Before The Flood


Justice Fergus Flood, the first chairman of the Planning Tribunal in 1998


In fairness.

Michael Smith?

Colm MacEochaidh?

Planning Tribunal?

7 thoughts on “Before The Flood

  1. Rob_G

    For such a monumental event in recent Irish political history, you’d think he would have taken an in-focus photo…

  2. gallantman

    You made a lot of millionaires in the legal profession so at least that helped spread the wealth around…..Dublin 4/6/6W.

  3. Johnnythree

    And Ireland politically and in planning terms is transformed. A watershed moment.

  4. Vanessanelle

    On the phone to my pal
    And mentor, I suppose
    B there earlier
    A well known teacher in Cork, around the Turner’s Cross area
    So no stranger to Mehall

    And didn’t she start doing Dinny at the Tribunal
    With the ack’chent n’nall

    Well Lads, I was laughing so much, I burst the buckle on the last suit pants belt I’d left that still fitting

    Worth it tho’

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