Some Splainin To Do


Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell


This afternoon.

Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite and heiress who became a confidante of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein and was later accused of involvement in his alleged sexual crimes, has been arrested by the FBI, two senior law enforcement sources tell News 4 New York.

She was arrested in New Hampshire on Epstein-related charges and is expected to appear in a federal court later today, the sources say.

Spokespeople for the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan declined to comment.

Jeffrey Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested, Sources Say (NBC)


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54 thoughts on “Some Splainin To Do

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      I hope they lock the door to prevent her being bumped off by the Stonecutters

    1. Nigel

      I hope every last victim gets millions and I hope so many rich and powerful people end up in jail we’ll start to think Q had a point.

  1. Johnny

    Scrap recently with x head southern district Berman who was a judicial appointment not POTUS its complicated, some background but this is/was a very independent office in NY- investigating Epstein and Prince Andrew who has been extremely uncooperative and obstructive to this investigation, with many misleading public statements that are factually incorrect.

  2. :-Joe

    Haha.. wow, she’s still alive?.. Is it definitely her?.. It’s morbid but it’s hard not to be thinking she’s dead within a month, no?…

    If, yes?.. then the only question remaining is how?..
    – Another, ahem.. “suicide”..?
    – Slips and bangs head..falls down stairs, a lift shaft or out a window?
    – Shot in public by a victim, angry citizen or another CoIntelPro CIA LSD style manchurian candidate ?
    – Falls out of moving car.. or it’s a car crash, maybe over a cliff…?
    – Solo (ironic)boating accident while on land…in the centre of a city?
    – Black Cube blamed for bombing but it was really a cover-up for previous favours by clinton and trump.
    – Cartoon Piano/Anvil falling from the sky…?

    What’s your best guesstimate?… Timeframe and method?

    I’m going for..
    After a plea deal denying knowledge of anything not already known to the public and special treatment for being a “spy”.. She’s then given a reduced sentence but within the first week she gets killed(assasinated) in a “random” prison riot by a mass murder death row prisoner named “Ms.Happy”.

    Nothing unusual to see here folks, etc. etc.. & IDF / Mossad / Black Cube definitely not involved like they were proven not be involved with her father before.

    The suspicious unsolved death countdown clock is already ticking away…

    :-J –

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      I think Nigel had it earlier.
      She’ll be beamed up into The Q Continuum.

    2. Friscondo

      Her reward will be to be buried on the Mount of Olives with her father. Rarely can a family have contributed so much to The Mossad.

  3. italia'90 Please don't mention Sweden

    As long as Alan “I kept my underwear on” Dershowitz is dropping names and hasn’t disappeared, herself, Bill, Andrew, Don, the other Bill and lots, lots more perverts have nothing to fear.
    She could end up being Trumps stay out of jail free card, who knows?
    And Trump is going to need a stay out of jail free card.
    Same for Bill Barr and many, many others.

  4. Lilly

    Recent reports had her living in Paris. If so, I’m amazed she set foot in the US again.

  5. Lilly

    Does anyone know why they cut Epstein a deal and more or less let him off the hook (allegedly because he was an intelligence agent, there’s any truth in that) then do a u-turn and go after him years later? Is it as simple as a change in personnel?

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Well documented what happened in Florida. She must have a deal otherwise there is no chance she would have travelled. Does she live out the week ? Will be it a soft focus whitewash to bring this to a close ? What next for the Mossad agent ?

      1. Lilly

        Do you have a link to anything that might shed some light on it? I watched the Netflix documentary but am none the wiser.

      1. :-Joe

        Yes there is truth in it.. It’s all true and a whole lot more…

        Robert Maxwell was an agent of the IDF/Mossad

        Epstein, also an Israeli agent was sent to work with Maxwel when he owned / ran the Mirror newspaper in britain.

        Maxwell, bizarrely.. introduced his daughter Ghislain to Epstein. – He thought they would be a good match, apparently?

