The Millenium Clock was unveiled on March 15, 1996


Who knows where the slime goes?

Dublin 1916 Walking Tours write:

Rooting for something else I just found this postcard from the Millenium Clock. It was a digital clock floating beneath the surface of the Liffey and the idea was you could see how many seconds it was before the year 2000.

Cause it was filthy the clock got the name The Time in The Slime. And when they removed it (cause it was so dirty) it got the name The Gap in The Crap!

It cost 20 pence for the postcard and the space left when they took the machine away from O’Connell Bridge was soon filled with the fake bronze memorial to Fr Pat Noise who “died when his carriage plunged into to The Liffey”.




9 thoughts on “Thick Tock

  1. TheFerg

    My fave was the name for the flower bed on O’Connell Bridge – ‘The Tomb For Some Unknown Gurrier”!

  2. scottser

    my 6 year old learned to sing molly malone, so last week i took them both in to town to see her statue. she’s the only one left of that era – ‘the tart with the cart’. she looks well at her new home on suffolk street and the kids had a ball climbing all over it and singing her song back to her.

    1. Specific Gravity

      The Floozie is still sitting pretty in the garden outside the Aisling hotel near Heuston station, Her jacuzzi is no more, sadly.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        She looks a bit awkward to my eye without anything supporting her back. They did not need the Jacuzzi, but at least a cushion to lean back on?

        1. Specific Gravity

          I think the idea is for the jets under the water to spray up and give the impression of support. Works well when working, but it’s never working…

  3. GotRipped

    I remember trying to buy one of those postcards and the machine just ate my money, what a croc!

  4. Slightly Bemused

    I still feel so sorry for poor Fr Pat Noise! It must have been a terrifying experience, especially as the Liffey likely stank like hell at the time, too.

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