French for any old excuse rioting is a bit of a stretch, it’s part of a different picture

          6. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

            Marseille is considered the most dangerous city in France and one of the most dangerous on Europe, personally I spend every August there and as long as you have a bit of cop on and avoid certain areas it’s also an amazing place to be but to quote this article and give you some context

            “A life of so-called néobanditisme [gangsterism] like Remadnia’s is an enticing prospect here, where 28% live on less than €630 a month. It’s difficult, says Mohammed, to find a job if you have the wrong address or the wrong kind of name. Such as anything Arabic. He cites a fully qualified engineer friend unable to get an interview: “If he put Jean-Michel on his CV, it’d be a different story.”

            And yet Marseille, and all its struggles, is a litmus test for the future of France. 


          7. Johnny

            Rob-you bully Giddy on here daily and always have a go at SOQ-you often make smarmy comments under my posts,its all RA/IRA/INLA-riots,incest,murders,non stop snark and just downright nastiness…you like the proverbial grumpy oul lad who bores the botty off you on the bus…riots in France from two years ago..who cares who remembers….the INLA in 1970 the RA in 1980…its every ….day…

          8. Rob_G

            @ Janet – there were also riots in Paris…

            On a previous post (the famous fruit-picking caper), you advocated on behalf of France’s very rigid employment regime; one of the outcomes of having an underclass of young men more-or-less locked out of the jobs market by overly-rigid labour laws is that things like riots will happen more frequently.

          9. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

            those are not the gentleman locked into strict labour laws, they are already excluded through bad schooling and discrimination,

          10. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

            Yes Paris has banlieues too, and it’s not labor laws that keep these men and women out of jobs

        1. SOQ

          Well that is being reported as a success for them is all I am saying- best result since the 1990’s etc.

          1. Johnny

            yeah-but they had much higher expectations, its a big win for The Greens very similar to Ireland and could be a harbinger for the future in EU…Vive la Vert Revolution:)

            “Nationwide local elections on Sunday in France saw a green wave wash through Marseille, Lyon, Strasbourg and Bordeaux, while Socialist incumbents scored re-election in Paris, Nantes, Lille and Rennes. The results breathe new hope into the left on the national stage after a long spell in French political purgatory.”


    1. SOQ

      Meanwhile in Ireland- Protecting Ourselves in the Pandemic – Who to Trust?

      Stephen Kerr interview with:-

      -Martin Byrne
      -Delores Cahill
      -Martin De Brun

      All scathing of Micheál Martin’s statement that there will be no public inquiry into the nursing home deaths.


    2. Johnny

      …the least rational voice in America-AAPS have been discredited many times, most recently in The Atlantic as far right and very very fringe…but maybe thats your point !

      “Though AAPS often takes positions that are associated with conservative groups, it sometimes goes even further, pushing fringe views that most mainstream conservatives do not endorse, such as the belief that mandatory vaccination is “equivalent to human experimentation” and that Medicare is “evil.” Over the years, the group seems to have coalesced around an ethos of radical self-determination and a belief that mainstream science isn’t always trustworthy. It’s the most curious of medical organizations: a doctors’ interest group that seems more invested in the interests of doctors, rather than public health.”


      1. f_lawless

        Can you specify exactly what you find to be irrational in the content of Dr. Kempen’s article? I think its core message is solid. It would be more helpful if you could elucidate why you disagree with it rather than linking to a corporate media hit piece on the AAPS. That’s seems like an attempt at “guilt by association”.

        The fact the article is out of step with the current alarmist tone of various US corporate outlets, I don’t think is grounds to dismiss it as “very fringe”. These are the same corporate outlets which have consistently fed the public false narratives throughout the years while at the same time keeping other stories out of the public consciousness (recent examples that come to mind are Iraq WMDs, 3+ years of Russiagate, War and famine in Yemen, …). Their primary function isn’t to deliver objective truth to the public. They project a version of reality which is filtered and aligned to the vested interests of powerful elite groups. I think the rational standpoint is to not readily buy into alarmist narratives which they set – especially when they all start to sing from the same hymn sheet. – but to first approach with scepticism; to consider other opposing expert opinions (many of which have been proven right as this coronavirus situation has evolved over time); and to use our own critical judgement

    3. Nigel

      Before I read it I hope it’s in reference to the ridiculous hysteria sweeping the US where MAGA culture warriors refuse to wear masks and have astonishing hissy fits when establishments require them to do so.

      1. Johnny

        Masks Nigel-we are way way beyond them-Houston has 100% ICU occupancy ,hospitals are again gettin overrun-patients dying in halls, welcome to America !

        “The Texas Medical Center stopped publishing information on intensive care unit capacities, after an earlier update showed its hospitals reaching 100% base capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Houston Chronicle first reported on Sunday.”


  6. Tommy Bohan

    Again, the “Irish” Daily Mail looking more like an English paper with Nigella Lawson and David Walliams on is front page. No wonder its sales have collapsed.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I presume there’s some book deal between the Mail and Walliams’ publisher the terms of which include a certain amount of publicity across the Mail titles.
        It’s a common occurence in newspapers and helps explain why the Mail group makes such enormous profits.

  7. Mig Eater

    IDM – er, didn’t Cromwell actually encourage people to embrace the west, rather than snub it?

  8. SOQ

    RTE doing a report from James interviewing nurses in full face hidden gear- why is that?

    Why is medical staff hiding their faces on national television?

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