        Maxwell was a spoofer and ran into financial problems that everyone in the media started to figure out and talk about. I forget the exact details but not that interesting
        – What’s way more interesting is the time he did a weird tabloid photo shoot with agnes a.k.a “mother theresa” on his boat. “Hell’s Angel” as Christopher Hitchens labelled her.. Crazy story…

        Anyway, then people realised where he was getting his money from and who he was really working for but it wasn’t publicly understood like most things involving Israel.

        Maxwell had betrayed the trust(dictate) of the Israeli’s in breaking the number one rule of being an Israeli spy. i.e. Whatever you do, literally anything you like but don’t get caught as an Israeli spy.

        By some strange shift in the universe, purely coincidentally straight after being outed, he decided to go solo boating in the moonlight and fulfill his life-long dream of sleeping with the fishy’s in the dark deep waters..

        To be fair, the IDF/Mossad and now Black Cube still deny any involvement. Also, they deny he was ever an agent at all despite giving him a funeral and burial monument fit for a national military hero.
        – You gotta love their zionist chutzpah !!… Always keeping us guessing.. Oy-ve?..

        He and epstein both on behalf of the IDF/Mossad/Black Cube knew too much so the system wrapped it’s tentacles around them but in the case of epstein everyone knew he was a child sex abuser and trafficker to too many powerful and wealthy people so he had to go fast no matter what.

        It’s the only reason he didn’t get to go night swimming.. like his mentor before him.
        – It’s sad really, drowning is supposed to be one of the most violent and painful ways to die.

        My guess is that if he had spilled the beans, so much chaos would have ensued that someone or some people would have had no choice but to have nuke’d Israel.
        – It’s all fun and games until you irritate the zionist right-wing extremism.

        :-J –

        1. Lilly

          But why didn’t they get rid of Epstein originally when the Florida police were onto him? Why let him go with a slap on the wrist only to come after him a few years later. What changed?

          1. Johnny

            ….you just had do that Lilly,include me with Joe:)
            That’s your last link from me Lilly!

          2. :-Joe

            Ye, according to the article Johnny posted he actually agreed to immunity from prosecution for names… I didn’t even know that.

            Instant alarm bells and prepare to get the chop etc. if that’s true…

            I think he would have got out of it somehow and it was the fast rising profile and the public reaction that had him Maxwell’d in the end…

            I’ve not read the whole thing yet, I’ve got to back to it as I’m being harassed by Big Irish data again for promoting free, not for profit, safe and secure, open source technology…

            :-J –

  6. :-Joe

    Here is what real journalism looks like….
    – i.e. It’s low budget but premium quality content.

    Whitney Webb –
    Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case

    It’s also worth reading the other related articles on the site. e.g.Noam Chomsky on previous MIT funding by even uglier or reprehensible and more powerful people than epstein.

    Whitney Webb — Spies and Secrets: The Real Jeffrey Epstein?
    – Interview with Whitney Webb and general overview about her research related to above article.

    Anyone remember the reagan/bush White House “Call-boy” scandal in the 80’s??

    Craig Spence – Republican lobbyist / sex trafficker / child abuse fixer who organised child abuse sex partys and a few in the White house and was later found dead in a hotel room. He slipped on a potential national political media scandal.

    The story was called “The bombshell that didn’t explode”

    A book was written about it called – The Franklin Cover Up. Only about 50k copies sold but it reached britain and a film company decided to travel to ‘murica and investigate the story behind the book.

    A documentary was made about the whole story by Yorkshire Television / Discovery Channel” but was cancelled less than a week before broadcast after being advertised in a TV Guide, then threats of being sued unless banned and censored, production companies were compensated, film bought out and all copies were destroyed….

    Well, almost all copies…

    Conspiracy Of Silence 1994

    The only documentary proof in detail with witness testimony of a national child sex abuse and child sex slave ring / network I think I’ve ever seen?..

