Ode To The ‘Far Catholic Right’


Peter Tatchell (second left) with Green Party members at the Dublin Pride 2018, including new Minister for Children, Disability, Equality and Integration. Roderic O’Gorman (left)

Poet Kevin Higgins writes:

I am dedicating to all those on the far Catholic right in Ireland who are currently busy smearing Peter Tatchell. In this poem the statue of the Virgin Mary at Knock speaks their darkest fantasies.

What The Virgin At Knock Would Say If She Could Speak

We need to get back
to when confirmed bachelors
found their own kind through holes in cubicles
during untelevised All Ireland Finals.
To when there were no government funded
lesbians on display in public parks,
or self-confessed sodomites in the Senate.
To when there was no obscene use for
Vaseline, or sexual intercourse in Headford.

To when no one put Coke bottles
where they weren’t supposed to go.
And there were no automatic
washing machines for women to sit on
when Rock Hudson was unavailable.
To when the Irish people stood
at the end of lanes waiting
for nothing to happen,
which it mostly did.

To when young ones who forgot to cross
their legs at the crucial moment could be put
steam ironing curtains for the golf club, sheets
and pillowcases for your mother’s B&B;
still be safely there eight o’clock
in the evening having hot flushes
the hottest day of that century
to which we must get back.

Kevin Higgins

Yesterday: ‘A Small Group Of People With A Very Clear Agenda’

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56 thoughts on “Ode To The ‘Far Catholic Right’

    1. Do I need a username?

      You don’t like it then? Too woke? Snowflake shenanigans? Silencing the *real* voices? LOL

      1. Toby

        Stop using cliches. you’re better than that. Find your own voice, speak your truth to power, tell your own authentic story,

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      And the bigots attacking don’t want to see a difference (unless it’s a clergy member.)

      1. Do I need a username?

        Too true. The level of nuance some of the Iona crowd in particular can bring to the havoc caused by predatory pedophiles within the Roman clerical ranks jars dramatically with the Manichaean absolutism they bring when it is the state or others who have failed children in the most basic ways possible. Needless to say, some of them are all over the ROG smear like flies to the proverbial.

      2. Toby

        How hard is it to say that raping kids is wrong?

        I agree with Daisy and Baz, if it was a priest, all the bigots here would be all over him.

        1. Do I need a username?

          @Tobes – Erm, not sure Iona brigade are on Broadsheet as that question appears destined for them. Haven’t you got them on speed dial?

          Be warned, they have quite the “nuanced” approach to the issue, which you appear to rail against- thank God says you!

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Kevin must have
    Bought a DYMO labeller from a
    Stationary shop beside a supermarket that sold
    Large bottles of sentences that he could press
    Carriage return at any spot at will to make the writing
    Like poetry from afar.

  2. Commenter #1

    A lot of people super mad about a poem having a political perspective or resonance. Bad news for Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, WB Yeats, Percy Shelley, Thomas Kinsella, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Bertolt Brecht…

    1. class wario

      people who complain about art being bad on account of it being ‘political’ are seriously dim

  3. Jam

    Thatchell did a comprehensive job of smearing himself in fairness. Hard to imagine how he could have done it any better.

    1. Andrew

      Agreed. Roderic claims Tatchell has clarified matters. He really has not and it also defies credulity that an activist like Roderic would have been unaware of Tatchell’s comments. If he really was unaware of those remarks it displays a remarkable insularity .
      I don’t believe him though.

      1. ReproBertie

        O’Gorman was 15 years old when the Guardian letter was published. It wasn’t until November 2018, months after the photo was taken, that the Sun and then Mail made a story out of it

        This article, dated November 10th 2018, says “The row came after an astonishing letter he wrote to the Guardian newspaper in 1997 emerged online yesterday.” So the letter was published online on November 9th 2018 but somehow O’Gorman is remarkably insular for not knowing about it months earlier.


        1. Andrew

          The letter is not the only instance of Tatchell expressing his views about age of consent and the ability of children to ‘give’ consent. His views have been well known and published long before an article in 2018! are you seriously expecting people to believe that an activist like Roderic O’Gorman was unaware of his views? Sure Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky died long before Paul Murphy was born, so how would he be aware of them and their views.
          IT.IS. NOT. CREDIBLE.

          1. Rob_G

            Calm down.

            I had been familiar with Tatchell for many years and had never heard of this letter until this week; I think that this was the case for many people.

  4. Cú Chulainn

    There were two very good comments on here that seem to have been removed (because transphobia). Can we have them back please..!! (no, sorry)

  5. gallantman


    Here is an interview with Peter Tatchell in 2015 in which he explicitly talks about 9 year olds ‘consenting’ to sex and not being harmed by it. Its hardly “Right Wing Catholic” conspiracy to interrogate these views and point out the dangers of propogating them.

