Let Down Your Hair


For sale.

Sakura (‘cherry tree ‘in Japan).

Churchtown Road, Dublin 14.

…this salient turreted home has been arranged to ensure maximisation of natural light with an excellent flow throughout with easy access to a choice of outdoor areas.

The house itself has wonderful architectural features both externally and internally including the distinctive turreted towers with red roofs, the floating double helix staircase beautifully positioned under the front turret and the galleried landing over the living room….

Yours for a princely €1,820,900.

Sakura, Churchtown Road, Dublin 14 (MyHome)

Thanks Liam

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14 thoughts on “Let Down Your Hair

    1. Help

      Will be at that price in two months as it all sinks in

      Get ready for crash like we have never seen

      In a way we deserve what we get as rip off ireland comes into
      Over drive with the covid 19 chances
      €2500 for consultant to open up again

      Floor sigh wait here €33.99 wafer thin yellow bit of plastic with glue for floor
      Covid station in yellow chip board with a sanitizer soap dispenser €335.00 plus VAT

      And that’s just the start

  1. Hicksonian

    How dare they not integrate the washing machine. Ballymun Towers South Dublinesque. More bird’s eye views of the roof would have been helpful.

  2. Tarfton Clax

    I’ve often seen the turret from the road and wondered what the Fleck the rest of it looked like. It’s pretty cool, but would be better on a bigger piece of land. Wonder how they got planning permission for it.

  3. Brother Barnabas

    see there’s been a price cut since BS’s post went up

    who’s laughing now ?!

  4. GiggidyGoo

    I was going to have a right old moan about it, until I looked at the listing on Daft. A fair bit overpriced, but it’s some place all the same.

  5. Johnny

    Вишневое дерево
    (fixed it Russian for cherry tree its embassy is short-stroll)

    1. H

      I love the double helix stairs at Chambord, I think I’ve already mentioned somewhere on this site that my husband couldn’t figure out why we could see each other but weren’t together when I ran around to the other set of steps on our visit there, good times :-)

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