Princes’ Fairy Tale


In fairness.

‘You’ll know where we’ll meet...?

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36 thoughts on “Princes’ Fairy Tale

      1. SB

        *ALL* the streets encompassed by Grafton St / Dame St / George’s St / South King St…also Duke St, South Anne St…Talbot St…Capel St..Marlborough St (except for the Luas)

  1. Charger Salmons

    Daycent scoff in Rossini too.
    Ended up in there after a very messy charabanc trip from de Wesht.
    I like Cork. Far nicer

  2. Johnny

    Just raise the taxes a bit more there Dan and have the council install those lovely ornate gas fired street lamps to complete your vision of Yank Ireland or Disney Ireland-where’s the solar panels,the high speed fiber or fat pipe,this is not the future is a idealized overly romantic past-outdated green dreams are my nightmare,this is not progress, its nostalgia.

    Cork City can never be like this, parts of it sure.

      1. Johnny

        I love pedestrian streets Nigel,I walk and bike everwhere,all thats missing in Dan’s dream for Cork City is a lady in a shawl hunched over carrying peat preferably up a steep rainswept hill….
        I want Ireland to have high speed free WiFi everywhere,green energy,not Disney Ireland stuck in a romantic past,this is not the future of cities its a theme park.

        1. Nigel

          Pretty sure pedestrianised streets and car-free cities are part of any proper vision for the future.

          1. Johnny

            Sure – but lashing a few tables haphazardly about the place and calling it utopia is simplistic and scares the hell out any business thinking locating in Cork.

          2. Johnny

            It’s low grade green porn,no cars yes yeah then throw a few tables and chairs about – fixed it but no cars right yeah….no cars …fixes everything.
            Cork needs a vision it’s retail vacancy rate is very very high and climbing.

          3. Johnny

            Fo you Nigel I will write it up…give me a few, just doing some morning salutations, deciding what strain to load the bong with-ok a sativa it is.

          4. Johnny

            Hi Nigel hope things are good and appreciate your comments as always, au contraire the trolls and bottom feeders in the cheap seats, i happen to be quite witty and charming,I just don’t suffer fools lightly.

            So as I’ve mentioned before I spend some time at diplomatic functions and most likely after all this Covid nonsense,will run into FG’s best TD Simon Coveney,as such I keep somewhat update on Cork,as rugby just bores me.

            I don’t read Irish media but i do follow the news, for example Peter O’Mera Director Savills,Cork would be my main source on Cork City-link by Peter into recent deep dive into Cork City and the problems retail is facing.


            Debenhams-Patrick St 150,000 sq.ft. vacant-Debs was an anchor tenant and is going be impossible replace.
            Easons has closed and is dark.
            83/85 Patrick St vacant
            Monsoons has left its old store is vacant

            This ridiculous comment from Dan in no way address the many issues and problems facing Cork City as outlined in Peters post.

            “The dream is becoming reality. So great to see this. This is how Cork City Centre can be and should be”

            Dan is an elected representative and writes on here,its really not his post so its a little unfair to be having a go.

            The future for Cork City is NOT a few outdoor tables on a sunny July day,its simplistic and populist,the election is over its its time deal with the real problems facing Cork-with real solutions not postcards from the past.

            Sidewalk Labs has solutions,look to the future not the past constantly with rose tinted glasses,no roof gardens,no loading docks,no charging stations,no bike dock,no solar… a few tables flung around on a sunny summer day thats not the future…its just not.


          5. Johnny

            This is a deep dive into Paris post COVID and its future-Paris as you know it today is the result of Georges-Eugène Haussmann modernizing the city after cholera was in the water.

            I try avoid ‘paywall’ links but there’s a 7 day free trial-its a great read and very current.
            link below-incl Bloomberg non-paywall the QZ is just better…

            -Today, Paris has the greatest percentage of people in a European city that count walking as all or part of their commute.
            -there’s a strong case to be made for municipal programs like Hidalgo’s Paris piéton — Paris for pedestrians
            -Lowered speed limits, reduced hours for older vehicles in the center, fewer available parking spaces, dogged pro-bike campaigns, and, crucially, extensive cycle paths and programs, discourage many from getting behind the wheel..


            Bloomberg also has quite a decent piece on Paris post covid and the city’s socialist mayor, Anne Hidalgo who just received a new 6 year term.


    1. Vanessanelle

      Actually Johnny
      Most of the streets that start on the South Mall, and travel across Oliver Plunkett Street to junction with Patrick St can – if they aren’t already, be fully pedestrianised

      Same for many on the North Side of Pana

      1. Johnny

        Great they can all be empty or have a few irish themed pubs for fat yanks looking for their roots,the above pic is my nightmare,what business in their right mind would commit to that badly planned street.

        1. sidhe

          so you’re just looking for a bit of a whinge, is it? or a dig at dan boyle? it’s hard to muddle through whatever point you’re attempting to make.

          seems like you don’t know what you want really

          1. Papi

            Everyone to know he lives in New York and smokes weed? He lives in New York, you know? Smokes weeeeeeeed.

          2. Janet, dreams of spidercrab and fancy pastries

            you forgot does yoga, aparantly it makes one very zen ;) ( I couldn’t resist)

          3. Papi

            I’m just not convinced if he does smoke weed that he’s doing it right. I’ve never met anyone to get so apoplectically angry and smoke weed.

  3. Clampers Outside

    How much is the council charging? Is it a charge per table, per chair?

    If they are not charging and will not charge in future, then I’ll glay applaud :) Looks super!

    1. Rob_G

      Mmm – while I hope they are not being charged some extortionate amount (particularly in the current climate, but also in general), I don’t think that that public space should be given over to private businesses completely free-of-charge, willy-nilly.

      1. millie von strumpet

        Oh it does indeed. Very hard for rain to get past the thick cloud of smug ;)

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