    Anyone else heard of any others proving with actual evidence?…

    Handy tip, don’t trust the FBI.. for anything and the bigger the problem the bigger the cooperation with the media has to be, otherwise your dead.
    – Sleeping with the Robert Maxwell’s.

    :-J –

    1. sidhe

      and again…

      can you explain your links to this privacy tools site you’re so keen on promoting?

      1. :-Joe

        Again?.. Eh, ok. I’ll explain it for you… I think for the first time but no problem… since you asked so politely..

        It’s a website, safe and secure as the best can be that provides information for free as a public service in the spirit of not for profit, open source, free to use and share but try to donate if you can to help and support it and the services provided as a good cause.

        All the advice, guides, recommendations to services and software are based on expert experience, analysis,testing of privacy and security focused tools that don’t abuse your data or your human rights or those of others when you use them.

        Simply put, all the tools on that website are the best known tried and trusted for everyone to use to help you and everone else you interact with in having a safe and secure positive experience when using the internet.

        It’s not a product or a money making scam… I get nothing from it apart from less people using bad apps, software and services which benefits us all in many more ways than most would ever realise without having to spend a very long time researching about it. No better place to learn more than visiting it and having a good read.

        You’re right to be skeptical. Fair play.

        :-J –

        1. sidhe

          I wasn’t aware that broadsheet was a platform for free advertisement, because that’s essentially what you’re doing

          recommending a site is one thing, attaching that link – as well as a sales spiel – reads very much like…. an advertisement

          which I’m pretty sure qualifies as spam

        2. sidhe

          and you do it with almost every comment too

          do you have shares in the site?
          is it your business maybe? have you a vested interest somehow?

          1. :-Joe

            You asked and I’ve already answered…
            – Both of your last comments and the other rudeness before.

            It’s FREE, NOT FOR PROFIT and (possibly too)GOOD for you…

            Just try it for yourself or move on and don’t foolishly attempt to drag me down to your level.

            Unfortunately I don’t think there is a pettiness filter tool available on the site or anywhere else, anyone?

            Wait a minute, do you work for gurgle or facederp?…

            What have you to gain by stopping people from using free, open-source, safe, private, secure, tried and trusted by experts technology that improves your online digital internet experience???

            Are you a member of F-f/g?.. An employee of a lobby group for big Irish data theft?…

            Hmm.. something suspicious is going on here…

            Breathe in for 7 and out for 11…. & get back to me…

            :-J –

          2. sidhe

            you sad individual

            anyone who disagrees with you is automatically a google or facebook employee? or worse still, a government shill?

            and if not that then I must have mental problems?

            with all due respect joe, go fupp yourself

          3. :-Joe

            lol.. You’re hilarious…

            So you’re reading and comprehension is terrible but you’re also a telepathic mind reader..

            Ok, I see.. Well that must make up for it and be fun knowing what people are thinking all the time.
            – Wait, so then why do you bother even asking me so many of the same dumb questions over and over then?.. Is that the only way it works?…

            It kind of defeat’s the purpose don’t you think?..
            – Idk.. I still have to rely on the auld fashioned way of communicating with reading, listening, understanding, talking etc.

            Anyway, good luck sorting out your obsessive compulsive anger management issues…

            Ask any eejit, respect is earned.

            :-J –

          4. :-Joe

            lol.. You’re hilarious…

            BS SEZ: Joe we don’t do ‘censorship’ and never have. Your previous post simply contained too many links.

            So you’re reading and comprehension is terrible but you’re also a telepathic mind reader..

            Ok, I see.. Well that must make up for it and be fun knowing what people are thinking all the time.
            – Wait, so then why do you bother even asking me so many of the same dumb questions over and over then?.. Is that the only way it works?…

            It kind of defeat’s the purpose don’t you think?..
            – Idk.. I have to rely on the auld fashioned way of communicating with listening and understanding, talking etc.

            Anyway, good luck sorting out your obsessive compulsive anger managment issues…

            Ask any eejit, respect is earned.

            :-J –

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