Bob Marley at Dalymount Park, July 6, 1980 against a Haile Selassie backdrop

Any excuse

Bob Marley Dublin July 6, 1980 (Rootfire)

Pic Eddie Malin

Halie Selassie?

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11 thoughts on “Marley Park

    1. Rob_G

      Online gambling company cynically exploiting the image of dead musician – meh, think I’ll pass on that one.

  1. f_lawless

    Very little seating in Dalymount Park back then. Definitely a case of Get Up, Stand Up if you wanted to see the stage

  2. spud

    The Rolling Donut was started just 2 years earlier in 78 and used to travel to concerts and festivals.
    Rumour has it they were at Dalymount that day and Bob asked for a box of donuts before the gig…

    With jam in.

  3. PAradise PAddy

    Great crowd control by the crowd.
    Obviously way more shmoke than alcohol consumed.

    One Love/People Get Ready!

    ‘The BIGGEST Jamm-In The World’

    Will take place some day in May 2021, on the heart of the island.
    40 years after the passin’ of the most respected and iconic world superstar.

    I & I will liberate Offaly via the music and message of Bob Marley.


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