    1. Toby

      I see Tatchell is blaming the far right and Catholics in that video too. Seems to be the pattern- Support the lowering of the age of consent, posit the view that not all children hate sex and sit back and blame the trolls.

      Seriously hard to see what aspects of what Tatchell said Kevin and the commenters on here support.

  6. newsjustin

    I thought the issue was Roderic O’Gorman getting unfairly tangled up with something Tatchell said long before he met him.

    But from the poet’s intro I see he’s actually upset by people “smearing Peter Tatchell.” Peter Tatchell, a man who wrote to a national UK newspaper to tell the world how good he thought adults raping children is.

    That’s mad.

  7. Gabby

    Leaving Cert English Higher Level mock test question:
    Read the above ‘unseen’ poem. Then choose a set poem on the 2021 English literature course. Compare and contrast how each poet handles (a) the theme, (b) the decorative aspects such as metaphor, verse paragraphs,classical mythology allusions and emotional nuances, (c) the feelings you derive from reading each poem.
    Bonus marks will be awarded for punctuation, grammar and spelling in your answer, which should not be more than 600 words.

  8. Vanessanelle

    Using far and right to book end Catholic
    Is doing them – the Catholic Church, a great favour

    What it does is allow the people who invested in this sting on Minister Roderic O’Gorman hide in plain sight
    While we’re all taken up with images and videos of simpletons flying flags and squeegeeing about corruption, Irish displacement and dodgy ballot boxes.

    The assets of the Catholic Church are under significant threat
    Schools, Hospitals and the billions * billions more in cash
    And their operating model as a going concern is all but defunct – save for the good and greedy sisters of the Bons, and other Nunny enterprises

    While the lads in their collars will never have controlled masses in their pews emptying their pockets and paying for prayers again
    The opportunities for blaggarding large donations and bequests are no more than vapour

    And an awakened Country denies them favours and the beneficial oversight that enabled their carrying on for most of our State’s life has been corrected; we’ve see to that ourselves.

    They will never again have access to the business of extracting free labour from women, selling babies and blackmailing their families. Or getting subsidised by the State to do it either.
    And the days of keeping it all a secret are over

    They’re very existence is under threat.
    Sealing birth records for another 75 years, the acceptance of the McAleese Report, Land transfers in South Dublin to Charitable “vehicles” were the results of skilled lobbying, nerves like rivets, and planning guts so rancid a ravaged demented wild bear wouldn’t touch them

    Manipulation and dirty tricks are the entire contents of their Health and Safety policy

    Do not underestimate the capability and deviousness of a well funded organised unit engaged in protecting the Catholic Church in Ireland.

    They have zero affinity with human rights, equality or straight up honesty
    And they have the resources to do what they like
    They have a century of grooming citizens to do as they say, they are experts at manipulation and flavouring public perception to suit

    Its about money
    and protecting their reputation, and maintaining whats left of their figure-headed status in Ireland is the only way they can keep what they’ve amassed.

    They are in a fight for their livelihoods, and therefore capable of anything,
    Rule nothing out

    Someone here yesterday wondered if some of the stuff from the Paddy Alt Right-wackery clans was False Flag stuff,
    Course it is.

    Make Ireland Holy Again from a convicted criminal
    As if we’d forgotten about one of their external suppliers making a medical professional out of another convicted criminal

    One of the most prominent and active Journalists in the Mother & Baby Home Stories, Conall Ó’Fláharta, finished up in the Cork Examiner, Yesterday.
    Lets talk about that lads,
    And remind ourselves again who this crowd in the Catholic Church engaged to manage their PR, and where we can expect to see her on weekends?


    In fairness to the Minister, he won’t be bullied, or intimated.

    (The late) ABMs crowd will have their job cut this time

    Don’t forget – the Catholic Church is a buisness, and its the most successful globalist and criminal organisation the World has every seen. This is exactly why you can expect them to operate like every other dubiously secretive Male Dominated entity

    1. newsjustin


      Even when it was about Peter Tatchell advocating for child rape, I knew it was about the catholic church.

      1. Vanessanelle

        They’ve a lot in common
        Peter Tatchell➜ Child Rape ➜Catholic Church ➜Child Rape ➜And back again to Peter Tatchell
        So what exactly were the man’s crimes against children

        Remind us

  9. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    I am shocked that Tatchell is given any air time. His views on child rape should put him beyond the pale. I suppose if people put up with the catholic church’s crimes, they will tolerate anything.

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