Posthumous Pardon


[Sinn Fein’s Deputy First Minister] [Michelle] O’Neill insists the funeral broke neither the law nor her guidance.

However, at 5.45pm last Thursday – two days after Mr Storey’s funeral, and amid huge controversy over senior Sinn Fein figures’ attendance at that event – the Department of Health made The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Amendment No. 10) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2020, the latest in multiple updates to the regulations as lockdown is eased.

That legislation removed regulation 5 (2) g of the original lockdown regulations in which the restriction on who can attend a funeral was contained.

However, while that means that the prohibition on most people attending funerals has now been removed, many people will be unaware of the change – because Stormont did not publicise it.

Good times.

Stormont quietly changed funeral law just 48 hours after Michelle O’Neill breach (Newsletter)

33 thoughts on “Posthumous Pardon

  1. scottser

    so will our bonfire-loving cousins be allowed out to burn half the estate down next week? or will they be subject to the same scrutiny and prudence?

  2. Rob_G

    Shinnerbots – assemble!

    Paging Johnny, paging Giggidy – deploy deflectors (pew-pew-pew-whatabout..)

    1. Johnny

      Rob another person on here recently also had point out your bully boy tactics,knock it off if you dont have anything contribute,dont.

      1. Rob_G

        If you don’t want your views and positions to held up to scrutiny, you probably should not post them on the internet.

        Tbh I would consider leveling a baseless accusation of criminality at some deputy mayor of Limerick more in the line of bully boy tactics than pointing out someone’s obvious grá for a political party.

        1. Johnny

          Your referring to all my comments on this thread – right got it-stop thinking about me all the time rob it’s unhealthy a man your advanced age letting me rent space free in your empty head-try find some dignity as clearly you have no manners.

          1. Johnny

            ….every post every day here’s my little puppy looking for a pet yapping at my heels like a little lost dog-woof woof

          2. Rob_G

            “… bully boy tactics”

            Minutes later:

            “a man your advanced age”

            I wish you wouldn’t make it so easy, Johnny…

          3. Papi

            I don’t think he gets it at all. It’s literally like taking candy from a very small baby.

          4. Johnny

            Oh Rob-all day very day im renting space free in your head-stop thinking about me its not healthy the post was hardly up and you were writing my name JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY – all day every post-Johnny Johnny gosh i so hope he replies today Johnny Johnny look look at ME PLEASE !

          5. Rob_G

            this is your go-to when you have lost an argument :)

            Well you know, us people of advanced age, we have all that time on our hands…

          6. Johnny

            an argument ?
            your arguing with yourself rob and your imaginary friends i had not even posted and your typing my name….again.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Wow! Rob_G eventually starts a thread.
      Nothing of substance in it though (surprise, surprise!). He has an overriding need to stalk other posters.

    1. Rob_G

      Yeah, biiiiiig family, alright, from the photos – must have been different fathers, or something…

        1. Rob_G

          Man criticises other man for posting anonymously… Do you take any issue with his photos of named members of Sinn Féin posing with imitation firearms?

          1. Johnny

            ..anonymous troll continues campaign to sow division and hatred by daily evoking INLA/RA/IRA murdering guns incest rape now linking to another anonymous troll who wants spread more hatred…guns rape hatred Ra inla hatred bullying all day every day ….

          2. Rob_G

            “….daily evoking INLA/RA/IRA murdering guns…”

            literally a photo of some current members of the political wing of the PIRA holding guns, taken in the past week; no need for me to evoke anything.

            @GG: I’m not sure what point it is you are making with this particular “what about” (pew-pew) – he was roundly criticised for it at the time.

          3. Johnny

            every day Rob-its Ra/IRA/INLA murder guns rape incest its campaign you are waging to divide the irish people by constantly evoking hatred from the past its disgraceful and shameful what you do.
            recently you appointed yourself spokesman for childhood sexual abuse-you are without morals or shame.
            only other day another person pulled you up on your bullying-your response more bullying…you have no manners or class you just don’t its RA/IRA/RAPE/INLA/GUNS/MURDER ever F day..

          4. Rob_G

            “from the past”

            – I referred to something that happened literally in the last week…

  3. Charger Salmons

    I love it when the Irish fall out amongst themselves.
    Whether it’s Peter Tatchell, ‘L’ of a driver Cowen or the murderous Shinners
    That sound you can hear is a can of Fevertree tonic being opened and poured onto a very large Bombay Sapphire with ice.
    Fill your boots lads.
    *** reaches for popcorn ***

    1. Charger Salmons

      Almost as entertaining is the Johnny Depp libel case against the Sun which opened today in London.
      It’s the perfect antidote to months of grim lockdown as all the sordid details and dirty laundry – bedding in particular – is laid bare.
      Just the picture of Amber Heard’s lawyer arriving at court with a handsome décolletage on show lets you know this is showtime baby.
      This has box office written all over it.

  4. ReproBertie

    Have I missed all the talk about SF suspending all party structures and party activity in Dublin SW because they nominated Paddy Holohan for mayor just a week after his suspension for calling victims of statutory rape “f-king scum” ended?

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